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  1. Historically 10% roi has always been sort of a cut off number. Most large corporations will not invest in a capital project that does not project 30% roi. For an entire company or division, most would historically divest anything that fell below 10% roi unless there was some projection that this would be temporary. When a division falls to 10% is when you find a smaller investor to take it off your hands. A 10% roi business is OK for a smaller company to keep. In recent years, the cost of money has been historically cheap and so even a 10% business can produce a 5% or 6% return after the cost of money, but as the costs of loans increase, these numbers look worse and worse. The value of a business is always a function of it's return as compared to just buying treasury bonds.
  2. I like the times when the mob you are killing is at half health and every robot suddenly stops, looks at me, and says, "He's affected by HOLD, we should wait and not hit him until he unfreezes". At which point either I hit the attack button or we twiddle our thumbs until the mob unfreezes and then kill it. I tend to think of the robots as a pack of small hyperactive puppies. What gets me is the times I catch myself talking to them. i.e. Get back here. or Why are you over there?
  3. Even though my bots/time MM could drag basically anyone through a TF, I tend to solo him and play other characters in groups.
  4. Unruly


    Does anyone have a relatively cheap Rad/Bio that would work for farming. The only builds I have seen were all purple and we more general purpose soloing builds.
  5. I notice that you have taken kick so you can get tough and weave. These only benefit you and by leaving the pets on defensive, they share all of your damage and so tough and weave will not be doing much. Without those three, you could fit in assault and tactics which help your pets also. And you would have an extra space for hurricane. I ran a bots/storm back on live, and the ranged pets like bots and thugs do not care about knockback so much and hurricane can the very useful for simply denying any melee mobs from touching your pets until you get into the very high end mobs in the late game.
  6. The terms of service of the original game were written as they were to stop lawsuits from comics companies. The last thing you want to do is give those guys reason to dislike you. They are huge companies and protect their territories like mad.
  7. As mentioned by Dixa, I also have a spines/fire brute that I use for farming. I love the MM's so I rolled this build and it's really great. It's only lvl 31 so far, and I noticed that the pets are all capped on fire resist. So, I decided to try farming him. The only thing to watch is the number of mobs. I found that I could farm at +2/3 with the lvl 31 MM and it was pretty fun. +2/4 and it gets hard to keep everything clumped up for healing. Maybe someone with a complete build could try +4/3 and see how that goes.
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