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  1. "I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite macro in City of Heroes." (Sorry, couldn't resist. It is the best macro ever. The best product pitch-man ever should weigh in)
  2. Luddite Hacker: The Bad Protest is the one with all the head injuries. I also liked Panhandler: Can you spare some change? I need to get back to Paragon City. Lost my Monorail pass. Apparently somebody authorized Monorail passes as good for travel on cargo freighters and smuggler submarines.
  3. I managed to do both Darla Mavis arcs redside on my Necro/Dark Mastermind . The first took 26 minutes while enduring player debuff + no temp powers. And I got a ~5 minute phonecall in the middle. The second took longer, but I was doing it with no enhancements. L24-29 Villain: Aurura Fades. 3 Missions. Kill 10 Longbow (plenty grays and greens nearby). Kill All Longbow +Click Glowie (Map is small). Take down elite boss (map is small island. Even without stealth it should be possible to swim around, avoid longbow groups, and attack boss directly). Villain: Power Mine. 3 Missions. Click 3 glowies, each triggers ambush. Defeat All(Lost on smallish sewer map). Rescue and escort to nearby glowie (last mission may require travel to Cap au Diable.
  4. The mission referenced (Arc #2915) caps the mobs at Level 53. If you set difficulty to +4 levels for an L50 character, it will exemplar to 4 levels below 53, or to 49, to keep the level difficulty setting correct.
  5. I understand all the incarnate choices but lore. Doesn't the Carnie strongman do knockback? Is it just a cosmetic choice?
  6. Is it wrong that I immediately made a character with this name on every server?
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