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  1. If the Paladin isn't ongoing, you can contact a GM and they'll spawn it for you.
  2. The Basics of Hunting A number of badges require you to kill a certain number of enemies. Most of these are listed as Defeat badges, although some are counted as Gladiator badges as well. There are a number of different strategies for getting hunting badges – street sweeping, farming specific missions, or getting the badges naturally through running content. Depending on the specific badge and your goal, the best option may be different. If you are specifically targeting a certain badge then farming specific missions or street sweeping are probably preferable, but if you are a generic bad
  3. I was thinking it might be nice to make the Fighting pool like the travel pools and open up Tough to players at Lv 4 without any prerequesits, but you'd still have to take Boxing/Kick for Weave. That opens up option to low level players and tight builds without buffing top end builds that are still going to want Weave.
  4. I was playing through Chance McKnight's arc and leveled up to 16 when I finished the main part of the story arc and got the bonus exp. Of course that meant I outleveled the finale/alignment mission which is technically a sepearte arc. I got sent off to Neutropolis without getting to play the last mission. I had soloed all the way to that point. I hadn't used double xp at all and I hadn't grinded. I only ran the responsibility arcs. I did have a decent amount of patrol experience because I wasn't playing that character every day. I assume the alignment missio
  5. I imagine it's hypothetically possible to get that badge without fighting Hamidon if you sneak into the hive, wait for a raid to finish, and swoop up a bud or two and repeat way too many times. It would require you to be a psychopath though. But I can't think of any other significant content that has a badge requirement kind of like that.
  6. Hamidon is one of the most iconic parts of this game. Maybe the most iconic. Badges are awarded for completing notable content. But for whatever reason there is no 'Killed Hamidon' badge. I'm saying this mostly because I find it weird, but I imagine it can't be too hard to implement (if it is hard I would not worry about it). But it would be kind of nice to get a badge for Hami. Hell, do a badge design contest for the community. I'm sure there would be interest. Whoever makes the best Hami badges gets it in the game or something.
  7. Haven't read the whole thread, but enough to get the gist. There already exists a reward system in the game. It's called badges. There are plenty of things in the game you can do to earn then. If you want some sort of recognition for your accomplishment, there should be no difference between a badge and a costume unlock. In fact a badge is probably better than a costume unlock. The entire value of the badge is that I earned it. I can show it off without having to alter my character's look. A costume piece I earn could very easily end up not getting used. If
  8. Would it be possible to kind of implement the OP's idea with enhancements? Like an enhancement that halves your lethal damage, but adds a 100% proc for fire damage equal to half the original damage.
  9. Last night I had a timed board transit mission where I had to rescue 9 hostages. I found the first eight in ten minutes, but it took me 25 to find the last one. Today I had a similar experience, and just ended up abandoning the mission. It's not really a problem on door missions, but on the board transit missions it can be painful, particularly when they are timed. The only real options you have are to kill all, which is annoying on board transit missions as well, or to run around hoping you find them. Marking the last hostage on the would make these missions not nearl
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