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  1. Ice Armor on Scrapper is interesting. I have an Axe/Ice Scrapper in the 30s and he's strange. He hits like a truck and tends to be extremely hard to hit, but living up to the armor he's a literal glaicer with the slowness of Axe's recharge (mitigated by Force Feedbacks and Luck of the Gamblers thankfully). Endurance is troublesome some times but keeping Energy Absorbtion at the ready is a good way to stay in the fight, though slow attack chains make everything run away and make it tricky to keep everything in range. One of the biggest issues with the set as a Scrapper compared to Tanker or
  2. I'm no expert, but I believe the general consensus is that Time Bomb is one of the worst powers in the game, or at least the worst Support set T9 (though Blaster's isn't any better), simply because of the detonation timer (which used to be 15 seconds by the way). In the time it takes to drop and arm the bomb, your team has already killed the group and moved on to the next, or else you could've killed most of them yourself with your other setups. You'd likely be better off skipping it. Also Web Grenade also kind of sucks. It can be handy in some rare situations but it's ultimately not so gr
  3. It's worth noting that PvP IOs can come from pretty much any source of recipie drops if you're worried about that, and that all shards share the market (I think) so market availability and price doesn't really change. Otherwise I can't reall speak for the combos. I would assume Dark would probably have the best survival rate though with all the -ToHit you can do and Energy would be fun keeping things on their asses. Radiation will likely never have trouble landing hits with the -def on everything plus your Targeting Drone, but the set is lacking in the mitigation that Dark or Ene
  4. Ok, I had to read this a couple times. When I first read through it, I thought Gymnastics was lighting the oil slick on fire, which would've been an amazing bug.
  5. I think I recall that this is a known issue where Reconstruction ignores healing buffs for some reason. Healing buffs used to be few and far between, and i'm not even sure Scrappers/Stalkers used to even have access to such powers, but now that they're a bit more commonplace it's much more apparent.
  6. Once again I could just be misunderstanding the mechanics of the power, but Vines for Plant Control seems to be rather varied in its hold timings against bosses. I dropped a Lockdown proc in it to help control Bosses, but i'm noticing that a number of bosses are only held for about a second before breaking free with this in effect, and sometimes they remain held for a few seconds longer, more consistent with the power's reported numbers. I kept a Nemesis Warhulk with the same level as me alive to try this out on, it had no additional support, no Vengeance or Fake Nemesis bubble and no additi
  7. My latest Blaster project has set up a lot of defense and modest resistances (Archery/Plant/Soul). At level 42, my current build has around 32% R/E/N defense, about 16% to all others, about 45% S/L/T resistance, 20% N and 10% everything else. Here's the kind of stuff i'm running. - Plant offers a small Absorb barrier with some Toxic resistance and modest crowd control with Vines. If mobs survive the Rain of Arrows, usually the group is immediately locked down with a follow up Vines to give me some room to pick off stragglers and soften the bosses. As Wild Fortress is enhancable
  8. Death Mages don't count toward Weed Whacker, they instead count for Soul Binder, which involves knocking down 200 CoT mages. So they're included alongside the lower level Lieutenant mages (Energy, Soul, Force, and Life), as well as their earlier boss counterparts (Madness, Ruin, and Agony). Incidentally, according to the old ane current wiki, the Lt. Possessed Scientists are also acceptable for Soul Binder. Weed Whacker should be counting the Succubi alongside the Hellfrosts. If they're not, that's likely a bug.
  9. I know this is just an issue with the random nature of paper/scanner missions, but I don't remember ever taking down a villain named "BOSS_NAME" like a random pedestrian so claims I did. Come to think of it, I don't even remember doing any paper or scanners on this character...
  10. In case you guys didn't catch it, it looks like this bug is being patched in i27p2, the newest update mentions fixing the crit proc when exemped.
  11. Having not usually putting pet damage in my combat log, that's why I would've missed it. So I made a separate tab for pet damage to see what Rain of Arrows was doing with Toxins. If this isn't a bug, Toxins is absolutely worthless when paired with RoA, save for some extra ToHit. I almost feel cheated how bad it is if this actually is working as intended. Level 28 vs Equinox Parasites in Moonfire. 93.13 from RoA ticks, 0.31 from Toxins. And not even on every tick either. As for the Toxic proc not working with damage buffs, I can accept that, but it's a little disap
  12. Perhaps have her try Street Justice. While the set has some funky AoE to get used to, the damage is quite good and the hits make these satisfying crunchy sounds. Similar to Staff it uses a combo system of sorts where you spend the banked combo to boost a few of the heavy hitting attacks. The boosted attacks all have bonus damage and often add extra effects (Sweeping Cross guarentees a knockdown, Spinning Strike causes a fear, Crushing Uppercut just hits like a truck).
  13. Not sure if this is a bug or if this is working as intended but Toxins from Plant Manipulation seems to be rather ineffective when used with Rain of Arrows from Archery. Toxins adds a fair bit of toxic damage to every other Archery attack as expected but when RoA gets used the extra damage appears minimal, even possibly nonexistent. There's no combat log to show since RoA doesn't seem to report in the log, but the damage numbers above the targets are showing a very paltry -1 in addition to the -155 from the arrows landing. Unless i'm not understanding the power correctly that almost seems u
  14. Gold siders are forbidden from entering Ouroboros until after they cross over to Primal Earth Be careful using XP boosters or even upping your difficulty in Praetoria. If you care about the story, you'll outlevel it completely with XP boosts or even running x2 or x3.
  15. The Family got their hands on a fair bit of Resistance tech. Extremely uncommon to face them, but Family at 40+ use Beam Rifles and Resistance equipment, Capos often armed with the Heavy Barrel rifles and targeting drones while a lot of the Button Men use the old rifles (or lasers). Also the UPA, the leftovers of the Resistance and IDF defectors, pose a threat, but they have no presence beyond Provost Marchand and The Major's missions. While never expanded on due to the shutdown, Malta also made a deal with Battle Maiden for her nanotech. We likely would've seen an incarnate ove
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