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  1. A lot of people don't adhere to the advertised guidelines. There's always someone who rushes forward every time i'm on a Yin TF even if the leader called for taking it slow. Leaders also don't take it upon themselves to reign them in when they do.
  2. My recollection, WoC is a Mag 2 Confuse. It requires the standard ToHit check (1.00 base) as the power is technically a damage aura. The confusion duration is extremely short, even for Dom/Troller. The confuse time is so short and the time between activations is so long you generally can't stack it without excessive confuse enhancements (which is not worth it). You will only confuse minions with it, and they will generally only confuse long enough to potentially redirect one attack, which is the point. You're not using the power to confuse groups, you're using it to potentially avoid atta
  3. The new version of Afterburner doesn't take enhancements, much like Jaunt, Takeoff, and Translocation. Afterburner no longer requires choosing a power either as the power is included when you take Fly to begin with, also like Jaunt, Takeoff, and Translocation. A new power was added that replaced Afterburner called Evasive Maneuvers which grants the flight control and out-of-combat defense Afterburner used to provide, as well as more -fly and KB protection and without the "Only Affect Self." Evasive Maneuvers can still take defense sets so that power can easily LotG mule like Afterburner use
  4. I did that by accident while running Operation World Wide Red through Ouro. Dropped Kronos in Sharkhead Island for the hell of it (morbid curiosity to see if I even could), had to league up to deal with it since my squishy blaster ass wasn't going to beat it (phrasing!), quit the league afterward not realizing i'd be booted off the arc. All that time gone.
  5. Just reminded of the anniversairy party on the old beta server where a dev dropped the old Hami in a full instance and we managed to get it down to half health in Pocket D. The yellow death was so bad someone had to hit a kill-all hostiles button of some sort to clear it out. Everyone in the instance got an appropriate level HO at that. Level 6 HOs were a thing!
  6. I always figured the requirement for Bug Hunter was super extreme. Things like major exploits that allow for crazy amounts of economy breakage (as if it weren't volatile enough) or exact steps to reproduce crashing with some possible under-the-hood know-how included. The most recent Bug Hunter i'm aware of is someone who reported using AE debug commands to obtain Giant Monster badge kill credit, though I don't know the nature of your exploit report to gauge it against.
  7. My knowledge might be shaky, but if I recall he never did attack the meteor on live servers. I always figured he didn't know to at the time as explained by the stable time loop he provides about attacking it in the first place.
  8. Yeah, common problem in most of the "Personal Story" missions where the character's "costume" constantly resets itself to a default pose. Most visible in Mu'Vhrakan's with all the capes he has. Also Dominatrix's outfit tends to also include things like wings if your costume has them.
  9. Those have been there since City of Villains went live. My guess is that they wanted to make those generic statues look more authentic given Longbow's heavy prescense in Nerva and they likely just put the plaques in without adding a text popup. I think there's a couple other similar "empty" plaques but I can't recall where.
  10. Sorry if it seemed like I've been ignoring this thread, I promise I haven't. I did some additional troubleshooting and it seems to be the issue is absolutely the network or ISP. I'm just not exactly in a position to reset the router as I never know what the other people on the network have going and of course American ISPs, i'm sure we all have something to say about our providers. The main takeaway is that it's a me problem and not something caused by that patch, just a coincidence. Thanks for the suggestions anyhow.
  11. I took it on my /Sonic Mastermind. I believe I slotted it with 5 Numina's and an Interrupt IO, but 5 Panacea (sans proc) may have more useful set bonuses, mainly the 7.5 recharge. Also, yeah it shouldn't take ToHit buffs. It heals, adds stun resistance and, if you have Field Medic, boosts recovery.
  12. Among my collection... Issue 0 instruction book. Contains a lot of outdated information, such as when Gravity Control had Fold Space as one of it's powers (which functioned as Assemble the Team) and also when the 5th Column existed without the Council. CoV launch instruction book, which was a recent find from an eBay auction. The same auction also had the included poster with the map of the Rogue Isles on the back. CoV prerelease disc, with previews and early info on what to expect from CoV. Black Scorpion Heroclix figure CoV press
  13. If I had to guess, the critical proc from Shinobi is what's making it show up. Proc powers tend to do strange things like that. Why it's referred to as "Tanker Melee" though doesn't make much sense when Shinobi is more like a Scrapper crit, or Stalker I guess?
  14. I couldn't get below that big blue cube under the map, Port Oakes has a Shadow Shard-style safety net under the map that drops you in front of the mansion in the north if you go too low. I didn't try teleporting straight down though.
  15. Defender, Corruptor, and Mastermind get Petrifying Gaze in Dark Miasma, which I believe is the same animation and sound (by default) but doesn't do any damage or reduce the foes To Hit chance. Their version is just a straight hold. They can also use the Dark Servant who can also use Petrifying Gaze whenever it sees fit, which Controller can also have with Darkness Affinity. Dark Grasp in Darkness Control for Controllers and Dominators isn't the same animation by default, however I believe the Abyssal/Petrifying Gaze animation and sound are an alternate customization option.
  16. Can't speak for Power Transfer, but it does look like Performance Shifter isn't functioning when slotted in Cauterizing Aura. Pulled my PS out of Stamina to verify and not once did I see PS proc in the combat log, even while standing in range of foes to see if it was instead proccing on damage. My Fury of the Gladiator proc in Cauterizing Aura was going off however, maybe an issue with self-targeting procs in this power?
  17. Only real issue there is the lack of zones for red and gold. While Blue has all those empty hazard zones, Red only has Nerva and gold has pretty much nothing. (not trying to jab at Nerva, I just find i'm never there for any reason these days.)
  18. If you're dead, the exp booster does not apply since it's an auto power. Pretty much all buffs like that are disabled when you're eating pavement.
  19. It's unintended behavior for sure, but it has to do with how the power creates a pseudopet when you drop it. The pseudopet is following you through the elevator like normal pets and other pseudopets exhibit similar behavior (Carrion Creeper Vines is a pretty well known example). Why this is the case, couldn't tell you.
  20. To be fair, he kind of has been watching you the whole time, given exactly who he is.
  21. At this time of year, at this time of day, in this part of the country, localized entirely within my city?
  22. They're not supposed to show up in your contact list if I recall, as technically all three of them are TF contacts that didn't have a team size requirement. They do appear in the list of missions within the pillar though, that might be a factor.
  23. If you are a hero, you must be at least a Vigilante to start paper missions. You obtain your paper by visiting a Broker (one in ever villain zone except for Mercy) who should be set as your waypoint the first time you enter a zone (just like Detectives). You can run mayhem missions as a Vigilante just fine, but contacts you get afterward won't speak to you until you go full evil. I believe you can still get the contact for rerunning Mayhem missions as a Vigilante thougj, as long as you get the Hero Slayer badge (25 Paragon City Heroes or Signature Heroes defeated, signature referring to Fre
  24. This is probably intentional. Sleet and Freezing Rain do so little damage (0.33 per tick at level 50 before the -Res) that Containment would be near pointless. Not to mention neither of those powers are actually meant to be used for their damage (Gale is a counterpoint, I know, but Gale actually does less damage then Sleet/Freezing Rain even with Containment) while Ice Storm is more damage than it is a slow. It could also be an oversight as there are very few damaging powers in Controller secondaries at all, with most being pet or pseudo damage like Storm or Traps (Gale seems to be the only
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