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  1. It could also be entirely possible, depending on where you were when it spawned, that you could've been unlucky and it spawned next to a Police Drone, which will insta-vaporize it as expected.
  2. I guess I ought to post a level 30 update. I did the one roll more as a curiosity but I figured I was overdue to try the Fire/Kin combo anyway. So here's Flameshift (excuse my bad names, typically my weak point). Fire/Kinetics Corrupter. Also pretty bad at costumes without preset ideas, I usually just want to get into the game more than anything. Initially his outfit was more casual with a fancy arm-thingy, but a revision saw him putting on a more typical set of tights and shaving. I also tend not to write down backstories, but I tend to keep ideas. In his case he was given a
  3. Every now and then I pull out an old character, usually looking for money to hand to my current project, and I find some of my old builds are quality murder machines. Special mention to my Archery/EM Blaster who easily mows everything down from a mile away with range boosted RoA, FoA and Mace Beam Volley. Fun fact, if you fire off RoA you can queue up a Ranged Shot before it becomes a quick snipe and get full damage while the arrows rain down.
  4. I used Return to Battle at one point only to die a short while later. After my ambulance ride to the local infirmary I noticed that my recharge timer for Return to Battle was over 100 minutes, which would equate to around an hour and 40 minutes. The power itself lists a 1 hour recharge and the power also states that it is unaffected by Recharge adjustments, so how did I end up nearly doubling the recharge on the power? Did something get adjusted without notice? If it helps, I had something put Snow Storm on me just before my second death but I would assume slows wouldn't affect
  5. On the level up power selection screen (and the power info by right clicking), Speed Boost for Kinetics states that you can boost a single targeted ally. Speed Boost was changed long ago to affect multiple nearby allies at once. Similarly, Increase Density reads as if it only targets one ally but isn't as straight forward about it. Increase Density also mentions slowing the ally down, which that component of the power no longer exists,
  6. Did I hit the jackpot? I rolled and it straight up gave me a Fire/Kin Corrupter. 34 - 60 - 36.
  7. It was changed at some point, likely for a better animation. Some enemies still use the old animation, like CoT Behemoths.
  8. Are you overlapping KD effects from multiple sources? I have an Elec/Storm Controller who's usually dropping four or five sources of KD at once (Jolting Chain, Gremlins, Freezing Rain, Gale, Tornado, Lightning Storm, Water Spout) and I occasionally see mobs getting tossed when things trigger in unison. Granted, the Gremlins are using the OF proc, but even when they're dead I still see it from time to time.
  9. Why are you putting KB>KDs into Oil Slick and Ice Patch anyway? They already do plain knockdown unless you're fighting things 15 levels lower (and even then). Or, i'm an idiot and misread, usually KB>KD failing is because people use the Overwhelming Force variant which has its own KD proc in addition to the KB>KD, causing an overlap that results in actual knockback.
  10. For Dual Pistols. Two words: nunchuck gun.
  11. I ran Teleport with Electric armor back before the recent change. Using it to teleport into enemy groups would sometimes send me flying back out of them thanks to Teleport giving you a few seconds of flight after use.
  12. If you're running a melee character with an armor that lacks KB protection (Fire, Dark, Electric if airborne) you should consider at least 10-12 KB resist if you can manage. While not terribly common, some late game enemies do have a few high KB powers that break mag 9 (Fake Nemesis, Longbow Balista, Diabolique to name a couple). If you plan to PvP it's also highly recommended to at least have 12, very few player attacks break that point. But for most PvE builds, 4 is enough. On my squshies I typically only get pushed around by Fake Nemesis and iTrial bosses and I generally only
  13. I misplaced mine, but if anyone happens to have it kicking around the original instruction manual had a complete list of every power available at the game's launch (including such things as when Gravity Control had Fold Space as a Team Recall power). I'm pretty sure the old manual also has this icon for the power as well as it being listed as a hold, but it might be worth a quick check. If that's the case, then it's very likely the only explanation was that it was a sleep in the beta leading up to the launch, or they just needed some way to discern two powers with near identical functions li
  14. Difficult to submit a picture for this one. I made a quick upload to Imgur to cover this one since it's something that would need to be visually demonstrated. Echo: Rikti Crash Site, (2947.1 -7.0 -6231.0), near the Shielded badge. Positioning the camera in just the right spot against the shield of the crashed mothership causes the texture on the surface of the mothership to freak out. Flying horizontally along the western side of the ship, the texture freakout can be seen from multiple positions as long as the camera is positioned correctly. WARNING: Somewhat bri
  15. In a post-shutdown interview, the moonbase was actually brought up. There were plans to fight the Batalion on the moon that were sadly never realized. After years of joking and memeing about it, when they finally decided to do it they got the axe. It sucks.
  16. Nope, this kind of full-on zone tech only really shows up in Atlas and Mercy. Some contacts disapear after their arc, like Laura Lockheart or Aaron Theiry, but most zones remain unchanged. The only other instance I can really recall is that after completing Provost Marchand's third story arc you'll find a bunch of the First Ward survivors hanging around in Brickstown, and also Marauder next to Manticore with six or seven PPD Shells aiming their guns at him. The group from Mr. G's arcs in St Marital may or may not continue inhabitting the warehouse depending on what you decided to do with th
  17. That's actually working as intended. Atlas Park and Mercy Island have interesting mechanics related to how the missions work which result in areas changing with mission progress. That spot is where you would fight off 5 random Hellions, then the next mission you go back and PPD has the place locked down with all the Hellions under arrest. When it greys out like that, it means you aren't on the same leg of the missions so you won't experience the same situation, if that makes any sense.
  18. Before unlocking it, the progress meter for the Firebase Zulu Security Detail badge tells you to "Spend an hour in the Shadow Shard." However, the time for the badge meter seems to only count in Firebase Zulu itself and not the rest of the Shadow Shard. Last night while running numbers on my build and doing auction stuff I camped out in Storm Palace in an effort to earn the badge (I prefer the purple skies there) but was disapointed to find that after 25 minutes of sitting on a random rock near the palace itself I made no progress at all. I propose either the badge hint be updated to make i
  19. I've updated the post with the data link, i'll make sure to do that in the future. I know. I'm aware recharge boosts don't mesh well with proc rates. I was using it primarily for boosting endurance drains and I also saw it as a means to get more recharge for more tornadoes and clouds. Probably not helping my endurance issues for sure.
  20. Hi there, I was wondering if people could take a look at my Elec/Storm/Levi build and give me some advice. I built it with procs in mind, but i'm wondering if I went too overboard on procs as I find i'm running out of endurance all the time. I'm also worried I probably misread about slotting Tornado, Lightning Storm and Water Spout. I'm more or less fine with my power selections, but I feel like I need to shuffle some of my enhancements around for optimization and am not totally sure where to start or what might be better alternatives. I can already see a few things to look at but I think
  21. Storm Palace, (-1014.3 2387.5 -50.2), at the Storm Palace itself. There appear to be missing textures on the top and bottom of the two columns that show where you can get past the force field and into the mission entrance.
  22. I think that was done on purpose since there's another hold later in the set (Bitter Freeze Ray). Since both are single target holds, they had to make them visually distinct in the tray, and with Freeze Ray being weaker, it made sense to use the sleep icon instead. Also worth pointing out, a number of enemies with access to Freeze Ray (Crey Cryo Tanks in particular) use it as a sleep vs a hold, so maybe that has something to do with it.
  23. I'm pretty sure you can highlight in-game text in the chat windows and copy it with ctrl-C. It might lead to some odd formatting but it's doable.
  24. EBs should be fine unless they're the "lesser AV" variety with the triangles. Presumably stacking enough stuns on a triangles EB or AV should stun them when the triangles are down, otherwise I doubt it's possible to stack enough stuns alone, even with EM being a stun machine,
  25. Plant/Time/Psi is my go-to. I get /Psi isn't the greatest but extra status protection and another LotG spot is great, plus room for another confuse set in WoC. In this case though /Primal might be better for Power Boost alone. As for /Time, I love it for being a jack-of-all-trades support set with potent debuffs, extra controls, strong -regen and a -heal, and a big boost to self-recharge with Chrono Shift. Adding an extra 50% recharge whenever CS is ready is fantastic for keeping the carrion vines growing, plus the frequent -def/-res you can throw out alongside the vines and see
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