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  1. Coyote....I haven't respecced since I hit 50....so my current build is full of extraneous powers
  2. Nothing wrong with fire/storm...the damage is high and so is the end use. My current (relatively UnIOed) build uses the Stone Epic as you are in melee must of the time. I haven't looked into macros much but there are ones that can drop the targeted pet powers (freezing rain, tornado) at your feet. Generally I drop bonfire > fire cages (if group is bunched up enough) > run in and smash em with freezing rain, tornado, lightning storm, seismic smash and fissure. I almost never use flashfire unless you need to control a second group/over aggro and have never needed cinders. YMMV
  3. ashenlost


    Depends are you duoing to 50 together mainly or post 50 content? Earth would be able to lock things down quickly so the fire/cold corr could scourge away. Dark control tohit debuffs would go with /colds shields as well.
  4. ashenlost


    I always gravitate to to gravity too (pun intended).......
  5. ashenlost


    Actually I made one as soon as you suggested it. I hadn't made a mind troller since live and I was looking for an interesting combo (as opposed to fire/ plant/ ill/ which I've made heaps of). I might make a earth and dark one later.....
  6. ashenlost


    Any reason or just cause you like mind
  7. ashenlost


    So what do people think would mesh well with electric Affinity? My friend sings the praises of his EC/EA troller. The mez protect and buffs could work well with fire control. Any other ideas?
  8. I used to farm on generic IO/SOs on live though only at 8x1....it was slow but relatively safe
  9. I never noticed mobs fleeing but then my farmer is a ice/fire brute so I use ice patch to keep them flopping about anyway
  10. I will check out your fire/kin build in the meantime
  11. Would anyone have a build for either of these lying around? Just something I can start from? I did have a look on the forum but couldn't see anything.
  12. I have a lvl 50 kin/water but I was trying to work out a build that had reasonable defense + procs but I wasnt satisfied. I was thinking that a water/kin would be easier to build
  13. Hi All, Has anyone played both of these? Does the defenders greater buffs and procs make out for lower damage cap?
  14. I had a db/invuln scrapper on live that I loved. A brute would have more hp and would be even tougher. Saying that though dual blades does love recharge and hates interruptions (not a big issue if your not using combos) so anything that doesn't get in the way of that (such as wp as mentioned above) is beneficial.
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