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  1. Is Pastfinder's okay? It's technically just a magic shop. Ran by a dictator of an undead woman who meddles with everything, believes she does good, but messes up everything with her villanous plots and lets her minions to cover it up for her. Pastfinder's Shop of Magic Theme: magic help&artifacts for sale. And whatever the customer wants, the customer gets. IF the price is right. (Plus expenses.) Alignment: moral-fluid Time zone: GMT/EUR Contact : @iynx
  2. tl;dr: A Hunan-born action-actress, who played a japanese martial artist "Ghostdoll" in an action-drama TV-serie got her character written off the show because the character had become unpopular among the audience, even mocked as "Clowndoll". The actress blamed the writer-team, intruded into set and started a rampage in revenge. After causing casualties, the actress escaped police capture and is now considered fugitive.
  3. One day at Pastfinder’s: ”Mike-hall! I ree-ceived thees le-eht-her!” Kamala throws a letter to Michael, but the letter floats on the floor. Michael patiently picks it up and glances it, then looks back at Kamala, who is already more interested in her fingernails. She talks to Michael without even looking at him: ”Eet was too long, reed eet for me-eh!” ”It says: Dear ms. Haaska, we at McCormick and Starr LLP represent mr. Jeffrey Smith, a city counselor of-” ”No no no! I wanth to knoweth what eet says! Not that fancy beeg words. Tell m
  4. Camera-shy superhero saves Pandora’s, and this is why we need to talk about it Paragon City\HotTopicsToday\Talos Island Joe Queen and Aubrey Slots PARAGON CITY LIFESTYLE - THE HOTTEST ONLINE LIFESTYLE BLOG LIKE EVER Pandora’s Box magic shop in Talos Island was attacked yesterday at noon by the Freakshow, when yet barely known and as barely clothed superheroine appeared at the scene and saved the day. “They [The Freakshow] just suddenly teleported inside. First they looked baffled, but quickly started to wreak havoc. If Lady Magnificent had not appeared,
  5. 322 days to lockdown confined A man was standing on a street, with a lit cigarette on his lips. His name was Vic Evans, better known as Moopy. It was both his nickname and his hero moniker. He took a long drag of his cigarette. Menthol. ”This has to do”, he muttered. A female pedestrian hugged her book tighter, avoided eye-contact with Moopy and walked past him, a thin, young male figure in his late teens wearing black velvet trench coat, army boots and sporting black mohawk, black eyeliner and unnaturally pale skin. He was not a villain. Obviously, he was way
  6. 333 days to lockdown nervous dreck Meet people. It was an advice Dr. Fine had given Proud earlier. And Proud had done that. Pocket D was an interdimensional nightclub, owned and overseered by no other than DJ Zero himself. There no-one could hurt Proud. And vice versa. Thus, it was a safe place for her to meet people. Keeping in mind, that if she ended up fighting and hurting someone, it would be the end of her probation. And she ended up fighting someone. Luckily, the weapons of the fight were not fists, lightnings or arrows. Although the verbal fight
  7. 334 days to lockdown broken mind Proud was sitting on a sofa. It was a large, comfortable sofa that smelled new. In front of her was a new, large, curved screen television she had been staring since morning. In between the television and the sofa, there was a small table made of transparent materials. On that table, was an opened letter from a hero academy. Last night, when she took her medicine and fell asleep, it was so dark she didn’t bother to close window blinds. It would have been easy, the only thing she needed to do to make that happen was just to push a button on a wa
  8. @Christopher Robinwriting just for fun but if you give critique, i will read it.
  9. 340 days to lockdown agent of chaos ”Katjuska!” Dr. Irina Fine was pulling her wheeled luggage behind her, hurrying to the gate of her flight. She was at Paragon’s airport, talking to her phone, while not running, but walking in a fast manner. ”Irina! So nice to hear from you, too bad you didn’t visit me during your visit to my home town”, answered a voice on Irina’s phone. ”I just got a call from Miller’s Probations. You turned her down. Now they are going to give her case to just someone”, said Irina to the phone, trying to keep up the pac
  10. 352 days to lockdown poor impulse control ”...of Paragon City believe in second chance. Some of our students had trouble with the law, just like you. Some of them even had started a criminal career in Etoile Isles, before their reform.” The man stopped talking and started to show signs of him being uncomfortable. Brains inside Proud’s skull came to a conclusion she had been staring the man for too long. In a creepy way. Proud steered her eyes away from the headmaster. ”Yeah.” That was everything she managed to say. She was wearing mostly bla
  11. 361 days to lockdown ”Open up Proud! It’s Ray!” Man banging the door was in his early 30’s. He had dark hair, tan skin complexion and he was of average build. His clothing -blazer, plain pants of mellow color- told a tale of him being a cop in plain clothes, but that tale wasn’t true. Door to the lodging room opened, just a little bit. Ray entered the apartment, it was quite dark. Almost all the lights were out and curtains were closed. He had to step over un-opened letters and a parcel Proud had left under the front door. The apartment was small, like a mot
  12. --scissors-clip-here--- Businesses not picking up? Unlucky in love? YOU MAY BE CURSED Seek out The Magnificent Pastfinder, a PROFESSIONAL BLOOD MAGIC WITCH for help. First blood sample extraction FREE with this coupon (normally $14.99), and 50% off of the first inspection and consultation fee (normally $199.99, now only $99.99) Just to be sure. Tel 555-GIVETHBLOOD Address 2311 Weinberg's Way, Kings Row. --scissors-clip-here--- ( Pastfinder's is a very small SG, and so far, most often used as a plot-device-on-demand, welcome-tour-to-paragon-city, incantatrix ex machina
  13. epilogue: talking to people helps. after reaching out to people, and people reaching out to me, it has come to a conclusion there is not a group of bad mouthers. there is only one person, with whom i need to get in touch with. the conclusion is to reach out to that person, and talk things through. sorry for bothering the whole community, this could have been handled with much less disturbance. we have a great community.
  14. here to shoot down rumours: no, character was an adult. and no, not giving examples and no more attention to trolls. if i find a suitable redside group, maybe i play her again in there. should you have a serious roman catholic horror themed villain group, we will continue discussion in private. otherwise, no. the game is supposed to be fun, and it seems like the trolls are very few in numbers. lets not let them spoil the fun.
  15. 🤣once again, you are so on point. anyway, helpful people are being helpful at the moment and i 😶 now.
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