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  1. Anyone know which missions in ouroboros reward Praetorian tourist? And is there an easy way to do the "choose a loyalist or resistance morality five times"?
  2. See HOW are people like you so good at this? I literally spend an hour messing with a build and at the end my totals aren't even half of what you just did "throwing this together". This build looks extremely desirable what with those totals, and it looks like you kept perma-PA as well assuming siphon speed is utilized. Hats off to you, I envy your abilities and thank you for your work!
  3. Your breakdown is pretty accurate, but comes off as a little exaggerated. Yeah I'm not gonna be soloing any +4/x8 incarnate content any time soon, but my character has been an absolute blast doing smaller scale solo missions, or when on any competent team as long as I play smart or just pay attention I can really make a difference. The most fun is getting ahead of the tank and hitting a dormant mob with confusion, often proc-ing contagious confusion which helps take aggro off the rest of the team (especially helps if tank isn't amazing or we just don't have one), and PA/spectral terror/phantasm also splits up the aggro quite a bit leaving my invisible self largely unnoticed unless I get sloppy with enemy AoE's. Also flash might be the only AoE hold, but people seem to sleep on how effective spectral terror is on holding down a mob. Again I don't need to sell it, you make very valid and on-the-nose points, just saying the power combo is not as crap as people might think from your response, as long as you pay attention while playing. Kin is a huge game changer for team buffs and ill is great for adding extra targets to a fray. I was simply asking if people could guide me on how to amp resistance or defense so that I wouldn't get slapped and one-shotted by certain enemy attacks. Especially in incarnate content where there can be SO many enemies that you can't tell where attacks are coming from, a little more survivability is desired but won't ruin the game for me if I just need to stay on my toes for certain encounters.
  4. Thank you for taking the time! Are these def/res values pretty good for a controller? Since I already have a good build designed for PA and is able to handle content solo/small teams, I wouldn't mind making sacrifices to really buff up my durability. On incarnate trials what with the crazy amount of enemies, I'm drawing aggro regardless of pets and really have trouble telling what's hurting me before I'm dead. Especially with hard hitting attacks I'm taking dirt naps a lot.
  5. Hi there! My main is an ill/kin, and is currently slotted for perma-PA using one of the builds in this thread as a starting point and making minor tweaks: I was hoping someone out there would have a build that does something to make this powerset less squishy. Perma-PA wouldn't be a main priority just getting either defenses or resistance up high so I'm not getting obliterated when things hit the fan. I tried building one myself from scratch and I just do not have the gift when it comes to making builds from scratch for a specific purpose. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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