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  1. furrepanther#7824 Hi, I'm Bill. I have 35 years' experience in information technology. My specialties are database design, engineering, software development, and general troubleshooting (hardware and software) all the way down to the OS subroutines. Systems analysis. Program Management. Creative problem solver. I have worked at many enterprises, including Wal*Mart HQ, K*Mart (before it started dying), JC Penney, Sears, and others. I received two 'Best Consultant of the Year' awards at Informix Software before it was purchased by IBM Corporation. Programming languages include (god help me) COBOL, C++, 4GL, Linux/Unix command shells and Perl. I learn software languages very, very quickly. I also specialize in turning crappy, spaghetti code into understandable, well-documented software that uses proper coding techniques. I also write outstanding software documentation. The CoH software appears to be a top-down distributed software design; I'm familiar with that software concept, having worked with it for many years. When you're ready, I'm here.
  2. These are truly beautiful improvements. Thank you to the devs and community managers who have put in the hard work for us, the player community. You are wonderful people! <3 Love and peace to you all.
  3. Server is down for maintenance. Error message is stupid.
  4. After entering my user ID and password, the game threw the following exception immediately: "There was a problem detected in the game database system. Please post a bug report on the forums." I have done so. Need fix please.
  5. Replace "Tooltip" with a short description or ignore it; Replace "Command" with whatever command you want to use there. Example: /macro_image "Archery_RainofArrows" "Teleport to My Base" "enterbasefrompasscode Mysupergrpcode" ... where you would replace ''Mysupergrpcode" with your supergroup base passcode.
  6. Dear Homecoming Team, I'm a retired military vet who is also a published writer. Members are talking about new content. I'd love to have new content and I'd be happy to help create it: storylines, arcs, etc. Hit me up. I'm not hard to find.
  7. Thank God. I tried to reach Captain America, but the number's been disconnected. 😞
  8. It seems with the latest patch release (Aug 27) that the base can no longer use power or control, which are required to make things like the rez point in the base work. Has anyone else encountered this issue? Base shows available plenty of power & control, but usage is 0 and I can't add any workshop items. Please reply if you had this problem. Thanks.
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