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  1. My Rogue-aligned Peacebringer is unable to use the Rogue Isles TUNNEL Connections in Praetoria (Imperial City, Underground Imperial, First Ward, Night Ward), giving the error message: "Only Villains are allowed." This also locks out the waypoint markers, preventing them from being seen on the mini-map. The connections in Dark Astoria work as expected, however, and I can use both connections. Might be worth giving these look?
  2. Just running some arcs via flashback - I just ran "Lay Down Your Burdens" via flashback and received no reward merits or mission completion reward for the last mission. I received the Arc Completion badges and recipe from returning to the contact. Both this arc and "No More Fears" are listed as 0 merits on ParagonWiki, but I did receive 3 merits and a mission completion bonus for "No More Fears". Is there a race condition between the door-exits in these final missions and the actual mission rewards, or could it be something else?
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