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  1. Missing space between "Wentworth's" and "will" in the 2nd sentence. Marketeer has been checked and has no issue.
  2. Another minor one: The Portacio Ind Synapse Bridge (Technology Defense Buff SO) has lost its capital B.
  3. And a minor one - all of the Prestige Teleports are missing their full stops at the end of their sentences about the Recharge Time changes.
  4. (2020-11-27: A fix for these badge descriptions is now on Beta.) Issue 27: With the update to Day Trader & Marketeer, I don't think the badge descriptions were updated. Oops.
  5. One-sided Geometry in Imperial City, Studio 55 (Top Floor) As you can see, these wall faces disappear when on the other side.
  6. I believe the WatkinsIntro is dialogue that a normal "valid contact" would have as an introduction. However, since he immediately goes into his starting dialogue tree if you are eligible for the arc, he (probably) wasn't given one since it wasn't felt necessary? Talking to him as too low a level triggers the dialogue in question immediately.
  7. I can agree with that, the second hit doesn't trigger if the target is defeated by the first hit, as seen here:
  8. Tried picking up the mission at level 7 (it shouldn't be possible to access this mission at any lower level), then messing with my xp level to simulate different levels before going in. This worked at levels 7, 8 & 9 just fine. Levels 10, 11, 12 & 20 didn't work. Setting difficulty to +4 and level 13 worked, since this changes the mission level to 11 once on the map. Difficulty +4 at level 14 did not grant the serum. Difficulty +4 at level 7 worked. Difficulty -1 (lv. 6) at level 9 did not grant the serum. So it looks like if you're more than two levels higher than the mission, the Serum isn't granted to the player.
  9. Tested this - this appears to be a descriptive error in the detailed info only for the Brute Version of Eagle's Claw- the damage bonus does not require Fiery Embrace to activate in the attributes despite its listing. However, the damage bonus on both Brute & Tanker versions does have a different factor - the "+33%" buff scales based on the level difference between yourself and the target, resulting in a 194% damage bonus when used at CL50 against a very low level opponent, and a 15.84% when used against a CL54 minion? I'm not sure if this is intended, but it's a useful note to make.
  10. Welp, now it's done. Some simple questions for the contest: Is this exactly or at least? Is it 3 destroyable objects (so having the same object set to appear in 3 locations is fine), or 3 different Destroy Object objectives? Again, Is this exactly or at least? Can this be in a narrative sense (That you would rescue the NPC as a free a captive or escort objective first, and they then appear later in the arc as an ally, surrounded or not), or does it have to be an Ally objective where they immediately become an ally?
  11. The difference between the 10% and 9.08% is normal, due to the way Endurance Discounts work. The number in the power effectively adds a 10% "Efficiency" bonus to your Endurance Usage, much like how the Endurance Reduction or Recharge Rate enhancements work (100% Halving the cost/time of the power). This means that endurance costs are multiplied by (1/1.1)= 0.9090..., (Or 90.909...%) which implies a 9.09....% discount. This gets hit by either some minor rounding or imprecision stuff (but is still "close enough") and comes out to 9.08% in the Combat Attributes Window. However, for the "-52.37%" figure from the right click info, I have no idea where that pulls from.
  12. This happens across all four of the Rogue Isles TUNNEL portals in Praetoria (Imperial City, Underground Imperial, First Ward & Night Ward). However, it does not affect the TUNNEL in Dark Astoria. It's been reported a couple of times before as well, but the issue still stands:
  13. The bottom line would be: The auto power, Support Boost Very Rare, granted when Support (Core/Radial) Embodiment (Tier 4) is equipped, does not have its "Strength to endurance cost" effect attached. This means that the passive effect of an endurance discount doesn't work for this tier - other tiers of the Support Hybrid powers are not affected.
  14. I would say that this isn't a bug, it's just that the numbers for Endurance Discounts are more complicated than they first appear. As far as I know, endurance discounts from powers (including set bonus effects) are applied in a similar manner to endurance reduction enhancements, in that they improve the "efficiency factor" for the statistic rather than directly reducing the endurance cost. (Much like how 100% endurance reduction in a power halves its cost, as it is 100% more efficient, rather than making it free to cast.) I've put more stuff on discounts into the spoiler below - feel free to DM me if you have further questions on that, so we don't get too off-topic.
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