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  1. The difference between the 10% and 9.08% is normal, due to the way Endurance Discounts work. The number in the power effectively adds a 10% "Efficiency" bonus to your Endurance Usage, much like how the Endurance Reduction or Recharge Rate enhancements work (100% Halving the cost/time of the power). This means that endurance costs are multiplied by (1/1.1)= 0.9090..., (Or 90.909...%) which implies a 9.09....% discount. This gets hit by either some minor rounding or imprecision stuff (but is still "close enough") and comes out to 9.08% in the Combat Attributes Window. However, for the "-52.37%" figure from the right click info, I have no idea where that pulls from.
  2. This happens across all four of the Rogue Isles TUNNEL portals in Praetoria (Imperial City, Underground Imperial, First Ward & Night Ward). However, it does not affect the TUNNEL in Dark Astoria. It's been reported a couple of times before as well, but the issue still stands:
  3. The bottom line would be: The auto power, Support Boost Very Rare, granted when Support (Core/Radial) Embodiment (Tier 4) is equipped, does not have its "Strength to endurance cost" effect attached. This means that the passive effect of an endurance discount doesn't work for this tier - other tiers of the Support Hybrid powers are not affected.
  4. I would say that this isn't a bug, it's just that the numbers for Endurance Discounts are more complicated than they first appear. As far as I know, endurance discounts from powers (including set bonus effects) are applied in a similar manner to endurance reduction enhancements, in that they improve the "efficiency factor" for the statistic rather than directly reducing the endurance cost. (Much like how 100% endurance reduction in a power halves its cost, as it is 100% more efficient, rather than making it free to cast.) I've put more stuff on discounts into the spoiler below - feel free to DM me if you have further questions on that, so we don't get too off-topic.
  5. I've looked through the information on the powers, according to the game's numbers, it's that the effect "Support Boost Very Rare" exists, but has no effects attached to it. Each of the other "Support Boost" auto-powers from the Support Hybrid Tree has their endurance discount listed in the information, but for some reason this bonus is missing on the T4 Support Boost. Support Boost Common awards its Automatic Endurance Discount: Support Boost Very Rare has no actual effects:
  6. Here's one in Tech_45_Layout_04_03- One-sided visibility on a wall (Blocks passage from both sides) Location: -52.3, 37.9, 353.0 / -53.0, 41.7, 355.0 (For both sides) Not sure if this affects other maps with the same tile yet. Update: Yes, it does apply on other maps with the same tile - I've found it again in CREY_HERO_LAB.
  7. From what I'm aware, the Level Shift "drops" when downed (like all auto powers), but kicks back in when/shortly after rezzing. Since you checked the conning of the enemies while you were down, it would not have taken the Level Shift into account.
  8. Just ran the arc once, and I ran into the completion-marking issue as well. This was my first time running the mission, and the mission's badge "The Doctor's Ally" awarded as normal, but the arc still remains marked as "uncompleted". I returned to the contact after completing the mission as well, rather than manually quitting the flashback-TF once the mission was cleared. With regards to the challenges, I believe that missions marked as "Badge" missions may not count for the Ouroboros Challenge badges, but I may be wrong (and correct me if I am!). Hope this adds a little more info for you all. Edit: Found an arc with the "inverse" of this issue? I was going through the Ouro entries on my Rogue PB, and I've found that the Badge Mission for "Skip Tracer", B4nKbUsTah, is marked as complete, but this character doesn't have the badge.
  9. A P-String appearing in Luna's Exchange list for the Perfect Health Super Inspiration (other references to the inspiration seem to be fine)
  10. Are you using the beta manifest? Swap back to the normal manifest. restart Tequila, and it should patch. I had the issue as well.
  11. My Rogue-aligned Peacebringer is unable to use the Rogue Isles TUNNEL Connections in Praetoria (Imperial City, Underground Imperial, First Ward, Night Ward), giving the error message: "Only Villains are allowed." This also locks out the waypoint markers, preventing them from being seen on the mini-map. The connections in Dark Astoria work as expected, however, and I can use both connections as a Rogue. Might be worth giving these a look? EDIT: I've done some testing on Pineapple with a villain-started character, with alignment changes via Null: Vigilantes behave in the same way as Rogues. They can access both TUNNELs in DA, but only the Paragon TUNNEL in any Praetorian Zone. Villains can access the Rogue Isles TUNNELs as expected.
  12. Just running some arcs via flashback - I just ran "Lay Down Your Burdens" via flashback and received no reward merits or mission completion reward for the last mission. I received the Arc Completion badges and recipe from returning to the contact. Both this arc and "No More Fears" are listed as 0 merits on ParagonWiki, but I did receive 3 merits and a mission completion bonus for "No More Fears". Is there a race condition between the door-exits in these final missions and the actual mission rewards, or could it be something else?
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