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  1. Jugabas en Union (Europa)? Creo recordar haber jugado con Dark Putón. : ), pero no lo puedo asegurar. Muchos años han pasado...
  2. Buenas, conoces más españoles que estén jugando?
  3. Nah... The game is launched with the right priority ('High') but once the load screen and intro screen turn into login screen the process itself changes its priority to 'Below normal'. I think its intended...
  4. Anyway, heres something that may help with this issue. When I launch homecoming.exe app without tequila (I know, the only way the game will work is through tequila, but I did this for test purposes) with the following command from command prompt (run as admin): start "" /AboveNormal "D:\Games\CoH\homecoming.exe" The game opens and in the brief time it remains opened until it is closed again, I could check in task manager that it was launched with 'Above normal' priority. So the problem is that Tequila set, in some way, the priority of the process to 'below normal' on some
  5. Alias might not be registered. At a command prompt type wmic /? It will show you a list of aliases. If Homecoming is not there it needs to be registered. Information on that can be found here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/win32/wmisdk/creating-an-alias Sorry, but no info about unregistered alias was shown when the batch or the command were executed. If I type manually the command on the command prompt the command is executed correctly, but no change in the priority of the homecoming.exe precess, which still remains at 'below normal'. Thx for your efforto
  6. Ive done this from a batch file run as administrator and from command prompt console (cmd console run as administrator) and it does not work. Any other solution , any further idea?
  7. Hello, ppl. Many years have passed since I was a dayly base player on european servers. I used to have a long list of friends from all the continent but the number of spanish players was high, and I am again seeking for spanish players, returning old ones or newcomers, to hit again the streets of Paragon City. Hola gente. Vuelvo al juego, porque siempre me gust󠨹 por nostalgia) y me gustaría encontrar jugadores espa񯬥s con los que compartir ratos, jugadores viejos o recién llegados. Saludos a todos.
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