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  1. I think of defense as just being a more valuable bonus like recharge, which is also harder to get than resistance or regen, for instance. Such patterns are so common through all the IO bonuses in the game that it is clear they were intentional choices by the developers.
  2. I would never take the S/T immobilize on a dominator, and only occasionally on a controller if the build has room for it due to controllers having next to no other options for single target damage. Especially if my epic choice’s S/T option feels clunky/slow and worse (power blast or mental blast as opposed to fire or ice blast).
  3. Off-topic but I’m still trying to figure out how to play my SR tank right. Sure he doesn’t die, but having to hang out with low health to get to your high damage resistance feels and looks wrong 😕
  4. If we’re going to allow players to opt out of any feature that is challenging to use correctly, I’m not sure why we can’t just give every AT an inherent toggle power with 45% +DEF(ALL) too. Seriously do you guys want this game to have a hint of nuance or not.
  5. All characters have access to DDR at level 50 through ageless. So it’s no more of a hole to “squishies” than mez protection.
  6. I see absolutely nothing in Blaster Dark Blast that needs the slightest buff.
  7. I don’t play with any stormies (myself included) that piss off the team with hurricane, so this sounds like a you issue.
  8. Maybe I was reading it wrong but the values in the inherent always seemed pitifully negligible. Don’t think it’s much help.
  9. People acting like an AT’s usefulness to a team is a relevant metric anymore is a bit questionable. 99% of the game is very easy with any combination of 8 players already.
  10. This is more or less the entire appeal of concealment in PvE nowadays 🙂
  11. Stances are neat... but should probably have some thematic relationship to the set...
  12. Power siphon clearly needs work but it’s only the animation of the big hitter and the ranged attack that keep me from playing the set, personally.
  13. You can get kicked from a team for using a lot of powers badly. Hurricane only stands out because it requires a tiny bit of thought to use correctly.
  14. No because my array of mental health issues do not quite reach sadomasochism levels.
  15. I obviously didn’t think about this hard enough. Probably because life drain is the only primary attack power I would ever take on an MM.
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