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  1. I don’t have the time to read all this, but, in all fairness, people who believe in equality of outcome are objectively morally inferior.
  2. Don’t think cold/poison/storm are suffering in PvP in the grand scheme of things from a lack of self heal. Cold is in decent shape but suffering from i13’s slow movement nerfs. Poison is a top PvP set. Storm would be in good shape if i13’s mez system nerfs didn’t come in and make you have to retoggle hurricane every few seconds... Would much rather see changes made to the broken state of slows and mezzes than anything else.
  3. Think we're in agreement really. I'm ok with just about anything if done properly. However, there are different levels of watering down across various epic powers, and I would simply say we need the absolute highest level of watering down on a lot of these choices. Some powers are hardly watered down at all (Personal Force Field, Hibernate, and Telekinesis are good examples... Power Boost and Power Sink are a couple of other examples of powers that don't take huge hits in their numbers). This specifically would not be acceptable, whereas the massive levels of watering down in other examples (the Dominator Link Minds example, for instance) would be ok.
  4. Admittedly most are workable under the circumstance that their effects are reduced dramatically and their recharges are increased substantially. Sort of like how dominator mind link or brute melt armor have but a tiny fraction of the utility of the original powers. But without fundamentally neutering levels of stat shifts, there's way too many self heals, set-defining powers, etc littered all over these. Envenom, Weaken, Mental Training, Oil Slick Arrow, Acid Arrow, Radiation Therapy, Siphon Speed, Fade, and World Of Pain are all examples of powers I wouldn't be ok with unless their functionality was similarly at least 75% gutted. You might say this is already the case in all epic pools, but I think there's plenty of counterexamples where powers don't have their numbers adjusted all that much. So that's my one caveat. EDIT: I'd say my caveat is most serious for the poison and trick arrow powers. You're literally offering just about every major reason to take each set in one epic (especially with /TA blasters already having the other cool parts of trick arrow covered). These examples in particular would need to have their effects quartered, their recharges doubled, their endurance costs increased, and maybe their radiuses decreased as well before I could even begin to be ok with it... EDIT 2: Pretty sure all of the self heals you've included here is another one very much out of line with what epics currently tend to include. And when so many builds are easily soft capping defense these days, a self heal is just the last piece of the puzzle to unlocking stupid levels of god mode.
  5. Hard no on the majority of these. Some of you guys have zero problem with even more ridiculous power creep I see...
  6. I voted no. Some of the least popular powers in the game are integral to certain builds. See Sonic Cage, Detention Field, or Confront in PvP builds for example. And doesn’t anyone else ever appreciate having more room for pool powers? A wide open build in terms of power choices is a godsend.
  7. Also doesn’t mention defender paralytic poison but I believe someone here told me that was fixed too.
  8. Any status update here as far as making a Mac version that people without IT degrees can use? Much of our PvP community absolutely refuses to post build text as opposed to just build files and data chunks, which is extremely frustrating...
  9. Thanks for the helpful responses on all counts, mac
  10. I know you have way more experience than me, but is it really as bad as you say? You've still got the -Special in the first place, albeit un-boosted, and your power boost can still do good things for your other debuffs and mezzing, no? I also haven't done any 8v8's since live and have predominantly only done 1v1's and 2v2's on homecoming so far, so perhaps that's the difference maker? I've been working on incarnates for my own Grav/Poison/Primal though, so I'd like to hear more of your thoughts. I would also assume this doesn't really affect your opinion of, say, Ice/Poison corruptors nearly as much, right? Poison's one of my favorite sets since my other favorites (Storm, Cold) all got wrecked by slow changes and offensive toggles dropping. Have a Poison/Dark and a Grav/Poison and eventually want an Ice/Poison corruptor too.
  11. Two questions so far from reading this thread on my phone. First of all, does PPM for damage proc IO’s have a separate formula for pvp too or is that just a powers thing? Second, I don’t see Defender Paralytic Poison here. Do I get to keep my 4 second hold? 🙂
  12. Awesome, thanks for the info. Didn't notice Spore Cloud's animation time. Definitely glad to rule out some power choices, as it looks like a tight build so far...
  13. So, to preface this question, I need to say that I use a Mac and thus have yet to have any luck porting any sort of Pines/Mids software successfully. Therefore, a lot of the resources on, say, the official discord, are useless to me in instances where people are just linking data chunks. I've pretty much had to build exclusively from forum comments, in game data, etc. I am leveling a Nature/Ice defender and was curious which Nature power choices are standard for the current meta? I am likely to do both arena and zone, but more arena than zone. My current assumptions are that you would definitely want Corrosive Enzymes, Regrowth, Wild Growth, Spore Cloud, Wild Bastion, and Overgrowth and definitely NOT want Rebirth or Entangling Aura. And I'm totally on the fence about Lifegiving Spores. Thoughts? Any comments on typical nature playstyle/role/etc. welcome as well.
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