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  1. grumbles


    Been a bit bogged down with work so slow responding, thank you all for your input! I went with Soul mastery for a bit of extra AoE and Min/Lt mobs drop quick. Also Generally go for the outdoor farms to make the fights last longer and carry mobs from fight to fight, find having a continual feed of mobs more cost efficient. Useful insight on the recipe drops tho as that's mostly what I'm farming for. Sounds like it may be best dropping difficulty and keeping the bosses in there just for a speedy rinse and repeat. Cheers folks! Great as always!
  2. grumbles


    I'm sure this has been asked all over but what is the best level for farming? I can run through a +4 *8 fine, but its not exactly quick (on my Ice/SS), happy to do so for a bit of inf and recipies but whats the sweet spot? Do I knock out the bosses? Lower the mobs? just wondering what is the 'Tank go to' for farming? Ta Folks!
  3. grumbles

    Ice/SS Build

    Thanks for the reply! Really appreciate it, gives me something to go off.
  4. grumbles

    Ice/SS Build

    Hi, Has anyone got an Ice/SS build they could share? Had fun getting mine to 50 and would like to see his full potential. Probably mostly playing at 50 with the occasional exemp for TFs. As far as powers go, never found a need for hibernate and not a fan of hurl, people in ice houses shouldn't hurl slabs n all that. Not that bothered if it's an expensive build as it'll give me something to work towards. Cheers folks, always been terrible with builds!
  5. grumbles


    Been back on for a couple o weeks now but not seen any familiar faces in game just yet. Too many alts to list but red side Pebble-Dash and Mr. Shouty. Blue side Kung-Fu Chicken and Saint Slippy Would be funny to hear from some of the old regulars!
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