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  1. This happened to me once as well.
  2. Try to get them to fight.
  3. Try /leaveteam and see if that works.
  4. Just nabbed Alexander Hamidon on Torchbearer (DP/Bio Armor Sentinel).
  5. This is a level 47(?) Family Lieutenant in Unai's Save a Thousand Worlds arc. Apparently at some point, HC gave them blaster rifles because S/L damage is too commonly resisted/deflected at level 40+. The unexpected accuracy is happening specifically with this one mob type in this one mission, as far as I know. Get_data_from_last_dimension Edit: Further info: He was my level (yellow con); I was solo on default settings (+0 x1 no bosses while solo). I was playing an energy/energy sentinel with some sets and ATOs.
  6. Is it working as intended that an even-level Family Lieutenant with a blaster can hit me half the time through soft-capped Energy Defense? He must have a 99% chance to hit an undefended hero. This is in Unai Kemen's To Save a Thousand Worlds arc.
  7. Mission: Defeat Anti-Matter and his clockwork, from Tina MacIntyre: Anti-Matter: Teleport to pre-established coordinates! Authorization Zero Zero Keyes Zero! You are FOOLS! You have NO IDEA what you are interferring in!! Interfering is misspelled.
  8. The banners spawn in various places randomly. Try it again another time.
  9. Positron Task Force #1, mission Retrieve the Shard of Kalak Mission entry text reads "Smoke and sulpher interweave to form a pungent odor." It should be spelled sulfur or at least sulphur.
  10. Try deleting wdw.txt in the directory cityofheroes.exe is in.
  11. Inmate Exploration Badge text: Zigursky Penitentiary is where all criminals, both mundane and super-powered, end up. Ziggursky is spelled with two Gs elsewhere.
  12. Talos Island Safeguard: the bank robbery [NPC] Tsoo Looter: The vault door is an impedence to our mission. Remove it. Impedance is misspelled.
  13. Independence Port Safeguard - Jailbreak side mission [NPC] Double Tap: Full Auto! Burst Fire! Napalm! Chordite! No escape for the guilty! Cordite is misspelled.
  14. There is an item in the Base Editor, Room Details/Rituial Canvas 1. The word ritual is misspelled.
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