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  1. It sounds like what happens when the SHIFT key gets "stuck" - when the game drops a key release message and thinks it's still pressed when it isn't. Try tapping each SHIFT key and see if that clears the problem.
  2. Yeah, XP boosters are temporary powers, and shouldn't have any effect while you are defeated.
  3. Agreed on the Energy/Energy blaster. How about Gravity/Force Field or perhaps Ice/Cold for a controller?
  4. I have the same problem on Windows 7 Professional 64 bit. I'll send the crash file also.
  5. The Tsoo Shenanigans arc from Kong Bao (Blue side, 20-24?) Response to a fedex mission has an error in it - "an berserk killing machine" should be "a berserk killing machine." Correction - level 15-19.
  6. Last mission text from Apex: "... methods from invasion..." should be "methods for invasion" or something similar.
  7. Overheard in Brickstown while gathering for a Manticore TF: [NPC] Jeanette: So I said to my cou... Lord Nemesis is watching you, Heatseeker ...sin that I just don't know about these Vanguard guys.
  8. I do it like this: /bind ADD "optionset disabledrag 1" /bind SUBTRACT "optionset disabledrag 0"
  9. I just noticed the punkin and bat window decorations in Cap Au Diable, New?
  10. Dominators' Savage Assault power Blood Craze has an error in the description. There seems to be an extra word: "over a short time seconds" should probably be "over a short time."
  11. Well, I'm sure it's been well over 10 years since I did it last, and I have a poor memory, but I think they used to attack the ritual.
  12. I don't think I have one (Beam Rifle/Devices). But I do remember the mobs ignoring my blasts to attack the ritual, and now they ignore the ritual to attack me.
  13. I did these arcs to see what the fuss was about - the Protect the Henge finale is clearly broken. Am I the only one who remembers it being challenging? I think the retail developers must have nerfed it at some point because players wanted it to be easier. In the old days, a pause of a few seconds between waves was necessary in order for crowd control or knockback powers to recharge, or to give time to place caltrops or trip mines. It wasn't possible to aggro an entire spawn; they were too intent on their goal, the henges. Now they don't care about the henges at all. When I got bored on this mission, I placed my blaster near their path and watched the next spawn stop and fight, even though I wasn't doing anything. I read a book for 10 minutes, only healing my character when he needed it, and succeeded at the mission. There's no reason other than nerfed AI to make the Red Caps care about a hero who isn't trying to stop them. I think the threat level or whatever it is of the henges should be bumped up to what it used to be, then the mission would be challenging again.
  14. I get the same thing on Mid's Reborn Also, the numbers are correct if you subtract 1, divide by 10, and add 1.
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