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  1. In Mids, for the Sentinel Energy Aura powerset, the Power Armor power allows slotting Heal/Absorb enhancements and sets in the game, but Mids does not allow it. Furthermore, it is probably miscalculating the extra hit points provided by this power. I can provide screenshots, if need be.
  2. I am having an odd problem where my UI is showing two stacks of "Enhancement Converter": The stack with 7 does not appear to actually exist, but that's what shows up in the Convert window: I am pretty sure that the stack with 1 in it is correct (since I just bought 1) and that the stack with 7 in it is what I had when I logged in. I had done some conversions before this and noted that the "Owned" count in the Convert window was not decreasing. If I attempt to do an in-set conversion (requiring 3 converters) with the game in the state as it is abov
  3. Well, good thing I eschewed Breath of Fire, then. Any idea on PBAOEs (*coughInfernocough*)? Also, big thanks for the info! Given the lack of documentation for Sentinels, this is super important to know! Glad to help! 🙂
  4. I was, I must admit, a bit disheartened to read this, given how my fire/fire is built. Is the target cap half on all AOEs, or is it different for targeted / location / PBAOE vs cones?
  5. Is it cool if I do a review of the fire secondary set? I've just gotten my fire/fire Sentinel to 50 and I think I have a pretty good grasp of the set... Plus, I really want to do a fireside chat... about fire! 😄
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