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  1. Caught back up after a long night of Crimson mishes.
  2. I'm in for the month. Usually not up this early. lol
  3. A whooping five tankers listed. lol
  4. Honestly I thought it was always pretty unbalanced and it still seems to be that way today. lol
  5. She is also in the Villain mission "this is how she dies". You kill overdrive and she pops up after.
  6. I have recently ran into problems with the COT and Warrior boss defeat badges. Has anyone else encountered problems with these? My COT counter has been stuck at 24 ,and the Warrior badge is currently stuck at 9. I've teamed up with others on a few missions killing several of each. However the counter isn't counting them.
  7. Im worried but cautiously optimistic. I just want a future for the game. Period. Ncsoft burned us pretty good when they closed it the first time. Best of luck guys.
  8. I finally got it to pop for me ,but I was standing by the terminal on the outside. I spent a considerable amount of time near the train previously and couldn't get it for some reason (inside and out). Just glad I have it now. Thank you for the responses!
  9. I know that is where it's supposed to be. For some reason it's not there on the Indomitable server. Not sure how I'm supposed to get this one.
  10. Did they move the Badge City Traveler? The badge isnt on the logo when I went to find it in Echo Atlas.
  11. I tried to play Champons after COH ,and just couldn't do it. The graphics, character selection, and power sets just didn't compare in my opinion. It felt very cookie cutter to me. To each their own.
  12. If they could find a way to leaglly just take all the excess donations and give that to 'real life heroes' - vets, fire-rescue, orphanages - IMO, it could turn into something bigger.... I can imagine a legal way for a non-profit to pass on to another one, but IANAL. I'm not a lawyer either but I do a lot of consulting for them. Homecoming by itself is not a charity...There are specific types of causes for a 501©(3) - religious, charitable, scientific, literary, or educational purposes, for testing for public safety, to foster national or international amateur sports competition,
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