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  1. As it turns out, I guess passive aggression isn't as constructive as people are claiming. Thanks for playing! 🙂
  2. Please take whatever issues you have with the policy up with whoever put it forth. This is not I, since you seem to need told.
  3. Heh. Adults are supposed to be some kind of authority but they're just grown ass children instead, with baggage thrown in to boot. I make no exclusions for myself, either.
  4. Lol. Creepy and cool at the same time. Still, can anyone really know someone else?
  5. I don't see what you see. Even in this thread there have been a few people go out of their way to misconstrue things I've said, even to the point of claiming I've said things I haven't, just to provoke something from me. It didn't do them any good but it's still there.
  6. I can certainly get behind and agree with that. I know I'm advocating for people to be nicer to each other here but I am thoroughly against forcing it and any kind of censorship. It's becoming more and more a problem around the world as rights are restricted in favor of protecting people (which is an impossibility for any government or group. They can't really protect you from anything). The UK and the slew of new "hate speech laws" there over the last few years haven't made anything better as far as I can tell. It's just gotten a bunch of ordinary people and some social influencers thrown in jail.
  7. I never suggested anything of the sort. I don't believe in public shaming.
  8. Theres no need to feel sorry for me. I don't really know any clowns.
  9. I don't care if I find out they were punished or not. My suggestion was more about cleaning up and removing arguments that get out of line. Thanks for asking me to clarify and not making a bunch of assumptions. Sort of.
  10. Its fine not to discuss it but you also leave a lot out there for everyone to see at the same time. Maybe you should consider addressing certain things more publicly.,
  11. I believe that it does matter. We're all real people (as far as I know) on the other side of these keyboards and how we treat and talk to each other has real effects in peoples lives.
  12. No, I don't see that its not. I said what I said and I assure you, I believe it. And no, I don't see a difference between underhanded rudeness and rudeness.
  13. I'm sincerely sorry to Bentley Berkley for that but I wanted to make my point. It's extremely hard to respond to something like that and not come out worse for it. The whole entire purpose of saying something like that is to demean and undermine someone.
  14. I completely disagree with your A/B example Bentley. Insinuating someone is a fool is the same as calling them one, it provokes the same response. Allow me to demonstrate: you're a fool if you think otherwise.
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