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  1. Glen Larson, creator of Battlestar Galactica, was asked once how just how fast a Viper fighter could travel. He responded that they move at the speed of plot. I always take that into consideration when it involves fiction.
  2. To be honest there's not much on tv these days worth watching and modern games are homogenized into so few categories that I struggle to find other things to do. I spend equal amounts of my time retro-gaming and reading.
  3. Well yeah. This is still Paragon City. Any experiment has a 30% chance of turning out deadly. That quotes actually from the To Save A Thousand Worlds arc. If you notice when running the arc, you rescue 10 scientists split into two entities by portals gone wrong and only end up rejoining 6 of them.
  4. After tescuing a Portal Corp scientist from a Devouring Earth dimension: Scientist: Bunnies. From now on all my research is going to be cute fluffy bunnies.
  5. Did you try /priorityBoost 1? It may be a true/false flag
  6. The only Story Arc I even know of that got Developer approved and moved to the Live game is the one by Troy Hickman: Smoke and Mirrors
  7. Dark Astoria? If Blueside you talk to Captain Nolan at the PD Station In Peregrine Isle. Redside you open the Threatening Arachnos Letter that appears in your contacts.
  8. Just run across this gem in Eagle Eye's Personal Mission when I got turned around and went the wrong way: Eagle Eye: Deadlock wandered around for a bit, maybe he was disoriented or checking for other exits... Deadlock: Where's the crapper in this joint anyway?
  9. Don't underestimate the strategic value of repositioning out of the battle. If you don't have control of the fight then you've already lost it. This was my Blaster's #1 rule back in the days of Defiance 1.0. Draw too much aggro? Run away. Didn't see that illuisionis or sapper? Run away. This opens up more options than tasting floor. Picking off too much aggro a few at a time as they catch up is s pretty effective tactic.
  10. Around my area it's membership in the Hunting Club. Which is ok I guess but I have less issues with golfing even though I think golfing is an excuse to ride around on an electric keg.
  11. Can confirm that a Robots MM is sill a bucket of lasery goodness. I just wish I could paint my bots and maybe change their laser colors.
  12. I was trying to say I've never had this many alts before. Nothing wrong with that, it's just usually they all sit at low level and now they're all growing so fast. Soon I'll have to pay for college.
  13. I still need to remake my Bots/FF Mastermind but even I'm getting to have too many alts. There was a time my one on Live took a good 5 minutes to get rolling whenever I logged in and I still enjoyed that character.
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