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  1. This reminds me of one more reason I hate playing Redside. Widows and their 120 second long Smoke Grenades and their recharge debuffs. Nothing ruins my fun like being a blind infant for 2 minutes.
  2. It's writing and interpretations are subjective. I've given my opinion. I refuse to defend it because I don't have to. Good day.
  3. You forget that this is a role-playing video game. None of us are Doctor Doom but we don't need to be forced to be Henchman B. The writing forces you to take part in someone else's story, not be the mover and shaker of your own. IE: you are placed in the role of protagonists hired help, not protagonist.
  4. You can only transfer (email yourself) merits. Threads, components and shards are all untradable*. *Dear dictionary on my webbrowser; untradable is a word and I did spell it correctly. Be better.
  5. I don't play Redside very often. Blueside you feel like a Hero, even at low levels. You may be greener than grass but everybody still respects you as a Hero. Redside I'm a glorified gopher and lackey and it grates on me. Ever since the Villain Archtypes were opened to Blueside I have not been back to Redside.
  6. When you can slot the IO that you want to Convert. You can only convert slotted IOs.
  7. *drops his Italian BMT, looks at it suspiciously
  8. Ooh, and then we should do a crossover where all the Hero groups start fighting each other over sandwich choices. Sandwich Civil War.
  9. Ok, who's walking around in RL with the name Robt?
  10. What we really really really need is some kind of massive plotline full of crossovers where there's some sort of crisis that collapses all the timelines back to 2004 that the fans will all end up hating. We'll call it Crisis of Infinite Years or something.
  11. I ran an experiment on Radio Missions just the other night. Ran lvl 50+4 solo Radio Missions until I got the Safeguard. My total time was 40 minutes and my influence earnings were 4.3 million after I sold a 2 million recipe drop. That is pretty normal from my experiences chasing the defeat 25 Villain Safeguard Badge. I'm not the biggest money maker out there since I don't really care but I still manage to trick out my builds in ways that I could never do on Live.
  12. I agree. Equality of opportunity is much more important. When you try to force outcomes it brings out all sorts of other issues. Just look at any Mayor of Baltimore for the last 30 years.
  13. I was talking about your jabs. I doubt many of us have pearls to clutch considering this is no longer the roaring 20's. And I know that what I posted was my opinion, that's why I started by saying it was my opinion. I know what you really chase around here, so I'm going to opt out now. You have a good day.
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