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  1. I only have a few channels I watch but yes. Cinemassacre (wish they'd start playing games again), Neebs Gaming and SNESDrunk mostly. I don't watch Twitch streams.
  2. Caught up on the first 3 episodes so far. Not too much to say other than it's still the same show. It's corny and cheesy and I've watched it all and loved every minute of it. 😁
  3. Red Fortune is the Chinese Luck God Fuk (Do Not google less than the whole phrase).
  4. The rear axle of a cartoon car getting ready to go fast. A titanium ingot. The Angel of Death blowing its horn.
  5. Take an /Ice tanker. Hoarfrost will remove all of the -HP debuff stacks.
  6. I think I can settle this peacefully. Brutes shred, Blasters rock. That is all.
  7. Have you tried not being The Man?
  8. Have you done Twilight's Son story arc? It focuses on Kings Row and is 25-34.
  9. You should always plan to stack both TBH. It's always been a general rule of thumb that if you plan to fight +3s or higher than you need the equivalent of two accuracy mods in your attacks. For To Hit most people can achieve 86+ or higher pretty easily with Tactics. IO Sets have made slotting for Accuracy less of an issue than SO's since most of the Accuracy Mod bonuses total 60% or better in sets.
  10. Ah, thanks. I can never remember which way it is. lol
  11. Kismet says To Hit but is actually a Global Accuracy bonus. There are no diminishing returns other than the clamp limiting the results. Accuracy is still really useful though, especially against mobs over your level. It's just harder to see because it helps normalize the spread of your hit rolls against harder targets while To Hit is usually "Hey! I can hit this guy now!"
  12. The easiest way to see how it all works is to take a look at the hit chance formula. It's HitChance = Clamp( AccMods × Clamp( BaseHitChance + ToHitMods – DefMods ) ) The clamp just limits the results to a number between 5 and 95. Basically To Hit can be seen as a direct counter to Defense while Accuracy is a small modifier after the final chance to hit is calculated. The link provided breaks it all down.
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