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  1. Supposedly this Mystic was rescued by Atlas once too and foresaw Atlas's rise to the upper ranks of heroes. AFAIK the mission and badge was always required.
  2. Yes, but I'm 40 so childish doesn't really apply outside of your opinion. Also, we must have really different opinions on what constitutes polite and reasonable.
  3. To elaborate a little; at 25 regular IOs are better than level 25 SOs and don't lose effectiveness so they are a much better choice if you have 2-3 million influence. Which isn't very hard to make anymore.
  4. It's fine. He's not really inside the mission arcs anyway. I got followed around by an invisible ghost named Positron when I ran it.
  5. You'd have better luck including the server it's on.
  6. You need to disable the automatic UI scaling and hit apply in order for the UI Scale Slider to pop up.
  7. I'm sorry, I'm not going to defend myself or expand on my opinions now. I might have if I had been approached reasonably about it to begin with but that ship burned in port.
  8. Your approval is not required and certainly not asked for. Have a good day.
  9. Nope, leaving it like it is because I disapprove of farming builds entirely. I think they're detrimental to the game.
  10. I believe the judges's decision compared CoH to playdoh and said Cryptic only provided the medium. They were not responsible for what people did with it beyond enforcing reports.
  11. I haven't tried the cell-shading options in CoH but I immediately turned it off in Champions Online. I should probably try it sometime to make sure I still don't like cell shading.
  12. I think the graphical style as well as the slightly dated things like telephones and office equipment lend themselves well to the game. It makes it feel like its set in a very specific era in history for the world. Sort of a gritty late 90's vibe that would only work in this genre.
  13. Eh, ok I misremebered an article. A Family petitioned them and they denied the use. I retract my faulty claim.
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