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  1. You should always plan to stack both TBH. It's always been a general rule of thumb that if you plan to fight +3s or higher than you need the equivalent of two accuracy mods in your attacks. For To Hit most people can achieve 86+ or higher pretty easily with Tactics. IO Sets have made slotting for Accuracy less of an issue than SO's since most of the Accuracy Mod bonuses total 60% or better in sets.
  2. Ah, thanks. I can never remember which way it is. lol
  3. Kismet says To Hit but is actually a Global Accuracy bonus. There are no diminishing returns other than the clamp limiting the results. Accuracy is still really useful though, especially against mobs over your level. It's just harder to see because it helps normalize the spread of your hit rolls against harder targets while To Hit is usually "Hey! I can hit this guy now!"
  4. The easiest way to see how it all works is to take a look at the hit chance formula. It's HitChance = Clamp( AccMods × Clamp( BaseHitChance + ToHitMods – DefMods ) ) The clamp just limits the results to a number between 5 and 95. Basically To Hit can be seen as a direct counter to Defense while Accuracy is a small modifier after the final chance to hit is calculated. The link provided breaks it all down.
  5. She's been trying to trip me for days now but she's just not as good at it as my last cat Ike. Ike got me one day stepping out of the shower. It was 20 minutes before I could pull myself up off the floor. Now I make sure the door is securely closed to the bathroom. Ah, cats.
  6. I just saw the news report that Disney is releasing 10 Star Wars spin-offs, 2 of them spin-off series from of The Mandalorian. https://www.rollingstone.com/tv/tv-news/star-wars-disney-plus-lando-series-mandalorian-spinoffs-1102221/
  7. I don't think I'm fancy enough for a serving tray but I have a few baking sheets that'll work. Now if I can only find some way to stop her from trying to murder me.
  8. I've never really messed with one I just knew they at least did those. I play PS1 games on my mod-chipped PS1. It still has a Vans sticker on it.
  9. I thought this was a spin-off series? I really like the show. It's been well written and very good so far but....
  10. Well , you can run 8bit and 16bit console emulators on them so a Rasberry Pi is a Nintendo.
  11. She's stay with me for a few months last year while mom was in the hospital so she's already familiar with the house and myself. She settled right in, She did this while she stayed with me then too, I just threw a towel down under the bowl but this time I'm trying to look for more permanent solutions. She was an outside cat at my mom's house and I don't think she used her water bowl there. There's a crick that runs by mom's house and I think she just went and drank from that. I suspect @CrudeVileTerror is right about her just wanting to drink from moving water.
  12. It's worth a shot. I appreciate the suggestion. 🙂
  13. If you want to see the numbers tick off you have to go into the tailor and customize the power option. There's one for restoring the floaty numbers.
  14. Those powers don't provide heals, they provide what acts as temporary HP in a pool that slowly refills again. They were changed with the most recent update but they stiff function essentially the same, with the changes being to how large the pool is (it was made larger) and it filling more gradually now.
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