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  1. That I'm not sure about. In order to get bosses in regular spawns you need to increase the number of heroes you fight as. I've only done up to x2. I think you should start seeing bosses in the spawns around x4. There's a bit of info in the "Spawn" section of this article: https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Notoriety
  2. Anything set to 0 or 1 players will generally only give you single bosses as the final group in missions. Enemy group and the mission itself can be factors in this as well though.
  3. Let's go ahead and do that then. Because its apparently a fucking joke now when I get attacked by other posters.
  4. You did that to me too. I guess we're both liars, liar.
  5. Well, if he doesn't I'm just going to have to call them a liar for lying about me lying.
  6. What specific post was me lying? and lying about what? I insist that you back up the claim that I've told some sort of lie in the last page or two. Point it out and then explain why it's a lie.
  7. And now I'm lying. Do me a favor and tell everyone what I'm thinking right now.
  8. I'm glad I have you around to speak for me. Keeps me from having to post myself. Go on, what else do I not like about AE, farms or builds?
  9. So you agree that its exploitation. Good to know. Hey everyone munkilord says all those builds are exploitative.
  10. Am I? It suspiciously sounds like you're telling other people what I think. Please provide some evidence in the form of my posts that back this up. Because if I want you to know what I think I'll fucking tell you.
  11. Ok, let me ask you a real question. How do you expect me to reply to that? Am I supposed to flame you or something? Get all upset? Report you? I hate to tell you but I'm mostly laughing about you thinking of my butt. It is nice though isn't it?
  12. That's better. You didn't once reference what you think other people think. Well, until that bit at the end. That's what we call "passing judgement" and it works both ways.
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