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  1. Did you copy the text in the (....)? That is just for reference what the command opens. I normally make mine a macro, just tested and they still work.
  2. Good info! These commands can help when you buy a whole bunch of packs at once. /salvage_open S_HVSuperPackSalvage (Heroes and Villains) /salvage_open S_RVSuperPackSalvage (Rogues and Vigilantes) /salvage_open S_WinterPackSalvage (Lords of Winter)
  3. There were definitely invasions in AP because everyone would always make the joke, "oh Ms. Liberty not helping again". I do believe invasions are scaled to the player tho, so lowbies arent just fighting level 50s.
  4. Feels like people are missing the idea behind "Sweet" as in "sweet sixteen"
  5. And you closed the game and restarted that too? Do you see tequila downloading/patching/verifying anything when you load tequila again?
  6. Close tequila and restart it. That will download whatever patch.
  7. I'd lean that towards the less side of things considering what SCoRE had going.
  8. Yea that's uh, something alright.
  9. just bind /salvage_open S_WinterPackSalvage or make a macro with it, then spam it (with consideration for the server). You don't even have to wait for all the cards to flip, it'll just open the next pack.
  10. There is no such thing as enough. I’m like Smaug sitting on bases of IOs and billions of inf and still want more.
  11. I originally thought it was an issue with differing versions but mids shows 81.7 and his ingame info shows him capped at 90%.
  12. friend posted this radfire brute build, in my mids shows at 81.7% fire res but in his mids he says it's over 90% | Copy & Paste this data into Mids' Reborn : Hero Designer to view the build | |-------------------------------------------------------------------| |MxDz;1447;683;1366;HEX;| |78DA6594CB4F135114C6EFB453B12F28D44291F2289482AD9656D81AA322464313A| |289DB3AC28893346D430B82AEDC2350F0B151A012B7AE0444DDF07FB8F709BAF731| |9EB9DFB19ACCA4D3DFDCEFCE39F73BE7CE4C767ED4F7F2D2FDB342F15EC86BE572E| |EFCCC6C457765B56963D229E868A0B3438AB9AC9ED7F5D4556DCAD02A46B1807118| |73A3FA2DBD50D65363863EB3903B373BA309CF44B1984F5D2BE9FA945F5E8E19D3B| |72B4661DA2747E3BA56A241B31C5C2ECC1965E3A691372A0BA18B256332C54BCEE6| |B25AB94239C3E4234EE7A2F5A758CE4C55D4C8624615F1E7E0C026730B4CBC00B74| |53DC629D28AD45A87C1D808186F2376AA62C7BA15F7BA943921E78EDE61CE839EBB| |A0EF1E183F74C8D83E6A966C9A3085F3BD43CEEDD2C8C5F95C1FE1E7C827E667D0F| |3C529E3A35F311E3A0097E2E8BF556BC316F2356E3037C1961AD8B50E2E538C1B31| |8ABB0779BABAC05E4AE6851787376979770B1F7380A9D03D7EAEC16FD221F6E8BA8| |9BBD7C4DD0A701703DCC596D358A14AAB3773B5CD025AF4079C9DFCC9FCC534C153| |FBC4A02ADE505450B6DE7405173177EC0173090C2F73B52B1C5B059DE43A04D78ED| |0DF1D66AF43EC51A57BDAB8FAB69022AB0D07C158005C25FFEDC8E36A5F5165DCF1| |2A7315EC5B633E04638FC0B7D69BC2B11D5C73847B10E19AFB7EB36FAE3D73066C2| |56F9DF0A674B2B70C7B5A234FDD9CB7FB29D6EA79C65C676E80D14D70A806BEA3A8| |5E7E1A7A798713CC1B64AD9F77BAFF037C6A84415E6BF015729CD866EE3077C1C46| |B30B307FAA986246A1049AEA191B414AF910A611F9A484BB396662DA20A3E4CFA59| |4F5DC2A6A46D4AC6A60CDB94119B32A6D6BF06E6B86D7642E5495214A9B803F5B7D| |A3CF0D4BF0E3CFBED9FE250A2E8A27A858401E2755477688BFAFE7FD4133C038E55| |E663703C48609F7F003F04EEF9| |-------------------------------------------------------------------|
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