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  1. Bumping because I just noticed the same thing. I was going to boost that defense, but it looks like it doesn't do anything, even though it takes both Defense IOs and sets.
  2. When this is all over, I really want - nay, need - nay, demand that this version of Brawl be available in some way from the P2W vendor. Please? Pretty please?
  3. Tested for a bit with bots/ff. Loving these changes, cannot wait until they make it to live. One thing I noticed, and there's probably nothing that can be done about it, is that while my bots would follow me if I moved away even during a firefight (which is awesome!!), they wouldn't move if I broke LOS with an obstacle or by turning a corner. They keep within the range, but they don't try to keep within sight. I don't know if that could be changed because presumably pathing around obstacles is more complex than just closing distance, but thought I'd bring it up just in case that was doable.
  4. I agree with the pet level changing. I believe Supremacy grants a +tohit bonus that was intended to compensate for the reduced levels, it could be reduced or removed. There's one other thing I'd like to propose. Right now all MM builds need the res and def global IOs to make their pets survivable. The benefit of these globals is so significant that without them the mastermind is just terrible, and working them into every single build is obligatory, which I feel runs counter to the goals of power & enhancement design. I propose that Supremacy grant a +res and +def bonus that scales with your level so that at 50 it provides the same bonus those IOs currently provide. Those globals would then be changed to damage procs that can be used to compensate for the very narrow damage typing most MM sets have. I do not believe such a change would be overpowering, because well-built MMs would only get a small damage boost that'd be more geared around varying their types. The boost would be more for those who don't want to have to build in a specific way every time just to be survivable.
  5. Curious about this. There's another thread active right now a couple posts down complaining about Dimension Shift and its general terribleness over here. How is it a solid pick?
  6. I normally don't really care about theme and build to min/max; but I recently built a fresh Gravity controller, and had to pay the 3-power-pick tax to take Flight to Afterburner, because who the hell ever heard of a superhero that literally manipulates gravity and yet couldn't fly? Normally I skip travel entirely and just ninja run everywhere, but just couldn't in this case. Illusion control gets Superior Invis; Gravity control should get Superior Flight. The end cost and def boost of hover, the speed of fly (with suppression of course) and the cap boost of afterburner. I don't think this would be an OP change or anything, because it's really just saving you a couple power picks and some convenience, and illusion or fire are still IMO more powerful primaries in general. I wanted to get input from this forum, specifically from people who've played a lot more Grav than I have. The power that seems most like it could be replaced to me is Dimension Shift, which also doesn't really fit the gravity manipulation theme anyway. Thoughts?
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