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  1. Curious about this. There's another thread active right now a couple posts down complaining about Dimension Shift and its general terribleness over here. How is it a solid pick?
  2. I normally don't really care about theme and build to min/max; but I recently built a fresh Gravity controller, and had to pay the 3-power-pick tax to take Flight to Afterburner, because who the hell ever heard of a superhero that literally manipulates gravity and yet couldn't fly? Normally I skip travel entirely and just ninja run everywhere, but just couldn't in this case. Illusion control gets Superior Invis; Gravity control should get Superior Flight. The end cost and def boost of hover, the speed of fly (with suppression of course) and the cap boost of afterburner. I don't think this would be an OP change or anything, because it's really just saving you a couple power picks and some convenience, and illusion or fire are still IMO more powerful primaries in general. I wanted to get input from this forum, specifically from people who've played a lot more Grav than I have. The power that seems most like it could be replaced to me is Dimension Shift, which also doesn't really fit the gravity manipulation theme anyway. Thoughts?
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