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  1. I had thought about doing something similar "ff+RECH." proc. abuse,..but my idea was built around a GRAV/KIN troller and useing my singy to pul enemies in while i used REPEL to proc ff i havent done it yet but the idea is the same,
  2. ths is true and it isnt. while this power works like a toggle now with respec to procs. it also summons a NEW pet that has a chance for procs. to go off every 5 seconds. thats twice as manny proc. checks as a normal standard toggle.
  3. I have been using this combo with my troller, hes GRAV/PAIN. I just hit 50, not even alpha sloted yet, and ive been soloing at +2x5 fairly effectively. I slotted enflame with 3piece annihilation +3 dam. procs. this 1 power give me a goood amout of aoe to cove the very light aoe of grav. i have been looking lately at how to further utilize his this power and i was looking at grav/thorns with its aoe +all the -def. thorn burst itself can slot 2 -res procs. and it can also have a prett good single target rotation also. The other ideas i had for enfla
  4. I my not completely understand what goes on in a HAMI raid, but it sounds like u need to look at RAD ARMOR. RAD armor can cap toxic resist.,..can cap rech. RESIST at 90%,..has 3 heals,..1 being a BIG abosorbe sheild that cant be reduced or negated as far as i know. 2 end powers u can slot 2 performance +end along with paancea +hp/end ,eam even if recovery is debuffed to 0 u still gain some end. just sound to that rad armor covers most if not all debuffs hami throughs out. so maybe A dark/rad brute or tank?
  5. ICE armor on scrappers has one of the best tier 9 powers IN THE GAME. One would think that 200% base recovery + END DRAIN would be enough.,
  6. PSI attacks made by enemies in game are ALWAYS ranged or aoe,.. You will have to build for those 2 positions in order to build defense for psi. Its often much easier to just build +res. and use inspirations for def.
  7. You could also do a KAT/WILL brute or tank take MU epic and play a VADER CLONE. IF only the had a glowie type staff,..a MAUL toon would be wikedly cool.
  8. Might I suggest you also consider NINJITSU. Easy to soft cap and with stealth you ALWAYS open a fight with a 100% crit on first attack, making better use of EAGLE CLAW then normally would get.
  9. IF your looking for an alternative to bio, YOU might look at RADIATION ARMOR. the tier 9 has a 33% damage boost, combine that with the ability to slot SEVERAL -res proc.s can make a very damage intensive secondary.
  10. Just go to the Pay2Win vendor and get the DEFENSIVE AMPLIFYER,..it cost nothing but influence and give u mag4 protection to ALL cc in game. no powers use or slots spent.,..it also has +5%DEF, +7.5% RES.,...so a pretty good deal.
  11. HERE is a thought,..DROP SS, AID OTHER,. AND AID SELF. THEN go for the FORCE of WILL pool,..get weaken resolve,..mighty leap,..and UNLEASE POTENTIAL....slot UP for REGEN instead of def. IT would be used an an oh shit button for big boost in de.f,..rechovery,.and about 300%regen. YOU stated u had perma hasten,..which would put the recharge of around 2:30 min. maybe less. again just a tgought
  12. AM currently working on my fire/nature troller, and I would say this. For a minimum just 4 slot basilisk gaze, you'll be good to go, However if u got the extra slots to burn u can proc. it out. If I were to add procs it would be the damage ones,..dont see much use in the +2hold proc. with chance to proc. being so low just my 2 cents.
  13. THX for the replies ,..but without an immobilize,. How do u set up containment on an AV or GM. IN a long drawn out fight is it worth tanking the tier 1 single target VS the AOE immobilize. IF so with the 4 second recharge, is it worth slotting proc.'s for damage,... IF its not worth taking,. then what a power pool attack instead. thx
  14. I want to talk about the general usefulness of the tier1 immobilize skill. For the most part almost no one has them in their posted builds, and while I agree that for average play tier 1'S are of LITTLE use. However,..when talking bout AV'S and GM'S immobilize then become ALOT more useful, especially where "PTOD" is concerned. SO if you plan on tackling the big boys do you take the tier 1,..do you PROC. it out? THOUGHTS?
  15. On my troller, im use fire/nature,.With nature also have an AOE HOLD,..i have for that all I need to do in run in to mob pack cast CHAR on boss and most of the pack is on hold,....trust in CC,.it will do TON of work for you,..on most mob pack only boss is of concern,..i only have 4 slotted Basilisk gaze,..im also running at +1x3 at lvl 44 atm. give it a chance and itll surprise u how much control that 1 POWER can bring.,.. IT,S OP AS FUDGE
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