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  1. What would be the best combination for that?
  2. Berserk Fury should be called Rip and Tear
  3. [NPC] Bone Daddy: I'm gonna do a B&E on your face! [NPC] Bone Daddy: Wait, that sounded wrong.
  4. Are there any procs that make Touch of Fear better?
  5. Is Stone Armor usable without Granite or is it a lost cause?
  6. It’s the sweeping cross animation from Street Justice
  7. I’m leveling a Energy/Devices Goldside right now. It seems pretty good so far.
  8. Lancek


    Am I crazy or would these go well together?
  9. Lancek


    Is the lack of Immobilize that bad on Ill/storm?
  10. Secure Olivia Darque from the Longbow ambush From Peter Themari?
  11. Maybe swap M30 Grenade for Venom Grenade or a Quick Snipe capable LRM Rocket
  12. How is fire melee on a Stalker? No one seems to talk about it much.
  13. I’m trying to decide between these two, which one would be more fun to play?
  14. Poison best fits a character concept I have. But, I’m wondering if Poison is really that bad.
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