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  1. That's why I loved Brother Hammond's arc. Even if it's a small-time scheme, I'M the villain. Everyone else is MY patsy and pawn. I'm the one walking away a winner, leaving everyone else holding the Idiot Ball. The souvenir for that arc makes me smile every time I see it. In the end, unless you're living in AE and writing your own story arcs, yes, agency is always going to be an illusion, but it's one that I feel makes the story of a villain much more satisfying than 49 levels of being someone else's goon.
  2. It's not that the writing is that bad, but writing for villains is that much harder than writing for heroes and the OG devs just weren't prepared for that. There are two key problems as I see it. First is lack of agency. No one tells Doctor Doom what to do, but almost every original mission redside has you serving as the muscle for someone else's endeavor. The contact-based mission distribution system naturally encouraged this, but the original CoV devs bought in whole-heartedly. The original devs seemed to have a singular vision of "villain" in their minds and I'd guess it was someone along the lines of the Sandman; a mean, greedy, stupid bully who just happens to have super-powers. The game quite regularly typecasts you as a crude thug and/or borderline maniac. Second, we are naturally much more picky about what we allow our villains to do before declaring it "out of character". That's not an issue with the players, but a difference in the way villains are defined. Think about it. Create a generic hero scenario. Bad guys robbing a bank. Now think of a hero that would notice but choose NOT to intervene. It's not easy without some adding some substantial plot twists to the scenario. That's what heroes are in our minds. Now reverse that and think of villains that wouldn't naturally rob a bank. Lex Luthor is already a financial titan. Magneto is focused on his mutant crusade, not gathering wealth. Darkseid could care less about the currency our puny civilization uses. Monstrous villains may not even comprehend the abstract concept of money. Again, you can do some plot twisting to put one of those character there and make it happen, but creating the list of uninterested villains is a lot easier. It takes a lot more mental gymnastics to get all the various story arcs to make sense for the villain you've imagined, not because of the writing, but because of the way that we think of villains. Heroes are reactive, their identity is tied to how they choose to respond to a situation. The devs are fairly safe in creating the situation, as long as they don't go too far putting words in the character's mouth. Villains are proactive, their identity is deeply tied to their motivation and what they choose to do to pursue it. Any part of the situation that the devs write can earn the "not MY character" condemnation by saying that their character would never choose to create or participate in such a scheme. Magneto going around committing Joker-esque random acts of chaos and destruction simply stops feeling much like Magneto after a while. I don't think it's impossible to write good redside arcs, but writing a redside arc that appeals regardless of character the way you can blueside just doesn't feel realistic. Our imaginations as players are just too broad.
  3. The one I was on earlier this week was code-named Brilliance.
  4. I think that what they're hinting at is creating two dummy accounts, leveling them high enough, then teaming them with an optimized main and speed-running Freakshow War. 55x3 = 165 per run with no diminishing returns. Dummies only have to show up for the last mission to collect rewards. If you're both lucky and good, it can be done in around half an hour, so that equals the 5-6 hours claimed. Unless the RNG gods really love you, though, I'd probably expect it to take about 8 hours for the 10 runs, plus the time to set up the dummies. Not quite sure what level the dummies would need to be, as this level of meta-gaming isn't really my cup of tea. The whole thing feels too much like work for my taste. As long as the population for the server is under 1500, it's allowed under CoC, but you're responsible for monitoring that yourself.
  5. What makes a good four-person team? A Grifter, a Hacker, a Hitter and a Thief. 🙂
  6. Outside of the iTrials, only a few contacts and TFs were implemented with Incarnate powers in mind. They give extra rewards, but are also tuned to Incarnate levels with tougher powers and higher base to-hit chances. Dark Astoria (sequence of six story arcs) Belladonna Vertano Number Six (Dr. Ortz) Each of these gives an Incarnate reward table for completion. Apex and Tin Mage TFs both require a filled Alpha slot (OK, you can do it without, you just won't be able to contribute). As noted above, though, anything you do after training to 50 will earn basic Incarnate rewards (XP, shards, threads).
  7. They're handing out 5 charges of "Experienced" to everyone as part of the Anniversary month. Even if you don't care about badges, you should log in on all your sub-50 characters for that.
  8. Persona 3: FES hit this note for me. It's kinda odd because it's far from my favorite game to play, even in that series. The characters aren't favorites individually and the AI makes the gameplay rough, but the game as a whole boldly explores death in a way that few others do. It's not mindless violence, kill shots and body counts, but the concept of death and the way humans react to that one inevitable certainty in life.
  9. There are just too many AoE focused sets. What is a rad defender supposed to do, simply stop using most of their primary? The moment that debuff anchor gets into melee range, Very Bad Things start happening, particularly if some of the mobs are still firing ranged attacks from outside the debuff zone. This would probably have to be a team-level option, so probably limited to Ouroboros and TFs, otherwise the potential for abuse goes way too high. Really, it would change the nature of the game from fighting against the enemy to fighting against our own abilities. I wouldn't really expect this option to be very popular once the novelty wore off.
  10. I like your thinking. Black Hole would still suck, but it'd be a good thing!
  11. Man... it's like no one even remembers Kelzits even exist. Everyone just plays Zarkon-side these days.
  12. The CoH community is divided into thousands of entities called "players", each of which possesses a completely independent, multi-faceted value structure. Studies have shown that within these so-called "players" are something called "moods" which can alter their priorities and behavior over a shockingly wide variance over time. Someone who craves the challenge of soloing a TF one day may, unbelievably, do something as completely mindless and free from challenge as fire farming the next. None of the other problems with CoH begin to compare to the raw chaos that these unpredictable, quixotic creatures have introduced since they showed up. Nerf players. Then nerf regen, just to be on the safe side.
  13. Multiple Rularuu eyeballs in a spawn can do Very Bad Things.
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