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  1. His Complete Newcomer's Guides are like a giant welcome mat to the City. He cared for this community in so many ways and will be sorely missed.
  2. There are lots of problems with the traditional protective T9s. Most of them come down to the problem that the game is simply built wrong for them. Up-and-down defensive powers aren't as beneficial as they look on paper because the game rarely varies the level of damage incoming in such a way as to make them work. If you NEED them, you're likely to still going to need them XX seconds from now, so you're dead anyway. If you don't need them, using them just adds to your risk of death with the crash. With a few exceptions, enemies don't really have enrage cycles or tankbusters and those can generally be managed without something that actively tries to kill you. Even when they do seem useful, the design of the defensive formulas means that the massive buffs many of the T9s claim to offer are rarely realized because they're usually just boosting over softcaps. If you're already at 42% defense, a +5% defense boost and a +50% defense boost are usually indistinguishable in terms of effectiveness and the former is probably pretty easy to get on a permanent basis if you've got a power pick to spend. When it comes to actually changing T9s you hit the problem that the defensive sets are by and large already so good that a T9 worth taking just makes them absurd. While there's a natural impulse to want to make a capstone power awesome, they simply don't exist in a vacuum. Do the defensive sets REALLY need to be any stronger? Are we OK with other powers being nerfed to get a great T9? Personally, I'd say the answer to both of these is "no". Most every melee AT can already be built to be just about indestructible. What more do we really need from a defensive powerset?
  3. Talk away! Either we learn new stuff or we get to watch some gratuitous dev-on-dev violence. Either way, it's a win for the fans. 😄
  4. If I remember right, PVP recipes can start dropping at level 10 in PvE content. I feel like they're rarer than standard rare drops, but more common than purples are at 50. I remember that I lucked into one while running Faultline that helped bankroll the character for a good while. The drop rate is low enough that a 5 minute timer in PvE wouldn't really be noticed if it did exist. Couldn't tell ya about PvP drop rates.
  5. The Lord Recluse in STF/MLTF is a Level 54 AV buffed to the gills by his towers. Soloing him there would be MUCH tougher than doing it anywhere else.
  6. I'm not sure I'd change anything. The rewards are nice, but not game-breaking. They give players who don't care for iTrials enough Emps to get what they need without mindlessly grinding DA arcs. Not as swiftly or easily, but it'll eventually get you there. You can play whatever content you want and still make progress. I definitely like the way that they're front-loaded rather than escalating. There's no massive carrot trying to encourage you to go further than you're naturally inclined to play a character. I don't think I'd add anything, either. If you've dinged Level 50 100 times and still want to keep going, just playing the character is clearly already plenty rewarding.
  7. The secondary effect basically tries to hold you hostage. "Build your character around me or I'm not doing squat for you." If you want to use the set, you're either building a sapper or paying a price in terms of damage and AoE potential for nothing. No other secondary effect does this. If I had an option between today's Electric Blast and a similar themed set that traded the secondary effect in for more damage and better AoE, I'd take the latter 100% of the time, even for those ATs that benefit the most from the -end.
  8. Nerf Wednesday. Tacos should be proliferated to Thursday while we're at it.
  9. I'd just pretty much reiterate most of the above. I have to have a very strong reason to bother with them. The powers force weapons and/or themes on my characters that I usually don't want, even worse than the Epics. As for story, if the unlocking arc involved STEALING power from an Arachnos Patron, that'd be one thing (and one that you could even somewhat justify as a heroic act for those who wanted to), but of course not. Your new master just gives it to you it for proving yourself to be a useful little goon.
  10. Piercing Rounds is the one that hits "This animation is absurd" level for me. I think it makes my character look like a showboating nitwit rather than a firearms master. It simply crosses the line from stylish to clownish, IMO. An animation where you go through the motion to load a special piercing round before opening fire might appeal more. Empty Clips is borderline for me. It isn't good, but it doesn't hit the "I'd rather avoid this power so I don't have to watch this" level that Piercing Rounds does. I'd probably use an animation that felt more controlled if it were available though. Executioner's Shot hits the right note for me. It's got that right amount of flair without turning the power into a sideshow routine.
  11. Seconded on DB/EA. She feels just about indestructible and slices through AVs with relative ease. Her AoE damage isn't great, but she was designed to destroy hard targets and does it well. When I'm not working on badges for her, I'm testing to see just how much of the content she can handle solo.
  12. Awakens work great if you are ready for their limitations. Awaken + Break Free + Blue + Green = Ready to go. I line them up in that order on my fifth column so I can just mash F5 and be ready to go again (or run like the wind). For some high level characters where I just don't need them very often, I'll disable them so they don't clog up the tray, but I'll stop and buy one or combine one if I end up using the one I keep in reserve.
  13. Yoru-hime


    My stalker is at the peak Trying a corruptor now. Why am I dying?
  14. Hmm... My favorite memory. There are a lot to choose from, but if I'm picking one: This was after Safeguard missions had just come out and the community was still trying to guess how they worked. I hopped on a Safeguard mission with Aya of the Snow, my little level 12 or so Ice Blaster. The team was, to put it kindly, unprepared. We wipe in the bank and start to devolve into confusion. Go back to the bank? Regroup at start? While the argument hit full swing, I see the little marker for the getaway destination on the map though, and race over there to see if maybe that's where we belong. The answer is both "yes" and "no". "Yes" because this is how we save the mission. "No" because I've got a good-sized crowd barreling toward me at speed, money in their hands and murder on their minds. I plant myself in front of the manhole, munch every inspiration in my tray and cut loose. I assume it's a lost cause, but may as well go down fighting. I have no idea how I managed to keep any of them from getting by, much less not getting creamed, but the spawn started to melt away. I kept hitting Inspirations, kept freezing enemies and just kept blasting. The Mission Complete notice silenced my quarreling teammates. I like to imagine them finding Aya sitting on a street corner, surrounded by unconscious Skulls and happily playing with her new Jump Pack, not sure what they've been fussing about. She had the situation under control the whole time.
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