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  1. I've tried playing this alone for a while on a level 22 Defender kitted out with +3 SOs. Wow... This makes Empathy look solo-friendly. I took my primary off my bars for half a mission and it made no notable difference to kill time or survivability. I'll test more if this becomes more functional solo, but this was definitely not an enjoyable powerset to play without a team.
  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one who remembers this story. The RNG goblin is all in your head except for when it's not.
  3. The edit is what hurts my brain. Did he forget the apostrophe in HERO'S or something?
  4. Announcing your escape plans is a sure way to get caught.
  5. A surge of Gremlins. A terrarium of Snakes. An office party of Automatons.
  6. What I'm observing with this event is how powerful -tohit debuffs are at low levels. Misses already hurt more at low levels in that you have fewer powers to use and less mitigation to keep you upright while waiting for the next one to recharge. When the enemy starts stacking abilities that magnify your chance for those misses, it can really have drastic effects. I was curious, so I took a level 12 Stalker out to ToT alone with the combat attributes up, and here are the numbers I see. For reference, a small yellow inspiration is worth 7.5% to-hit, and the DFB buff is +12% to hit. Just about everything a Vampire, Sorceress or Ghost does drops your to-hit by 7.5% for several seconds. A single Vampire briefly stacked me as high as -30% to hit at one point. The Witch is relatively gentle with only a -6% to hit debuff on her dark blasts and nothing on her dagger. On the other hand, the Crone's PBAoE to-hit debuff is a glorious -30% to-hit for anyone foolish enough to get within melee range of her, plus she has a full retinue of other powers that all carry a 7.5% to-hit debuff on top of that. A single Crone no problem layering over 50% to-hit debuff on my stalker. on top of all the damage and other things she was doing to try to kill me. With these debuff numbers, Shard's story sounds quite reasonable. If he was dealing with aggro for two or three characters at once, 40-60% to-hit debuff stacks were probably pretty common once a fight was going. This isn't just an event problem, since the Circle at low levels use a lot of the same powers on Spectrals. I think that Crone power is straight lifted from Spectral Demon Lords. I'd suggest that we perhaps look at scaling enemy debuffs below level 25. Once we're level 30 or 40, we can absorb this kind of debuff and still function reasonably well, but at level 10-15, those are some very harsh numbers to fight through. Halving them would still make for a noticeable effect and a challenge at that level, but one that the player can be reasonably expected to have the tools to overcome, rather than just praying for generous RNG to get them through.
  7. Can it be like TV wrestling and only do 5% of the damage it looks like it should? 😉
  8. This is a brilliant and ever so appropriate solution. Who would people in Paragon City cosplay as? US, of course!
  9. You have to be running at +4 for the exemplar to kick in and now and then it can be bugged. Drop the arc and restart the game, then try again.
  10. You're almost there. Most enemies start with a 50/50 chance to hit you. Your 45% defense is subtracted from that 50% chance. That means that 45% defense reduces most enemies' chance to hit you from 50% to 5%. It's called a soft cap because while you can have a lot more defense, nothing will reduce their chance to hit below that 5% floor. There are exceptions, of course. Snipers and Drones have higher to-hit and Rularuu eyeballs pretty much ignore defense completely. Incarnate content also starts with a default 64% chance, instead of 50%. If you really want to dive deep on this, here are some wiki links that explain a lot of this better than I ever could. I don't think anything with respect to this has changed from the wiki's I24 data to today. https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Defense https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Resistance_(Mechanics) https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Limits https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Cascading_Defense_Failure
  11. It's fair that players should know what the TF size was originally intended to be. We can't expect every player to be a seasoned veteran or to have the wiki open on a second screen. That information should be available in game. I'd suggest an extra warning that the team is considered small for the mission and it's "recommended that you have X team members or you may encounter insurmountable challenges", but not reinstating the hard membership floors. Give the players what they need so their decisions are informed ones, then if they still want to go try to solo Lord Recluse and Co., wish them good luck and send them on their way. Personally, I built out dummy F2P accounts on Live just to get around TF restrictions without bothering other players to anchor my TFs. I've had no luck soloing AVs yet, but I love running TFs with just a single partner. We can split the TF out over several days, RP if the mood strikes us and the AV at the end is a real adrenaline rush of a challenge, not a 30 second beatdown. We don't use uber builds and haven't had to lean on temp powers yet, but the last fight in Manticore's TF really pushed us to the limit.
  12. Thank you all so much for this thread. I'm just about done building out my AE character. She's running a lightly-modified version of the new Rad/Fire in the original posts. The primary modification I made was to take Temperature Protection earlier. I was trying to follow the build as written, but I found the character feeling ineffective as I left behind the Level 1 EB maps in the mid 20s and tried a real fire map, even with full generic IOs. The fire resist in the 60% range just wasn't getting it done. I used a respec at level 25 and swapped Temp Protect into the Weave spot, Weave went to the Maneuvers slot, which pushed Assault off to level 44. Once I did this, my fire resist jumped to very near the cap, I could start boosting spawn sizes and the levels started rolling smoothly again. Really, if I were to do it again, I'd have set up a leveling build leading into a respec in the 40s somewhere after doing the required patron arc. I should have done that to start with, but I got lazy about it. 🙂 Right now I'm trying to decide on a priority list for T4 Incarnates. She's got all her T3s, but turning off bonus Influence to grind more Empyreans for VR components makes me sad.
  13. Removing the slot is a bigger deal than it sounds, given the ability to use that slot for things like Stealth or KB protection. It gives the idea of taking the pool power some extra value. I'm not sure if it's enough, though. If I were implementing this, I'd consider making Ninja/Beast Run one of a set of options including a No FX Jetpack, a more concept neutral Sprint+ and other similar, unslottable travel temp powers. You can keep your Ninja Run if you love it, or revoke it and trade it in for one of the others if it fits your concept better like we do with Origin Attacks.
  14. And then you have to go back to add something and you end up faced with the devil's choice of trying to do this part better and risk the new stuff and the old stuff not playing well with each other or just doing it poorly again for the sake of consistency. 😄
  15. This is, sadly, not uncommon for a lot more than MMOs. It happens naturally unless a group is vigilant against it and tries to creep in even when they are. It's a culture thing far more than the fault of any one developer. The voices from on high want features that they can push out the door and they want them produced quickly. The infrastructure work needed to make said features integrate into the larger software well and smoothly so we don't hate ourselves for this later? Well.... Infrastructure work rarely moves product, so they're not as interested in that stuff, just get something working now and we'll dedicate time to refactoring the code "later". The coders are coders because they like writing code. Writing documentation is dull and tedious and there's always that next problem to solve instead. They'll get back to it "later". Keep adding release after release like this, one bolted on top of the next, and spaghetti is the nice word for what you end up with. I've heard the "job security" theory over and over and someone always says that they know someone who knows someone who intentionally does this, but I've never seen anything like this. It's far more likely to blow up in your face when you have to untangle your own mess than actually make you seem irreplaceable. Even if someone told me they were doing this, I'd be skeptical that they're just trying to make their bad habits sound cool.
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