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  1. Another bump and suggestion for my humble thread: - Add another section to the Upper Body > Chest Detail section, specifically for symbols, special symbols, letters, etc, so they can be used simultaneously with other chest items like bandoliers, stealth, etc. (This is what nearly all Longbow NPCs have, for example)
  2. It's not stickied, but I kinda have one going already.
  3. This really isn't thematic to City of Heroes. Not to mention not very realistic with the game's current development resources. Even if it was, it would just feel shoehorned in for "diversity."
  4. Bumping my crappy thread in the hopes others will join in and offer requests.
  5. -Lava and Crystal versions of Granite Armor -Expand color palettes for various powers like Quicksand, Storm powers, etc. -More jet packs and rocket boots! -Add flame jet animations to vanguard jet backpack and imperial boots for flight. -Jet pack version of the Arachnos Soldier backpack
  6. Bumping with more ideas/suggestions. -No-redraw versions of power pool powers, i.e. weapon isn't put away when using jab, kick, jump kick, spring attack, hasten, etc. -No-redraw versions of Incarnate powers. -Allow custom colors for Arachnos Widow and Soldier powers. -Make vanity pets persist through zone changes.
  7. More bikini/thong armor, of course.
  8. Would it be possible to have a thread sticky'd, were we could just put requests for cosmetic additions/changes in? I'm not sure how feasible some of these are, but here are a few that would be appreciated: - Add ninja/beast run toggles that don't give bonuses to movement, but don't use endurance either, so they can be left on permanently for beast and ninja-type characters. - Add new animations for the fighting pool powers. - Add no-show/minimum fx versions of the blaster secondary lvl20 toggles. - Weapon versions of judgement incarnate attacks, i.e. Ion blast from laser rifles, Mighty/Vorpal with staffs, etc. Existing animation could be used with their timings adjusted.
  9. Would it be possible to add a minimal fx appearance option for Field Operative (Blaster secondary Munitions toggle). It would be nice to be able to see my character, but still get the benefit! The same could be said for the other blaster secondary toggles.
  10. I'm still getting the issue here, even after turning off Advanced Graphics. It even freezes sometimes when accessing the character select screen. The game has become unplayable for me now, unfortunately.
  11. How dare people have the ability to do what they want on a fan run mmorpg server.
  12. Not exactly a priority, but would it be possible to add Ninja/Beast run toggles that don't use power or give movement bonuses? Basically, ones that you can leave on and work with other travel powers (SS, SJ), so they can be left on all the time and you always have the "look."
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