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  1. That's right. You should have read every other thread on this forum before reading this thread!
  2. This is my sentiment. However, I do think there are points to be made on both sides. The old argument of "Tankers are just Brutes with less damage" has a bit of truth to it. Sure, gauntlet is better than punchvoke, but the Brute only has to work a tiny bit harder to hold aggro just as well. Sure, Tankers are still tankier while leveling up, but the vast majority of the playtime of a character is going to be at higher levels when it shows less and less. Then there's the new argument of "these changes would just make Tankers into Brutes." If they have comparable damage output and the same level of protection, that makes a lot of sense. I think the biggest point that I'm seeing, if boiling all of them down, is that Tankers need something unique to them that isn't directly related to damage or protection. Sure, Tankers shouldn't do as much damage as Brutes (and honestly should be hardier--that's more difficult to fix), but these aren't the terms on which we want to compare the two archetypes. The different archetypes in the game aren't unique because they do similar things but because they do things differently. My opinion is that it has to be some mechanic that you only see on Tankers, perhaps something that benefits team play more than solo play.
  3. The whole point of this thread is that nothing is set in stone. This is the kind of testing that should be done but one test doesn't qualify as proof either.
  4. I really like this idea. Tankers jump into the fray first and that courage inspires their teammates to fight alongside them. They're often the ones with the game plan, calling the shots and coordinating attacks. Teammates know who to hit first and concentrate their damage corresponding perfectly with in-game buffs. Maybe it could be something that helps a lot at the beginning of a fight but tapers off until the tanker is out of combat again (similar to the recent targeting drone changes: not attacking or being attacked for X seconds). This would mean the first enemy group would go down fast and the tanker can focus on the next one, causing the entire group to be more efficient. This would be a sort of "battle charge" that inspires the team to act as a single unit.
  5. Hey there, just wanted to report that the ragdoll and other interactive physics seem to be off in Dark Astoria missions. I've only noticed it here and I've now seen it for more than just one session. The objects/enemies fall to the ground and start flailing in what I'd describe as a slide show. You see them update maybe 3-5 times a second. Not the most important problem but I thought I'd let someone know.
  6. Oh man. I feel special. Thank you! Working perfectly now.
  7. Alright so here's what I did: Close out of CoH and Tequila Load HS and enable debug logging Boot up CoH and login Log into a new character I created beforehand Create HSData tab Make sure a few chat messages are appearing in HS In the log file, the process gets loaded here: 2019-08-10 11:21:24,840 [8] DEBUG CityOfHeroes.MemlocFinder - Found process ID 2680 I've attached a number of files that were last modified in the program directory. One of them is from yesterday. There's also Clade's HSD file. Let me know if you'd like anything else. dignitionHSLogs.zip
  8. Still no dice unfortunately. I tried that and there was no change. I then tried a fresh uninstall/reinstall, deleting the HeroStats folder in Program Files (x86). Still nothing. I hadn't really changed much about the hero configuration anyway. I'll keep tinkering and let you know if I figure anything out. If you want me to try something else, let me know. Thanks again!
  9. Hey Bob, Thanks for the reply. Let me run through these questions: - Which version of HeroStats? Make sure you've got the latest from https://sourceforge.net/projects/herostats/ downloaded on 7/31/19 - Which CoH server are you on? Excelsior - If you do View->Chat Messages (after being logged in long enough for some messages to come through the HSData channel), does it show anything? The chat messages are all showing up 1 for 1. That's what's really puzzling to me. Here's a screenshot showing the HSData tab, chat messages, and the overlay window. - Which channels are on your HSData tab? I followed a link you provided earlier in this thread. Here are the categories: Combat Warnings Damage Inflicted Hit Rolls General Combat Damaged Received Healing Received Healing Delivered Pet Damage Inflicted Pet Hit Rolls Pet Combat Pet Damage Received Pet Healing Received Rewards System - Which fields are filled in when you do View -> Show Hero Information? Here's another SS: Hope that helps!
  10. I can't seem to get this up and running again. It gets random bits like origin and archetype but is missing parts like powersets and powers. It seems to be reading chat (from the HSData channel) but certain data isn't being grabbed out of it and the in-game windows displays no information. It just reads "0 Exp, 0 Exp/Hr, --:-- To Level" with the timer counting up and no buffs/cooldowns shown. I've tried a few different things in the settings to no avail. Running it as admin makes no difference. I use normal (bordered) windowed mode. Only other thing I run with the game is VidiotMaps. Any ideas?
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