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  1. There are no words to describe how completely STUPID this statement is considering CoH was the first game to ever say 'FUCK THE TRINITY!' by making content in such a way that everyone could solo effectively and every team composition can complete content. (Itrials aside) 8 Controllers? Can complete any content in the game. No tank or DPS needed. 8 Blasters? Can complete anything in the game. No tank or support (Heelor) needed. 8 Scrappers? Can complete anything in the game. No tank or support needed. 8 Defenders? Can complete anything in the game. No DPS or tank needed. 8 Tankers? Can complete anything in the game. No DPS or support needed. 8 Masterminds? Can complete anything in the game. 8 Corruptors? Can complete anything in the game. No tank needed. 8 Dominators? Can complete anything in the game. No support needed. 8 Brutes? Can complete anything in the game. No support needed. 8 Stalkers? Can complete anything in the game. No support needed. 8 Soldiers? Will STOMP anything in the game without being touched. 8 Widows? See Soldiers. 8 Kheldians? Something tells me voids/quantums aren't going to be much of a problem. 8 Sentinels? Things are gonna die too fast for their defensive gaps to matter. CoH is a NON-TRINITY game, and ALWAYS has been. Here's a shoehorn, should help alleviate your back pain.
  2. This is really the only option they have in the end. They MUST make a new set for this proposed 'global change' unique piece or else they completely invalidate everyone who currently uses the existing converter in their build in a granular manner and would not wish to see their build completely changed because of a bunch of loud jerks who can't stand knockback, and a bunch of other people complaining about 'slot tax' because of the loud jerks that constantly complain about knockback. The current devs must keep in mind that the existing set piece already serves two different purposes which would be used in two different ways by two different powers on the same character, and that turning it into a SINGLE effect that is effectively NEITHER of those two purposes and instead changes all powers in only one of the two ways it used to function...to paraphrase an old webcomic; that would be pants-on-head-retarded. Call the new set: Vocal Minority Pacifier. Make the icon a pink baby pacifier. Make it a Knockback set, meaning a grey background, that just happens to not actually enhance knockback. Give the rest of the set decent bonuses to recharge, endred, and accuracy, but minimal damage bonuses. Problem: SOLVED.
  3. I second the IDEA behind this, but I suspect there would be numerous coding difficulties in actually getting it to work out the way you intend, since the enhancements give an aura to the pet rather than acting as a bonus on the power...and slotting them into an upgrade power is not slotting them into a pet...
  4. WOLF spider is where the grenade powers reside. Bane spiders do not have access to the grenade powers in the BANE spider powerset; they have to go back to the base WOLF spider set in order to pick them, and that is why you have to use a gun when you do it... because your upgraded BANE powerset does not have them due to the change in focus that picking BANE as your specialization is meant to indicate. Yes, you can GO BACK to WOLF spider and choose the grenades, but that doesn't make them BANE spider powers that come from the BANE spider mace. Does that fix your fundamental misunderstanding, or do I need to dumb it down further?
  5. Bane Spiders are not better, they just have a different specialization. That is the entire point. Crabs have Frag and Venom Grenade built into their backpack kit because AoE is the specialized purpose of the Crab build. Banes do NOT have Frag and Venom built into their Mace kit because Bane is the path that focuses more on single target damage. THAT is the design the devs had. That is the entire purpose of not giving Banes a special mace version of the grenade powers. You picked Bane. You picked the Single Target path. Now you whine about wanting more AoE powers in your Single Target kit because you don't like having to use a gun to use your 'best' powers. Seems to me you're someone who should have picked Crab if you wanted the better AoE options.
  6. I'm not being petty, I'm trying to get it through to you why you're wrong to be asking for special powers just because you don't like having to pull out a gun to fire grenades from a gun. The powers were coded the way they were for a reason. Banes don't have Frag and Venom Grenade powers in the Bane powerset for a reason. The fact that YOU don't like that reason is, oddly enough, NOT a valid reason to give Banes their own version of those powers. And, if you don't like that, you can always go change the code yourself to do it on your own private server rather than polluting the community pool. Well, looks like you have a head-start on how to code your personal server!
  7. If they wanted Banes to have Mace Grenades they would have given Banes the grenade powers in the Bane powerset as well, just like they did with the Crab powers. They didn't, therefore there's a reason. Now you just need to accept the trade-off of going outside your BANE powerset to use those grenade powers. After all, it is PURELY VISUAL.
  8. It'd be nice, but that'd take a TON of work. The Homecoming devs are VOLUNTEERS and this would be three all-new player meshes requiring three new sets of models and textures for costume options... Even for a paid dev team that's MONTHS of solid work.
  9. It comes from a gun because you're not using a BANE power, you're using a WOLF spider power. Crabs get redraw too if they accidentally choose the wolf version instead of the crab version, but Banes don't GET a version other than WOLF to use because the BANE powerset DOES. NOT. HAVE. A. VERSION. OF. THE. POWER! You're asking for two NEW POWERS to be made all because you don't like what you have now. There's a REASON that the Bane powerset doesn't have those powers in it. You can either accept that you need to go outside of your chosen specialty to use a DIFFERENT WEAPON to use powers from a DIFFERENT POWERSET because the original devs CHOSE NOT TO GIVE BANES VENOM AND FRAG GRENADE INHERENTLY FOR A REASON, or you can keep pestering them about wanting to buy Greenland.
  10. Because the Bane powerset was not made with Venom or Frag built into it whereas crab was? It's a tradeoff. You either go outside your primary and accept the redraw or you stick in your primary and accept that the Bane branch was not given access to Venom and Frag grenade. That's the power economy in play here. Banes shouldn't get two new power options in the powerset just because YOU don't want redraw.
  11. Power economy tradeoff. You chose Bane, now you live with redraw to use Venom and Frag grenade.
  12. Get down OFF of that high horse you're standing on and admit that there is no logical reason for someone to be forced into Incarnate content just because somewhere along the line someone put in a shortcut. Because that's what it is, a SHORTCUT. Someone unlocked 'easy mode' on Incarnate progression and has forced ALL OF US to play that way by having everything you do after you hit 50 count as being in the best possible Incarnate Trial for your character's progress. Personally I LOVE the fact that I already have Hybrid unlocked and slotted less than four days after dinging 50 because it means so much less grind to get my old main back to where she was when Live ended...but it's still EASY MODE. I don't have to grind Keyes. I don't have to run a BAF. I don't even need to run an Apex. EVERYTHING I DO causes Incarnate progress. EVERYTHING I DO potentially earns Incarnate rewards. Once I'm done recreating the 3-4 Incarnates I had on Live....it's going to start feeling cheapened because of the lack of any kind of challenge to gaining levels in the system, and the fact that all of the unlocks come as fast as possible. I would personally LOVE to see a P2W option to set Incarnate progression back to how it was on Live on a per-character basis, and this would be something one could change at a later time if they decided to do so. I want to be able to EARN my incarnate abilities again at some point, not have them handed to me on a silver platter after one Kahn, one Ms. Liberty, two ITF's and a Yin. And yes, I do realize there is still SOME grind involved in that I still have to progress to tier 4 abilities in all of my slots. That's not my point. I want to HAVE THE OPTION to feel like I had to actually do something to unlock that next level of power beyond 'turn on game, find team, wreck face, lolcarnates.' Or, hell, just a thought here: Why not give us a popup when we hit 50 that asks us if we want to have incarnate content auto-unlocked, or if we want to run the Mender Ramiel arc first (with a note that this would also enable all the old progress restrictions on Incarnate content and rewards)? Then, based upon that answer, either keep the current default or SET IT TO AS IT WAS ON LIVE. That way people who ding 50 in the middle of a TF don't have to abandon the mission and tell the group that they need to see P2W to turn off Incarnate content because they don't see this character becoming more powerful. Why do this? Why ask for the devs to add in an option that effectively hamstrings a character at the 'old cap?' Because getting what used to be a reward for exceptional effort without even making ANY effort at all is going to become boring, and it will become boring for some faster than it will for others. Things becoming boring for any reason will lead to the stagnation and demise of this revived game, especially once a successor game finally comes out and leeches away at the playerbase we have that is using the revival of CoH as something to tide them over.
  13. Rad/Rad fender would be even worse. "Gather for AM" while standing over teammate's corpse "Rez on cooldown." *casts FALLOUT instead, teamwipes*
  14. Right, because I'm going to comb through all of the 'storyline' mission text in Cim, both red and blue, to see how they explain being able to use phones. For all we know the Midnighters enchanted bits of the pillars of ice and flame that are scattered around so that heroes could 'call' contacts through them, then dressed them up to look a bit like phones so nobody asked any questions.
  15. I think Vanden's point is that there's no QUICK way to fight her, whereas a tweak could make the standalone mission available in the flashback system.
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