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  1. Can someone post the link that describes the upcoming tank changes?
  2. Did a 4 man ITF last night on my Rad/spines tank. The only issue I had was the Cimoreans in large groups. I would get a large group and just stand there and let my quills whittle them down. Over time, their attacks lowered my defenses and I started taking more hits. I'd have to start using all the powers at my disposal to stay alive and "arrest" them. Course, I guess any tanker that stands in a mob while only using a damage aura would have that issue. At one point while taking on Romy in the end, I had an emergency and had to go AFK(wife needed help with my 2 nieces). I came back about 5 mi utes later, and I was still standing toe to toe with Romy (and was actually still holding his aggro while the blaster,corr, and scrapper were attacking him). All in all, I'm pretty satisfied with this tank and set up.
  3. I'm on Excelsior also! This has been a great topic IMO and some awesome responses/interests/opinions. I ended up making a Radiation Armor/Spines/Mu tank. Almost fully slotted the way I want, and still have incarnates to go. Capped a few resistances, very strong defense numbers, then throw in the -to hit debuffs from aura and darkest night....good stuff. My global is @Scarlett Angel. Holler anytime I'm on and would love to team with any of y'all!
  4. What is the HP cap? 2800?
  5. I've already got a Dark/MA. His Melee/AoE/Ranged defense is soft capped. It's a pretty fun(and a little rare) set
  6. Hi all ! So, my first tank I made on Homecoming (by the way, can't say THANK YOU enough for bringing back our City) was a Bio/Rad. I've gotten him fully Incarnated out, and he's a BEAST. Since level 50, he's only died twice (both times were on a TF fighting Mother Mayhem(?) and I died in the patches of doom not knowing what they were. Anyway...I've done that TF again, and now knowing about those patches, i haven't died. He's pretty awesome . Then I rolled a Dark Armor/MA tank. Got him to 50, slotted out,etc. He has never died. I refer to him as a "tanktroller". I can literally/em newspaper and keep mobs stunned and/or feared. There's something to be said about having your Melee/Ranged/AoE defense softcapped at all times. If I get hit, I've got a nice heal to keep me going. It's a fun set, and very "controllerish" due to stuns and fear. Now, I'm thinking that it might be time for me to make yet another tank. Of course, it'll have to be strong,pretty,and durable. One that refuses to die. I played Stone Armor on live, and hated that I almost always had to have a Kinetics with me...so scratch that set. What other sets have y'all played that are nigh I destructible? One that holds aggro and refuses to faceplant? I'm thinking WP (especially since I've never played that set past 18). Dont have much knowledge of Rad Armor. Convince me what my next tank should be!
  7. I've had a level 50 Dark Armor/Martial Arts tank for quite some time now.
  8. Hi folks. I've yet to really play a Sentinel yet...mainly bc I've really been enjoying my tank(s) and playing a couple of MMs. I think I'll delve into this new class, but I know nothing about them. I looked at doing a Dark/Energy Aura Sentinel, but I'm open to anything. From what I've gathered, they're basically a ranged scrapper? Decent ranged damage and decent defense? Their inherent power is Opportunity? What exactly is that? On a team, what "role" are you? Damage? Semi-tank? So, please enlighten me. Thanks in advance!
  9. There is now a level 50 DA/MA tank.
  10. Xandyr


    I was planning on putting that Superior Command of the Mastermind-Recharge/ + AoE Defense Aura into Soul Extraction (along with all the other + Pet Resistance and + Pet Defense IOs. Those alone will add like 35% Resistance and 10% Defense to pets). What IO bonuses do you shoot for? On my Masterminds I always go for Recovery, Accuracy, Recharge,Defense. Thanks
  11. Xandyr


    Hi all I've decided I want a Zombie MM (mainly because I never really had one). I thought about pairing it with /Radiation for debuffs, but decided to go /Dark for heals, soft control(fear and hold), debuffs, and for Dark Servant. My main question is how do you all slot the Lich and Dark Servant? I was thinking about putting 1 or 2 -To Hit Debuffs in each to help with survivability. I have experience with MMs (lvl 50 Thugs/Cold which is a fun set, had a lvl 50 Demon/Time and a lvl 50 Thugs/Storm back on Live). I've only played Dark on a Corruptor (and slotted the Servant with Heal/Accurate Heal IO sets). I've been stockpiling influence in order to fund this character ( a Mortician/Undertaker type them and the zombies are named after dead presidents). Thanks for any advice on the build,slotting,ideas,etc etc.
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