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  1. Xandyr

    Dark/DP Help

    When i get time, I'll jump on mine. I will say that I have both sets of the Superior ATOs, and a few of the Winter sets as well. I slotted Dark Servant with, if i remember correctly, 4 pieces of Cloud Senses and 2 pieces of Miracle. Every attack(and the heal) that the Dark Servant uses also debuffs To Hit, so i wanted to capitalize on that. If you use an Achilles proc, Lady Gray proc, or any other proc in any of your attacks, it DOES NOT MATTER which ammo type you use...they will still have the chance to proc. So, it's possible to build a very proc heavy attack chain, but keep in mind that the Powers That Be have said they intend to reevaluate procs in the future. Take Fearsome Stare and love it. I went Mace Mastery just for the shield (extra defense plus another LotG slot). For what it's worth, I solo'd an ITF with mine. Overall, I'd say my Dark/DP defender is in the top 3 of my favorite toons to play.
  2. I solo'd an ITF with my dark/dp defender for what it's worth.
  3. My main tank is Bio Armor. I *could * slot one of these in 3 different auto powers. I was just wondering if it would actually be "worth" doing so. From what I'm hearing, it would be a waste to do so. Better to stick with just 1, maybe 2 to ensure I get a "reliable " proc rate.
  4. Has anyone tested this to see if it's supposed to be Unique? Trying to figure out if I should slot 2 or 3 of them. Thanks
  5. The KB>KD IO will pretty much do nothing for hurricane. It repels, and every so often you will see a mob get knocked down.
  6. Xandyr


    Hi all ! I've been wanting to play /Storm Summoning, and can't decide if I want to play as an MM (Demon/Storm), or as a Storm/x Defender. After debating, I think I've decided on Demon/Storm. I had a Demon/Time on Live, and it was extremely powerful (OK, I admit, /Time with anything is gonna be powerful). However, I'm thinking with the MM Pet IOs that give +Defense, +Resist, coupled with the Defense/Resist from Steamy Mist and Maneuvers, throw in the Ember Shield from Demons, along with the Heal the Ember demon has, and well,,,,,it makes sense that the Demons should have pretty good survivability. Especially since /Storm will help "arrest" faster. Thoughts on the pairing? Thanks
  7. Curious as to why you say /Rad is decent and does the same as other sets but not as well? You can get an absurd amount of -to hit debuff (more than Darkest Night gives), plus you also get -resist/defense and -regen. Granted, the heal isn't as good as Twilight Grasp, but you also get AM, and in emergencies you can unleash EM Pulse. Has the values for Radiation been lowered from Live? My fire/rad troller, on Live, solo'd every GM in the game. Haven't really played much of Rad on Homecoming to see if it's still as potent as it was then.
  8. Having played Ice, Dark, Bio, Stone, and Electric, my most favorite would be Bio. Dark was fun. Soft capped defenses and resists. I paired it with MA, and felt more like a "tanktroller" with all the fear and disorients. I'm currently playing my Electric/Staff and it's a very fun combo. It "feels" SOLID and feels like a good amount of damage (maybe bc you see so many numbers popping up due to all the AoE). Bio is....STRONG. I regen more than Regen scrappers ever thought about. It's not uncommon to hit over 225 HP/Sec. Add on Absorb, massive HP, and solid defenses with respectable resists, and well, you don't die. I paired it with Rad Melee. I've been in teams where the whole team has wiped (including another tank) and i just kept on trucking. I also enjoy the different stances that's available. Of course, nowadays, with IOs and Incarnates, most all tanks can be built to be indestructible. I'm on Excelsior. Global is @ScarlettAngel. Welcome (back) Home.
  9. Xandyr


    Hey all, Got my WP/Staff tank to 50, slotted out, and started on Incarnate powers. I'm having a blast with Staff. This is my first WP toon, and I've been impressed with the performance. My main tank is Bio/Rad, so I knew I had the bar set pretty high, but WP hasn't disappointed. However, I'm wondering if I could get better performance from perhaps Electric Armor? Staff seems to have good AoE, and my thought was throwing in a damage aura would add to it, plus help hold aggro. The reason I say Electric is because I've done Fire, Dark, Bio, Ice...and never have done Electric. Playing around in Mids, it looks like resists can be capped to most everything, and still get decent defenses. Does anyone have any experience with this combo? Or any thoughts at all about Electric Armor? Thanks
  10. @Hopestar, I believe the heals have 4 Numina's (heal/end/rech, heal, heal/end, heal/rech) and 2 Miracles (heal/rech, heal/end/rech). Gets me the bonus to my healing and extra end recovery. If my memory serves me well, that is.
  11. Xandyr


    I rush in, hit Ionize, Hail of Bullets, Radioactive Cloud, then Atom Smasher. I then jump back out, and finish up with Bullet Rain,Empty Clips, and Piercing Rounds. It's working pretty good so far.
  12. Xandyr


    Hi all, and thanks for your time. I've decided to make a DP/Atomic Blaster, since I enjoyed my DP defender so much. However. I need some help/advice on /Atomic please. Is Negatron Slam that good? I was planning on skipping it, but the few builds I could find, it seems it's in everyone's build. Radioactive cloud. Yay or nay? I'll obviously get in close, so would this power be a solid choice? How do you all slot Beta Decay? Dark Watcher's for set bonuses? Any thoughts at all on /Atomic? Or the pairing to Dual Pistols? Appreciate it!
  13. So, I ended up slotting the Lich with 4 Cloud Senses (including the damage proc) and 2 Blood Mandates (ACC/DAM, ACC/DAM/END). The zombies are 6 slotted with Superior Command of the MM (with the pet +AoE Def). Grave Knights have the Achilles Heel proc and 5 of the Superior Mark of the MM. The pet +Resist/+Regen IO is slotted in Soul Extraction, along with the other Pet +Resists/+Defense. My shields have 4 Aegis in them (one of the shields have a 5th slot for the Unique Aegis IO). Both heals are 6 slotted, as is Maneuvers. I used Thaw for another proc mule. Ran some missions last night, and I was pleasantly surprised. The shields and heals kept all pets alive, and they didn't do too bad as far as damage goes. I think this combo works out a bit better than Necro/Dark (at least for me). I did enjoy teaming and dishing out shields and heals. Now to work on Incarnate slots...
  14. I wondered if anyone would catch that 😆
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