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  1. I just think that Swap Ammo would be perfect for the Mercs. It'd definitely help with their utility and damage. And while I'm at a "wishlist", how about making the medic drop like a mini triage beacon instead of the crappy single target heal?
  2. I have the following tanks: Fire/Staff Elec/Staff Invuln/WM Bio/Rad Rad/Spines Dark/MA WP/Staff Shield/Dark (work in progress...only level 32) Ice/Elec My favorite? Bio/Rad. It's fun, damn near unkillable, and it's awesome seeing you regen 200+HP/Sec. The Elec/Staff was fun to play, as was WP/Staff. Fire/Staff has soooo much AoE. I'm thinking the new Shield/Dark tank will be a beast. But yeah....Bio/Rad is my fave.
  3. It is almost unanimously agreed upon that Serum is one of, if not THE worst, power in the game. It has also been noted that Mercs underperform in every category. Could you change "Serum" to "Swap Ammo" (from Dual Pistols)? This would give the Mercs a "small" boost to their performance while addressing the uselessness of the Serum power. Having Swap Ammo, and choosing whether your Mercs use incendiary, cryo, or chemical rounds, would give such a nice boost to their usefulness. Thanks.
  4. So I decides to roll an Illusion/Dark troller. Trying to plan my Incarnate powers, and not sure what to take for my Alpha. I won't necessarily need the Recharge from Spiritual as I'll have Hasten and PA perma. But the end and defense would be nice. What do you take/any suggestions? Thanks!
  5. Greetings all and thanks for taking time to read this (and hopefully provide some feedback). I'm thinking about rolling a new controller, and have it narrowed down between Illusion/Dark or Fire/Dark. I have plenty of experience with Fire, so i know how it performs. I have limited experience with Illusion. The concept i have either would "fit". My main objective is to contribute as much as possible on a team. However, I would like to go big game hunting (solo AVs/GMs) also. I'm kinda leaning towards Illusion for: 1) haven't played much with Illusion before 2) it "looks" like it should do more damage with Phantom Army and Phantasm duplicating itself 3) Group Invis,in theory, shoukd stack well with the -to hit debuffs in Dark (plus easy LotG mule) 4) Deceive seems like it might be a fun power 5) PA might help keep aggro off of myself So, experts, which do you think would perform better at bringing down AVs/GMs and being a great addition to teams? Thanks in advance!
  6. Xandyr

    Best pet set?

    I never use Fortify Pack. I'll check my beasts' defenses tonight.
  7. Xandyr

    Dark/DP Help

    There's my build. I hope I exported it correctly. It's rather end heavy, that's why I had to go with Ageless (plus the recharge is always welcome). I attached snippets of my stats and powers/slots just in case. I'm sure it could be made better, but for me, it works.
  8. Xandyr

    Dark/DP Help

  9. Xandyr


    Greetings all! What's everyone's opinion about this combo? I played Ice Control very little on Live, and have never played Nature. Just wondering what to expect out of it. Thanks!
  10. I have a fire/staff and an electric/staff. Staff has a LOT of AoE, so it "feels" like you are doing a ton of damage. I stay in "form of the body". Between fire and electric, I actually prefer the electric more. Capped resists and close to soft capped defenses.
  11. Scrappers? All I can say is... NERF Regen!
  12. Xandyr

    Best pet set?

    I second Beast/Time. It's a powerhouse...damage,crits, holds,debuffs, heals, defense...you name it.
  13. Xandyr

    New primary

    Greetings once again all! Since Homecoming has come out with new IOs, new Archetype (Sentinel), and a new powerset (Electrical Affinity), I'm curious if there's any thoughts/attempts at a possible new MM primary? Masterminds have the least amount of Primary powersets to choose from, with one being considered the worst primary of any Archetype (Mercs). What's some of your thoughts/ideas/wishlists for a new primary?
  14. I've played Necro/Dark and Necro/Thermal. I like both, but I prefer the /Dark more. Keep in mind that you'll also have to resummon Dark Servant every so often. I usually do before I go into another mob. You can slot the Cloud Senses proc in it to help with a little bit more damage. I actually slot 4 pieces of Cloud Senses in the Dark Servant, along with 2 pieces of Miracle (all of the Dark Servant's attacks will do -To Hit Debuff).This MM shines on teams as other players/tank tend to draw the aggro away. All the -To Hit Debuffs are super nice. I also use Howling Twilight (mass rez) to help stun mobs and put a damper on their regen. Overall, a nice fun effective build. Necro/Thermal is also fun and can be effective, especially on teams. Pets will still pump out some -To Hit Debuffs. While they will take damage, you can get their resists pretty high with your shields. Whatever damage they take can usually be healed fairly quickly. It's a bit more "intense" to play because you're constantly watching your pets' health and your teammates' health. I've found at higher levels, a lot of players have chased defense, so the added Resistance your shields bring is a great welcome. I've not played Ninja/Cold, but I do have a Thugs/Cold. Easy to softcap your pets' Defense. It's almost like easy mode. I was able to take a few attacks from the primary and slotted a couple of Procs in them to pump up even more damage. All in all, whether you go with /Dark or /Thermal, you can build them to be fun and effective. For me personally, "fun" is all that matters.
  15. Xandyr

    No Love for Spines?

    I made a rad/spines tank (and took Soul Mastery for my epic just to have Darkest Night). It performs very well, and holds aggro good. Of course, it can depend on how you slot your powers as to how well you survive.
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