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  1. QFT. My Bio tank regens better than Regen scrappers with Instant Healing running. I've hit 250 hp/sec, with 125 hp/sec being my "average ". Hard to go down when you have solid defenses, resists, and regenerating that much.
  2. careful, he'll go off on you too 😆
  3. Damn dude....chill out. My difficulty is turned up. Maxed actually. I don't use fortify pack. Don't need to. Beasts are soft capped. "Fun" is what, I thought, this game was all about. Guess I was wrong. I will agree that thugs are awesome. I like the fact that you slot slot the uniques in a power like you said. That's icing on the cake. Either way, play what you feel is best. That's fine. That's your prerogative. Straight up highest damage output is thugs/storm. Have fun.
  4. He also asked what is the strongest MM, but perhaps you overlooked that because you were shooting me down. Anyway... "Strongest", here, needs more definition. Are you simply wanting the most survivable? Absolute highest dps? Strongest defenses? Strongest debuffs? Etc etc etc I simply meant to state beasts/time bc: - good damage bc they crit - excellent buffs/debuffs from time - excellent heals/end recovery -can soft cap pets' defense ( without using fortify pack) - excellent team support - nobody ever mentions beasts - mm attacks can be slotted with LOTS of procs - my pets hardly die - perma Chronoshift - fun combo It's universally agreed to go /storm if all you care about is damage. I would pair it with thugs. I had a thugs/storm back on live and it is a potent combo. Either way, I hope the OP finds what suits his style/what he wants and has fun...bc that's what it's all about.
  5. I dunno....my Beast/Time MM is pretty awesome 🤷‍♂️
  6. Glad I could help get some more thoughts planted into your brain lol. I'm actually a Dark/DP/Psychic Defender. I went Psychic just for the extra hold. I have -to hit debuff( -29.53% from Darkest Night), Fearsome Stare, 2 Holds (Petrifying Gaze and Dominate...not to mention the control/soft control that Dark Servant brings to the table) and 2 of my attacks have Devastation: Chance to Hold. I sometimes feel like I'm a controller with all the holds/controls. It comes in handy.
  7. So, you can confirm, on the Live servers, that any Procs that can be slotted will fire, REGARDLESS of which Swap Ammo/Round you're using? This might make me do a respect. I was thinking that the Touch Of Lady Grey would only fire when "standard" ammo is used. If I am using Cold or Fire Ammo, and that Proc will STILL have the chance to fire.....this might be a game changer for me... On a side note, has anyone tested to see if it's actually worth slotting the Procs? Does the chance of damage/debuff/etc outweigh damage you would get by just slotting another IO?
  8. I love bio. My main tank is bio/rad. SOOOO hard to kill. I also have a DM/Bio scrapper and a claws/bio brute. The brute is fun and very resilient. I would imagine as a tank it would only be better....survivability and the changes for range/cone/targets etc for tanks. I would also think stone would be good also.
  9. Xandyr

    Claws brute

    I have a Claws/Bio brute. It's fast, fun, and seems to kill fairly quick.
  10. Can't get Mids to update. I tried updating in Mids, and I even downloaded the Weekly Release in MRBU. It works fine, except when I try to build an Electric Affinity MM. Here's a screenshot. How are you all getting Mids Reborn to allow you to build an Electric Affinity MM? I can build an EA Defender, Corruptor, etc...but not an MM. Nevermind. Finally got it work.
  11. For the life of me, I can't get this to work. I have the Mids Reborn folder on my desktop. When I want to launch it, I click on that folder, then scroll down to Hero Designer.exe, then the builder launches. I followed this : Click Download Weekly Release Click "Source code (zip)" under "Assets" section of most recent Weekly Open downloaded file Extract contents of "MRB-Updates-######" to Mids install folder, overwriting as prompted For a clean install, only extract the "Data" and "Images" folders However, after I open the downloaded file, it'll extract the files to the "Mids Reborn" folder on my desktop. But, when I launch Mids Reborn, it is not updated. Do I need to delete everything associated with Mids, and start all over? I guess I'm an idiot... 🤬
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