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  1. Necro/dark is powerful. So much -to hit! And Fearsome Stare is awesome.
  2. Just as the title says... What combo do you have the most fun with, and why? For me, it's probably my Mercs/Storm. Now, I know...I know. Mercs suck tho! Well....yeah, their damage is below par. But, I've got Achilles' Heel:chance for resistance debuff, and a couple other procs thrown in there. That REALLY helps. And Storm....storm is just...fun. I feel like I do best on a team while fighting AVs. Storm seems to put out pretty good damage. Overall, it's not my BEST MM, but definitely the most fun. What's yours?
  3. @Warboss, you said the journey to 50 wasn't the most fun you've had...is that due to Ice Armor, or Psi Melee? I have an Ice Armor/Electric tank, and it's pretty darn stout. I've not played Psi Melee, so I was wondering what your thoughts (and anyone else that wants to chime in) on Psi are.
  4. Xandyr

    Most AoE

    I've yet to play Savage Melee...I've heard good and bad things about it. I've done Rad Melee, Electric Melee, Staff, MA on tanks. I've not done Claws on a tank either. It's not going to be for farming. I was thinking the more AoE, the more taunt I can get.
  5. Xandyr

    Most AoE

    Which secondary powerset has the most AoE potential? Electric Melee?
  6. Xandyr

    Crits and DoTs

    Thanks! You rock!
  7. Xandyr

    Crits and DoTs

    Innocuous Strikes hits like 7 times. So if it crits , would all 7 hits crit, or just the first ?
  8. Xandyr

    Crits and DoTs

    If one of your powers, which is a DoT, crits, does the initial "hit" crit, or does it AND the ticks afterwards also crit? I was thinking of starting a Staffer and wasn't sure. Thanks.
  9. | Copy & Paste this data into Mids Reborn : Hero Designer to view the build | |-------------------------------------------------------------------| |MxDz;1436;674;1348;HEX;| |78DA6594CB4F135114C6EF74A6624B6B0B859657295428B4852955F74A78F9A0098| |9C6850B9B095C4B436D9B992E6469E273A7F8DAA860E27BE1D6F7BFE1DBC44457BE| |1335C6553DCC774093B9C9F497F9EEF9CE3DE7CEBDCD1D19F7DD9B3ABA5D28BEB19| |26159F97D4679419AEE9C5128CE8AD5D1404F3BD4FCB83C24CB96D4C70D73213F6A| |1EAE986B3339599252CF1966AD689468AA6609FF4CA552D2278B85F95AB15C08D86| |FD3D29893A6355FAC7AEDF7BD5529E77C6B53558A0B4D548BB3FA44599A85C57CCE| |B
  10. I have a Dark/MA tank. I'm at work, but I'll try to hop on my pc tonight and take a look. And you're right...Storm Kick will push your defense to the cap, and you can also hit resist caps to most everything. With all the stuns, you almost feel like an indestructible troller.
  11. As long as I find a toon "fun" that's enough reason to play.
  12. I love my tanks. I love knowing that I can jump in the middle of a mob, and I'll be the last one standing. Might be a while before everything is "arrested", but I know they will be. I also loved my Dark/DP defender. Perhaps it's because I love guns IRL. Perhaps because the animations are "cool". Perhaps it's because of Sawp Ammo. Either way, I enjoyed the set. And this is when I started thinking Perhaps I should make a Sentinel. Seems like it should survive (maybe not as a main tank, but close). AND better damage than a tank and my DP defender. Am I expecting too much
  13. Don't need a self rez if you never die.
  14. I can't remember, so I'm gonna ask the experts (hoping @Redlynne or @Force Redux will have the answer) I'm playing a Mercs MM, and I know that Soldiers, Spec Ops, and the Commando can each slot an Achilles' Heel: Chance for Resistance Debuff. Now I know that debuffs won't stack from the same player, but will they stack from each different pet? Now that I think about it, I don't think they will stack, so it would probably be best to slot just 1 in the Soldiers ? Thanks in advance. X
  15. Thugs/time is a powerhouse. The buffs/debuffs from Time stacks well with the Enforcers' Leadership. Plus, with Gang War, you can slot the 4 Pet IOs that give your pets +Resistance and +Defense. It's an enjoyable and fun set. I say go for it. You won't be disappointed. Also, one of the top threads/posts under Masterminds talks about binds. Read it, as it may help you control/direcr your pets.
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