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  1. On the flip side... when I first came back, I dove straight into a TW/Bio scrapper having never done either on Live. Now all the other sets seem ULTRAFAST! and MAINTENANCE FREE!
  2. Arctic Air is autohit, so you really only need to address Endurance and effects. Seconding @Corythia's suggestion to top it off with an End/Slow/Rech, as that extra bump in -Speed seems to make a huge difference in the effectiveness of AA. @Diantane, if you ever find it in you to give Ice/Storm another chance, try it with Hurricane as a situational toggle instead of a key component of the build... Ice/Storm is one of my favorite controllers because it leverages an abundance of soft controls like Fear, Slow, Knockdown and Confusion to the point where anything short of an EB is a t
  3. Thanks for this! How do you like the Analyze Weakness proc? I didn't like the 2.5PPM text, but, it COULD be nice.
  4. So this weekend I rolled an EM/Rad scrapper, and while I can usually suss out a thumbnail sketch of how a build would skew just by looking at Mids/CoD, I have to admit I can't make heads or tails of Rad Armor. I have a pretty 'set' slotting for EM on a Scrapper, so I know I've about 28 free slots to throw in the secondary (on top of the free slot each power gets). Anyone have any suggestions based on the questions below? Gamma Boost - do you slot that for EndMod or Healing? It seems like it does most of its work in EndMod, but, can it save the day if I lean green i
  5. Sure, there are plenty of bread makers, but I'm talking more about the people who purchase all the pre-baked marble rye and relist it for more than marble rye would have sold for had they just left their fucking hands off of it.
  6. There's never a shortage of threads complaining about high costs, perhaps you could read one.
  7. To be perfectly honest, I used to slavishly dump everything I farmed to the market for minimal inf, figuring I'll just come back and buy whatever I actually need when the time comes. In late 2019, that approach ceased to be viable for reasons, so I've pretty much hoarded my drops for the last two years, with the exception of the random Call of the Sandman recipe or whatever. A funny thing happened along the way... since I stopped dumping stuff on the market, I've found I don't need the market (ergo, inf) to complete a build; I assume the vast majority of farmers still carry thei
  8. It's hilarious to me that there are numerous people in these forums who proudly identify themselves as market manipulators, and yet folks continue to lay the blame for the high cost of everything at the feet of the farmers... whose only involvement in this scheme is the delivery of more product for the marketeers to fiddle with. "If we only cut off the supply, everything will be cheaper!"
  9. Also, getting Vanguard Merits, so you can buy helmets or whatever.
  10. Fair enough, I suppose I'll have to find some way of proving that Resistance and Defense IOs are typically 2x to 5x the cost of shit IOs. It seems an impossible task, but I'm sure I put my mind to it, I can find some way of correlating demand for something to its general employment by a given population.
  11. No, no, Poison is pretty awesome once you've got it all together... it's basically a primary amplifier; if your primary was kind of weak, Poison props it up a bit. If your primary is ridiculous as-is, it's ridiculous cubed with Poison. It's one of my favorite Controller secondaries, turns everything into a truck.
  12. Seeing as it is fairly rare to run into a character that just dies all the time in the absence of constant support, it's not a stretch to suggest that a large percentage of players build with survivability as a priority. Is it most players? Maybe, maybe not? Maybe it's down to individual shards... about 75% of the time I hang out on Indom, the other 25% on Excelsior. Anecdotally, it seems the people that still hang out on Indom are salty dogs with scads of alts that are full-on BUILT; that could be because it's the "PvP" server, or it could be because with a lower population, there's less
  13. I'm a big fan of Speed of Sound; 99% of the time it makes no thematic sense whatsoever, but dang if it isn't convenient to run here and there but still be able to pop 200' in any direction on a moment's notice.
  14. I'm never NOT going to yell Fire/Trick Arrow in one of these threads. With the exception of the nuke out of the primary, it is completely ranged, packs a full day's worth of debuffs, has an emergency mez protection button, and an additional nuke in the secondary that just happens to go off whenever FIRE hits it. Another interesting bird is Ice/Time... ACTUALLY completely ranged, massive ST damage, decent AoE damage, easily capable of hitting caps in nearly all positional defense numbers with better resistance than a lot of scrappers, and packing ST holds out the wazoo... I went
  15. Anecdotally, my street-level characters are still picking up purples at random, but my farmers are getting the stinkeye from RNG. They SEEM to get a reprieve whenever a new issue/update drops, or if I take them out for a night on the town, but if they stay in the caves exclusively, then only the door-sitter has any hope of getting a purple. Not that I mind that much these days; I rarely slot purples anymore, so I am much happier when I get a Doctored Wounds, a Red Fortune, or a Titanium Coating than I am with a purple.
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