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  1. Hey @Darkir, thanks for the correction and the build. You're right, I meant Water/Poison! (Coincidentally, I also rolled a Poison/Dark defender to see what I prefer, and I found your build in the Defender forums too.) I'm starting to pick up on the themes for poison strategy being: Super speed/stealth to get close to the mobs so you can... Debuff with envenom+venomous gas+poison trap, then... Nuke everything By the way, is there a reason you chose not to pick up poison trap for this build, especially when we're planning on fighting up close? Is it subpar compared to the other water options?
  2. Hello, lovely people of the forums. I'd like to see if anyone could recommend a build for Water/Poison. It seems poison is a either a disliked set, or just one that most people ignore for one reason or another. I definitely see its flaws, but after playing for 40 levels, I do enjoy it. So, now that I'm nearing level cap, I'm starting to wonder a couple things: 1. Which powers? Do I really want all the water powers or should I leave some out? Which supplemental powers should I grab? (I do really like having recall friend for team utility) 2. How do I slot this build? Please keep in mind I'm very much a noob when it comes to slotting and I've only managed to earn about 5 mil inf so far. An initial level 50 budget build is probably more what I'm looking for, rather than an "ideal" expensive build. I'd also love to hear peoples' opinions on other powers to pair with poison. (Water just looked fun and fit my hero thematically.) Thanks!
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