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  1. I saw ( can't remember what story arc ) an NPC use the Beam rifle powers but as an eye beam Cyclops style, it would appear those animations are already in the game.....somewhere; it was rather cool.
  2. Maybe not as flashy as some of you other guys, I like to keep it simple, after all; I'm the only occupant in the base so. I don't need much room 😉
  3. It would be great to be able to pick two epic power pools or one epic and one patron pool or two patron sets.....defeats the purpose I guess to have two Patron sets but one Epic and one Patron....why can't that be done ?
  4. . I would like to see weather, Rain, Wind, Snow....well you know what weather is 🙂 . Your own avatars theme song playing when a mission ends and when you level up. . Retexture the world to make it look less.....Minecraft'y. . Emblems on capes, jackets and the avatars back. . Zones connected to new missions and villains, ponder Aquaticland, Hyperborealand and space stuff; can't have a superhero game and no space stuff. . More powers, powers, powers and archetypes. . No avatar wipe. . Obviously willing to pay a sub every month. . Maybe 10-20 more lvls fr
  5. It would be neat if the mask options could be combined with covered neck option.
  6. Ah yes, nothing like making fun of a culture in the morning, Stereotype extravaganza !
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