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  1. I'm sorta surprised they just didn't copy the models to Granite1 and then figure out recolors. Probably something too confusing for me to figure out.
  2. Umbral Beast from Dark Control is a persistent (ie. lasts until killed) pet that is solid and you can't move it out of the way like other pets. So if it stands in a door, you can be trapped by it.
  3. Is there any functionality for 'conflicting' file change mods? Or at least saying 'you are trying to use 2 different override mods here dude!'
  4. Absolutely, but not everyone comes with good tools to actually help in a lot of 'I'm held' situations. 😞
  5. And then your buff/debuff ATs that have no mezz protection at all will feel pretty useless. "Um, dark here. You don't happen to be feared, do you?"
  6. That's going to have to be shown with some harder numbers, I think. I mean, technically a Sentinel has the same base damage as a Defender, but little to distract it from dishing out damage. It doesn't need to buff, debuff or heal. You can just chug away at hitting things and optimizing your attack chain. So I'd bet that on a team, you actually do effectively more damage, but don't impact helping everyone else out as much. It also isn't as dependent on having 'support' ATs to allow it to do its job unimpeded. A blaster in the same position would be stuck using its 1 or 2 first tier
  7. I think they'd want to do small, gradual steps unless somebody shows them numbers that it's performing poorly. And considering they still have the damage of Defenders, but a higher soloability, that's probably not too easy to produce. "Not soloing like a scrapper or brute!" isn't quite the meta. 😛
  8. I get the feeling they would look at alternatives to boosting their damage alone, as they don't want to accidentally create a meta of broken ATs like Bio armor was for a while.
  9. Not sure how you could do that without breaking it for PvP though. Maybe range enhancement also increases the magnitude? x 1.6ish mag would only get it to reliable boss levels.
  10. I kind of think that a lot of the ATs at 66% damage should all be bumped to 75% and move them a slightly bit closer to the 'median' of 100%. Not all sets get good damage boosting. I mean, weren't tanks moved from 66% damage and smaller attack groups and suddenly they were fine? And I fail to see what's wrong with a 'tougher' version of Sentinels that doesn't have more hit points. It isn't going to make it Tanker or Brute tough. It might get close to Kheldians, but without an AOE or Single-Target taunt it isn't direct competition to melee taunts, it's more of a softer control on the
  11. Was the Disable all power to make ready for changes to Walk so that it doesn't disable all powers? (As a small note, it appears Walk, flames of prometheus and accolade stats are not suppressed.) If walk is meant to be able to be toggled at the same time, but without disable all powers then? Walk does still currently disable all powers.
  12. 10' range? I suspect it would just annoy a lot of melee characters (especially with damage/debuff auras). Their hit points might move a little, but I doubt it would actually kill them.
  13. I thought I explained it, but it's because they (the developers) seem to be very adverse in buffing the damage of Sentinels as they are ranged with mezz armors. Buffing their armor sets with a res-cap boost and small levels boost would make them 'tougher' and tacking on a single-target taunt would allow them pull some aggro onto their new toughness. Scrappers and stalker have much, much higher damage. Boosting their caps that much might be an overbalance. Sentinels do a much lower amount of damage (less than tanks used to, if I understand it right.)
  14. Oh, something mean and nasty like a .5s -300% res Mag 20 hold on a 60 second timer?
  15. I was actually pointing out how bad it would be to do the draconian thing. I don't think getting rid of farming would fix anything other than to drive up costs/rarities. Which I'd rather they did away with anyways.
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