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  1. How do you get Teleport Target to work like Teleport Friend used to?
  2. One of the zones got rotated to match the actual map. And portals got moved and things. 😕
  3. You also run into offensive toggles that are debuffing, which are still dropped if get mezzed. It doesn't help you stay alive debuffing people if that's your 'defense'.
  4. No, not at all. Because those stack on top of anything they have and could be useful and have more than just mezz protection in them. Yeah, this one is just laughable. If 4pts of mezz protection makes my Dark/Dark Defender a soloing +4/x8 god, I'll eat one of my hats. There is a great level of difference between 'is no longer annoying to fight against low number of mezzing foes' and 'godlike immunity to all mezzing'. And yet people like me have been saying its a flaw because it makes squishies much less fun when you don't have a team (because teaming doesn't auto-happen, you have to work at it). So this is 10000000000000% subjective.
  5. Anti-mezz as a proc in a combat power is pretty horrible in design choice, I've decided after some thought. If we go by tanks/brutes resistance caps, they take 10% max damage (just based on resistance). Everyone else caps at 75% resistance, so would 2.5 x the amount of damage. With Tanks having the highest amount of Mezz protection at 12 points, dividing the mezz protection of a tank by 2.5 would actually get squishies 4.8 mag protection. Khelds you could actually split Hold and Stun protection across a couple of their personal shields.
  6. I think this topic would be an interesting social studies paper. I don't think Enthrall is *ever* a good idea. You should never lose control of what powers you are using on people. Bad enough when you get taunted or confused, but at least you have the choice of what to do or not.
  7. Well, I just dropped in with a brand new character and basically bought my team Defense Amplifiers for anyone that wanted it as we moshed our way through Death From Below and it was ridiculously fun not getting mezzed hard by certain bosses and AVs. And Defense Amplifiers are certainly better than armors, as it's an auto power that activates instantly if you get KO'd. I can't see myself wanting to play squishies without having this buff (or at least mezz protection) ever again. Technically, adding it to epic armors would actually make it more balanced comparatively to Defense Amplification.
  8. That's an interesting turn of phrase. "Not that bad." But to me that indicates it is a level of "bad" and that people do see an issue with it. It just varies from leveraging tools to spending INF sinks to counter it. The biggest argument against it that I'm hearing 'it's already handled in annoying ways already'.
  9. Actually, I finally found it. And I was looking for a good while. And good heavens is that expensive. 2.5 million per hour? I'll need to mule my farmer Brute tank just to have enough hours on my squishy characters to be worth it. So it already exists, its just expensive. So that's saying it's doable and desired, but having *less* protection in your epic armors is somehow bad, other than the need to make squishies pay for something that the non-squishies get for free. So they can't afford the expensive IOs. I'm not actually understanding why the negativity against +3 mag protection in armors then.
  10. That's reasonable in cost. I didn't look at the P2W vendor because I looked in the Auction House first. It should probably be removed from the auction house, actually. It sounds like it was something that you could buy there but was moved to P2W. (And WTH? The P2W vendor in Pocket D lists those at 2 million a pop). Is that a non-Homecoming server? But I'll note that it still doesn't grant any mezz protection, even from that description. Which was stated it did. At less than a million a pop, if it granted mezz protection people would be paying for 8 hours of protection on squishies in a heartbeat.
  11. At the cost of 15 million INF and no availability (none for sale and only a few people are attempting to bid), this is basically 'not really an option'. It also doesn't state it grants Mezz Protection, just a boosting regeneration and max hit points. This being thrown in seems like 'there's a fix, really, ignore that it doesn't actually fix the problem!' I'm not 100% sure, but it would be a nice deal if all the squishies ATO's came with +3 Mag protection. I was not actually aware of that. I would actually state that we should normalize it. If Blasters have the option for +hold protection in a set, so should the other squishies. And bleargh is that a wonky mechanic. Short mezz protection from an attack? I mean, it's better than nothing, but you basically want to throw that in your lower level attack so you can hopefully trigger it. Unless you can explain a reason for why it would be unbalanced for a Defender with 60% base damage for ranged attacks to have the same possible mezz protection as a Blaster. Does it actively remove something from you that you could forgo? Does it take away from the tanks/brutes keeping most of the attacks on them? What does it hurt other ATs if you have minor mezz protection against Holds/Stuns? I haven't gotten a clear answer on that other than 'don't you dare change my harder mode play'.
  12. Sounds like we are close to release here if they don't find any major issues.
  13. I'm pretty sure we already did with describing being mezzed by a lone lieutenant and dying or having our DPS drop dramatically and having to heal after each group to not be fun or meaningful, but you don't seem to consider that 'unfun' so our opinion is not relevant.
  14. So, basically you are fine with most squishies having a slower and more painful leveling experience because their DPS is supposed to be taking a hit using non-damaging mezzing. That goes back to the tag I put on here first. Balance Vs. Fun. You haven't actually stated a balance issue and if it was really about the challenge, you would be advocating that people with Mez protection should just turn it off to play the harder way you believe in. It's more of you don't think its broken, so it shouldn't be changed even though other people have noted their issues with it.
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