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  1. Would it be really hard to add a bar of the 8 elemental resistances and 7 elemental defenses + 3 positional defenses and base defense? I mean, it's nice to be able to pull up the combat information ad hoc, but you can't actually get all that information loaded at once, along with level shift and INF.
  2. It seems Mr. G is very indiscriminate with his mission locations, as you can call it in anywhere you can get rediside missions. Including co-op zones like Pocket D, even though they are pure redside mission that do not allow any pure heroes to participate in. (I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be set to random mission in St. Martial only.)
  3. Eh, it sorta exists already with Wretch? But that might be a manual edit.
  4. Sorry, I missed that. I wonder why she didn't get dove-wings though?
  5. So Black Swan got an update, actually gave her a skirt and the Fancy Hearts top and wings. And Swan never got wings? Or any sort of update?
  6. Well, there are now low level buffs to make the low level game less of a hassle anyways.
  7. So a power that basically means you have to spam it (for less damage) for 'safety' even though it's an attack power. And yet still ended up pretty low in the blaster level (but over all in the middle because it only sucked on 'average'. For blaster sets, it was #7 and solidly in the middle due to slow animation (after they've already been sped up). I think they had to tune it up so it did well, but it does a bit *too* well compared to non-lethal resistant types. "Sexy Lethal" is technically a way to refresh it... I didn't mention it, but Assault Rifle would be a pretty good one for this type of mechanic, where it is boosted in damage against lethal resistance without getting a big bump against everything else (though it probably could use some general love anyways.)
  8. IIRC, dual pistols is considered sub par because of the longer animations and lethal damage, so it could use some love. Ammo swap just adds some other damage on top of its heavily resisted lethal. And I know archery is hurting.
  9. No, this was specifically just damage. Note, this is just to make it underperform less not to outperform other sets or increase damage in all situations. Just against Lethal resistances.
  10. So they are designed to work less effectively than non-lethal sets? Suck it up?
  11. There are some that are weak to lethal (or more accurately, not strong against it) but they have their own strengths. This idea does not actually increase any damage to those at all. It only slightly increases damage to the (on balance across mobs) those that have lethal resistance that are statistically shown to make lethal damage under perform against.
  12. That's actually showcased by lethal defense as how the devs portray it. It literally pings off you to no effect (not all defense is misses, sometimes it's just no effect.)
  13. This is a PvE change. Right now Lethal damage is slightly underperforming vs. mobs because they tend to have a higher level of lethal resistance.
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