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  1. Not sure if this has been said but ever since the last patch when I enter a mission my inspiration tray always goes to the middle of the screen. Stays in the correct spot entering the game or a new zone, just missions.
  2. But they don't get the Metallic 2 option, the option they have metallic 1 has that 'seam/groove' line that spoils it.
  3. Drool we really need the Metallic skin option for the female form, I don't understand why they made the males only.
  4. I have so many ideas for a Female Metallic skin. Not the one we have now with the score line in it. The male and brute gets them :(
  5. Ok I'll say Hi!. Been around MMO for far too long, on D&D I was known as 'Big E' I guess the capital E in Eirwen. Love art/multimedia I guess we all do being here. Colour (yes the Limey spelling for me!) has always been my thing, at a young age back in the 70's, (oh no there goes my age) I was told 'I would never be good with numbers, but colour watch out!' and boy were they correct. Been a Lythographer, which I guess in simple terms is I run one of those huge printing press for the last 35 years, colour is all I do every day, match it, mix it, create it. The young lad I'm teaching right now says how do you get colour so fast, experience I guess. Did some pencil drawing when I was young and been into computers since the Sinclair ZX81 days (there that age again), but never yet tried art on the computer for some reason. In my teen years I was going to do a tryout for Marvel as a colour artist, Had the package ready but never did, got into print, and well, things never go as we plan :) I love costumes, thats my thing in these games, I used to collect armour (yes Ye Olde English spelling again) for the looks not the stats, that was the days when you never had a vanity slot for looks to keep the stats, for me its not about the skills, if my toon does not look correct I cannot get into playing them. Well I think thats about it, enough of me boring you. Feels sooooo good to be back in our city
  6. When I used my laptop it did the same (win 7) (Acer), found out it was overheating, cranked the Fan Utility app up for the gfx card and it stopped it. hope this helps.
  7. Thankyou so much!, must have missed the link, my eyes are not what they used to be with old age :)
  8. Had a blast!, great turnout, By any chance do you have the Group shot that Gm_Cipher snapped of us on the grass? Would love to see it.
  9. As far as I can tell it was run by a SG, but GM_Cipher was there and had a huge turnout, so he got us to all gather for the group pic. I'll keep my eyes open. But yes I thought maybe being multimedia that would include group CC snap shots :)
  10. Not sure where to ask this but the CC and Bio contest we had Saturday 9th, November, we had a GM take a great group shot!, Has it been posted yet and if so where would I find it? Thanks.
  11. Eirwen

    Too much fun!

    Just sharing my first experience with a gravity/energy blast dom. Made a hero on the gold side, or whatever the term is. And decided to try gravity as I'm always ice/ice no matter what class I play. Was on a mission where the boss was killed in a small room and I had to escape with the hostage, spawns were programmed to keep spawning on our way out. BUT for fun I stayed in the small room and kept using Propel. OMG!, never had sooo much fun, the amount of junk in the room was insane!, I lost view of myself and also added to that the fact energy blast knocks around objects was too much fun. I was impressed the way the junk stayed and did not fade after a time, what would have been cool was if the junk had added to the damage, but that would be too OP I guess. I'll always be a ice/ice fan for classes, but this gravity/energy blast combo worked so well together solo. I can see it being bad for groups with the knockback, unless you make it knockdown.
  12. Can the Admin think about a 'Pre-donation' setup? Some people like myself are not online when the call goes out, yet we still want to help!. The only downside I guess to a 'Pre-donation' idea is it too close to a sub system which I assume they cannot do right now.
  13. Thanks for the reply. Hmm just huge and male, wonder why they skipped female. The concept ideas I have was for female guess I'll have to rework the ideas. 🙂
  14. Quick question, I have a few costume ideas that needs a 'Smooth' metallic look. When I chose chest/legs the metallic I see has like a line pattern/texture that goes through. I have seen a few designs where it seems the metallic is 100% smooth, no added texture/lines. Is this possible? Thanks
  15. Eirwen

    PSI melee

    Now I'm not usually a Melee fan, range is more my thing as I can never seem to get this range between myself and the mobs correct, I seem to spend more time trying to edge closer to them to make the punch hit. Anyway I decided to try once again as I have so many hero concepts in my mind. So I picked a PSI melee, and wow I'm impressed. I went with /SR to match it. I'm loving it, alot of fun, sliding in for the ambush attack. PSI seem's very enjoyable in melee, I think stalker is the only one who have access to the set. I don't have all the skills yet but looking forward to them.
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