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  1. Sadly, I have not heard anything. But yeah, it does sound interesting.
  2. In the first mission (lvl 25 - 29) of “Abused and Scorned Tho’ We May Be 21.16”, after talking to the Hetman and entering the tunnels, you are required to defeat and then talk to Warden Gorzi to get the keycard to progress pass the locked door. However, it is possible to one-shot kill him. You are still able to talk with him but if you are not quick enough, his corpse will disappear and you cannot complete the dialogue. This will prevent you from unlocking the door and completing the mission.
  3. Oh, I realize you can set a difficulty level. However, this would be more of a starting point without getting into major coding changes for resists or hit points, etc.
  4. I've been thinking of a way to put a challenge back in the game and I'm interested in what others think. Lost is the art of teamwork and coordination. Things like Tanks & Brutes who know how to properly manage aggro or Blasters targeting the same NPC, etc. I propose the following to Task / Strike Forces and Incarnate Trials: Levels 1- 30: +0 Difficulty Levels 30 - 40: +1 Difficulty Levels 40 - 50: +2 Difficulty Incarnates Trials: +3 Difficulty This would be the minimum difficulty allowed. Haven't yet figured out a way to make Hami more of a challenge beside upping the Hit Points / Damage dealt. Not sure I like that idea or not. Anyway, thoughts on this?
  5. Actually, I just got that badge yesterday. Since it wasn't an Ouro mission, I was able to quit and let the mission reset before I was successful on my second attempt. It seems Penny dies faster than the last time I did it so you have to be very quick in locating the bombs.
  6. Never understood why this wasn't available in Ouro.
  7. I just found out I have the badge "Master of the 5th Column Task Force" but not "Column Breaker". Both require completion of the Dr Kahn Task Force with Master being the harder to get. Should I not also get "Column Breaker" for just finishing the TF successfully?
  8. So recently, as a Vigilante, I was attempting to complete the Born in Battle accolade. I had accumulated 6 of the required seven badges: After trapping 10 ghosts, I was not awarded the Pirate badge: In addition, I was not given credit for one of the badges (I do not know which one): Eventually, I had to trap 100 ghosts and THEN I was awarded both ghost badges and the BiB badge:
  9. After a server restart / patch, the CP indicator displayed on the map and showed him at 100%, however, he was not running around Kings Row. After sending a petition, the GM spawned a new instance where we were able to defeat the twelve Psionic Brass Conduit minions. After a few minutes (I thought it was not going to appear), the Paladin finally appeared and we defeated him. However, his health indicator never went down and still showed at 100%:
  10. Plasmar

    MSR & 64-Bit

    I've noticed that turning the particle count down (mine is at the minimum, seems to make the difference.
  11. Plasmar

    Denial of Service

    From the description, it's entirely possible. It does say "multiple locations" but per the post above mine, I gave this one a try and it at least works here. Thought a few screenshots would help others.
  12. Oh. Yes. Of course. Otherwise I wouldn't have been able to do any other missions since I was locked into it.
  13. Plasmar

    Denial of Service

    Got the badge at approx -1443.7 x 157.6 x -3988.2
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