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  1. I like the infiltration changes - to consider it a travel power was pretty weak. Maybe 10 more percent? 😈
  2. I know creating that new zone was no easy task, nice job to the person who did all that work. We appreciate you. (That does not get said enough)
  3. Kb to kd would not work though right since the sing is using repel? The same way kb to kd doesn't work in hurricane? Or am i not remembering correctly?
  4. I just spent a ton of time on test, some of these changes are so slick! I love almost all of the new travel power stuff - running through mobs is about to be my lifes mission. Singularity changes are icky to me because kb is gross (imo) and I'm not interested in a pet I can't control throwing stuff everywhere when gravity is one of like...only two sets that doesn't have kb res in their immobilize. B i g - y i k e s.
  5. I ran an Eden Trail about two weeks ago and ambrosia dropped from the Greater Devoured's just fine (as it had done in the past many times - I only run them at +2x8). I decided to run a +4x8 and no ambrosia's dropped - I had to hop out of my mission and get some from my base. I decided to hop over to test with a friend to see if it was the same issue. We tested a +4x8 again and it was the same issue - no ambrosia. We tested a +2x8 and it was working as normal - plenty of ambrosia to go around. Not sure why this is working this way, but it seems to be consi
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