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  1. New character: “The goth Goth” Dark/shield stalker with an undead barbarian look. History “I was there when Rome burned, but it all seems so pointless now. You look tasty though.”
  2. Just a heads up to keep an eye on the looking for group channel, because I’ve seen quite a few “rp mission team looking for more” posts and that’s a great way to meet people if you’re new. Also, welcome home.
  3. If you’re supposedly a goth, where were you when the rest of us were sacking Rome?
  4. Like everyone where I live I’m mixed. My father’s father’s side of the family are from Verona and his mother’s family owned their winery since before the empire was a thing. from my mom I get Hungarian Roma and Scots-Irish from Dal Riatta (basically modern day Argyle).
  5. can you get the vanguard inventory capacity upgrade more than once?
  6. Thanks, that's very helpful! I thought there were more exclusive badges it's good to know there's a path to them.
  7. My search fu is very weak, and I could not find an answer to this. Have the missions been disabled and is there a way to unlock the last three costume slots? When my friend and I tried the mission from Serge neither of us got a slot unlocked.
  8. Arent there badges in all of the tutorials that are mutually exclusive? Like the big shivan in the galaxy tutorial.
  9. On Everlasting I stick with people from the CapeRadio and it is similar. lots of friendly support and team activities. I hope every server has at least one such group.
  10. there is a lot of volitility in the market. when I posted gamblers were way up and converters down. last night unslotters were going for 195k at 2/merit versus converters at 81k at 3/merit making unslotters the better deal. It is something that you can jump on the opportunities as they appear, or you can just post converters and be patient.
  11. My favorite was dark/dark/leviathan (whirlpool with -res). Will never be popular, will never be OP, but was a lot of fun, worked at all content, including master of runs and the hardest incarnate badging attempts. /dark is like an onion, you get lots of layers. def, res, heal, -tohit, fears... you get it all. Nothing is overwhelming or inately maxxed out, but it was very reliable against every enemy type. Sappers, furies, ppd, cimerorans, rikti magus/heavies, carnies, incarnates, etc. I imagine no one will ever play it these days because it can't farm +4/x8 solo. But speaking as one who enjoys actual missions and story arcs in teams, this was the most fun I ever had with a stalker.
  12. My main, Razor Bunny, IS a bunny hopping weirdo so I never noticed. But I tested on one of my humans and yes it is a little weird. Doesn't bother me though.
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