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  1. tafilr

    I have a sad...

    Could be worse. You could be a FA/EM Tanker. Stay the Brute course, hope that they fix EM, but roll another primary.
  2. So just noticed that when I select Corruptor, Ice Blast for Primary, Cold Domination for Secondary, when I select the power Ice Bolt, it instantly goes from 83.42 damage to 166.9 (83.42). I haven't added enhancements or slots yet. I thought it was maybe something I clicked on accidentally so uninstalled/reinstalled Mids'. Same issue. What am I doing wrong? Why is it doing this?
  3. Ah, OK, I see. So the Mid's builder is wrong. I need to go and revamp slotting on my Energy Draining Brute.
  4. I don't follow the Energy Drain Defense mention. It gets a .32% defensive buff per enemy - got this number as a Brute. Even if you hit 15 enemies (this may be over the cap, not sure), this gives 4.8% Defense Buff. /scratches head That's too much defense? Perhaps I'm misunderstanding something....
  5. I remember seeing someone posted that they would not roll a Savage Melee character. Just wondering what the issue is...if there is one? Specifically, I'm looking at a WP/Savage Tanker. Is it unpopular because of the highly resisted lethal damage? I'll play regardless of popularity but just wondering what the fuss is all about.
  6. Wouldn't this mess up the pylon fighting squads?
  7. You may want to check the Logitech website or whomever the hardware manufacturer of your mouse is - they have software/updates for the mouse too.
  8. Are you guys trying to one-up each other? If so, who is winning and how do I REALLY tell? Haha...J/K.
  9. Do you use a wireless mouse? Have you done all of the system/driver updates for your PC/video card? I have a similar problem - sometimes I can't find my cursor in game! I was on a PuG doing radio missions several weeks ago where I clicked on what I thought was one of my powers during a mission and accidentally quit the team. Doh!
  10. Haven't really used him to farm per say just trying to get him to 50. Think I have about 200 million influence at this point between my toons. I don't have the time to farm or haven't focused on that. I like playing all my toons that much, it's not my focus I guess. May need to hone in and get it done.
  11. Shard is Torchbearer. My Farmer is sitting at lvl 44 I think...Kwill up above.
  12. I haven't hit 50 on any of my Homecoming toons yet, let alone get enough Merits for ATOs.
  13. I was looking at the Server Status page and noticed that Pineapple for example had 6 or 8 players logged in with 49 map instances. How is that possible?
  14. Thanks for sharing your story and the build. Probably my top 1 or 2 favorite characters back on Live was my MA/SR Scrapper, Tommy Bruce (Champion Server). Once I got into the mid 30s where I had enough slotting to really make SR shine, even after ED, it was a blast to play. So on Homecoming, I re-rolled to a Brute. Very fun so far - this character is sitting at level 34 and climbing quickly. Question for you. How do you get around? The only travel power I see is Hover. Do you rely on Quickness/Swift/Run combo along with Ninja Run? Then Hover for vertical needs?
  15. "...transferred to another server." Are you concerned you'll run out of 1000 slots in your shard of choice? lol
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