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  1. The other thing to consider is the hopeful future legal legitimacy of Homecoming. In case there would be a boost in player base if the game was advertised in some way after the fact. Technically, we're all illegals!
  2. That's a pretty large napkin. You must have used both sides. My contribution to the thread. I've ran an all-blaster team a couple times back on my time on Champion. In theory and maybe on a napkin, it looks good. But the results were crap. Team wipe after team wipe granted we didn't coordinate our powers (everyone picks up Maneuvers, etc.). It was just grab a blaster and lets fill the team with them. This was back using the sidekick system though too so it was hell putting a team together in the first place let alone an 8 person blaster team. Something also to note: blaster nukes back then zero'd out your blue bar and stayed that way for awhile not this easy-peasy endurance cost we have now for nukes.
  3. It's probably the cheap-ass in me but I just couldn't bring myself to spend $50 on a mouse when I could get a free Dell mouse from the work stockpile box of mice and put $50 in my kid's 529 College Fund. Edit: Glad you found what you were looking for though!
  4. If I can front the billion INF and the time it takes to craft it all, what makes you think I need 138 million INF? Not trying to be negative Nelly, just saying it wouldn't be for me. That's 30-60 minutes of AE fire farming (I know, others can do that faster). That's more worth my time. /shrug On the flip side, if you could GET someone to do this for you, good luck!
  5. This is probably a Windows settings (you have Windows 10 operating system, correct?). Right-click desktop>Display Settings>Identify monitors. The monitor that you want CoH to open on click it - choose option to make your main/default display.
  6. Your reward is that CoX is free to play! Send your friend this Getting Started link:
  7. Almost 1/3 of the online player-base is on Excelsior it seems (according to the Server Status page). Just wondering if you have the constant lag like the old Freedom and Virtue servers.
  8. I'm going to start charging people to team with me because I'm that good. But my fee is only 10 million for 3 missions. Teaming with me is the same as being power leveled.
  9. My Scrapper, MA/SR, from Live, around Issue 5 maybe, didn't notice. Then again, I wasn't near the player then that I am now. Would probably, definitely notice the LONG wait for AOE DEF now. 10-15 years on a dude really makes a difference. /shrug
  10. I would just like to point out that I'm only responsible for 40 of these 1,000,000 characters. The player screen told me I get 1000 slots so I haven't really made a dent in it yet.
  11. Didn't know there was a version two of that build. Updated my above post!
  12. I would implore you to read Redlynne's SR/MA Tanker guide. As far as SR goes, I'm a HUGE fan. I've 50'ed it 3 times. Updated to build v.2.
  13. Thanks for the reminder about paragonwiki.com . I seem to always forget to check there for stuff like this.
  14. Got my first drop of this salvage tonight. What is it and how is it used?
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