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  1. That could work, but Empathy does not have a cooldown reduction power. Pain might, but I can't remember if it effects you... Ill is hard enough to spec for. Have been considering Mind/Pain Controller. Might not be the most thematic but it makes sense with the intended powers. Anyone know if that's any good/fun? I am not super familiar with Mind Control.
  2. So I have a concept for a Hero with a Clown them who uses the power of joy and laughter to aid his allies. (Essentially a complete inversion of the Evil Clown Trope) Wanna run Empathy (Though Pain Dom in not out of the question) but have no idea what AT or other power I want to run. So I am looking for suggestions that fit the theme and sound like fun to play. Help me Homecoming Community, your my only hope.
  3. Looks interesting. Not really a fan of the Stalker playstyle, perefer Scrappers added toughness to the Stalkers Sneak/Backstab gameplay. Also Rib Cracker was a big draw to the power which I'd loose on a Stalker. Was thinking about going Body for better Endurance management (and maybe Lazer Vision with an Achilles Heel Proc) or Blaze for more AoE and AoE -Rez. (With a Patriotic Red and Blue theme) is the extra defense and Luck of the Gambler necessary for double Active Defense? Or can I still get away with one of the other two?
  4. Technically CC is it's own thing, older MMORPG's from back when people knew how to make them, had four roles not 3. CC is the forgotten forth pillar of the quaternity, and it's presence or lack there of in an MMO can be one of the single most important indicators of actual quality. As it's absence means tactics beyond tank & spank are likely not going to be a meaningful element of gameplay.
  5. So I made a SJ/Shield Scrapper, and have been enjoying it. (Tried the combo on Tank but the Damage Numbers kind of sucked the fun out of it) The Idea being I wanted to make a more Selfless/Supportive Melee. The Two combined have some solid Enemy Debuffs and Group Buffs, even if their a bit weak values wise. In a sense it's kind of a "I can't believe it's not VEAT" (Except it most certainly is not a VEAT) except it actually fun to play, rather than a chore. The character is kind of a Captain America by way of Cybernetics concept wise. What I want to do Is to continue with this idea
  6. Sense Storm is kind of more damage focused than other support sets and all... What do?
  7. I had a similar idea, to your Demoralize I called it Goad also had them get a power called Faint (In place of Build Up) which is like a Placate that make the enemy more susceptible to attack. The idea being that it's like a Build Up for the whole party not just you, and can be used to take a bit of threat off you in a pinch.
  8. Honestly the more I have thought of how to build a such an AT like this. The more it resembles something like this. So I am all for it. I have actually worked on one a bit, using a combination of Idea's and powers from shield, and the Buffed Leadership toggles from VEATS. It was basically the proof of concept power for a more "Defense Oriented" support power, though it could easily be tooled to be more of a pure support power, as that was the goal. I think a Captain America type is really what a lot of people who are interested in this concept would want to play overall. Wh
  9. I can agree that their are reasons to remove Gender-Locked Badges. But I am cuorious to know your rational for wanting to get rid of Alignment locks? That seems a bit odd/sad.
  10. I actually have a Bane I enjoy. But I have played both VEAT's but I really don't like how passive their support feels. Anways So I ended up going Time/Duel Pistols Defender (I know I had dismissed Duel Pistols as an option, but like I said I wanted this to be a character first and I had an Idea) So I am Playing M1nut3 Man a Gun Toting Patriotic Superhero with Time Manipulation powers. Been using the Fighting Pool attacks and it's actually been doing some solid damage consitstanly dealing more Damage than my Duel Pistol powers even, and Time really seems to make for a scrappy defen
  11. Someone has actually finished the Primalist and some servers are getting ready to launch it on their test servers. No information on whether or not Homecoming wilkl be implementing it, If I had to guess it won't be implamented for a while. They will want to make sure it's up to their quality standards after all. Though I think a lot of that will have more to do with the interest from the server population and difficulty it takes to implement. I'd love to have some kind of official poll for this, though maybe after we see the AT in action. It's also a Melee Support AT, so that might make those
  12. I suppose you have a point. It would also be nice to see the Origin Pools get a slight buff, which they might be able toget if they where made their own thing.
  13. I am mostly against this as I feel it would essentially let people pick a travel Power Pool without actually having to sacrifice anything. Mighty Leap, and Sorcerous Flight will both become EVEN more ubiquitous as travel powers, while people will be able to freely grab whatever they like for everything else. No hard decisions having to have been made. Just yet more power creep. Personally, I don't like this. But I suppose it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world.
  14. Hmm... I do have neat name for a time Toon, though last time I tried it I found it a bit dull (on Mastermind) this would be a melee toon howver so odds are it will be a bit more exciting. I do know Duel Pistols will probably be a HARD pass for me, it may or may not have good DPS, but it just FEELS like your firing wet macaroni, and that's on a blaster!
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