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  1. Happy Veterans Day to all of you wonderful Veterans!!
  2. Thank you all for the roleplay this past week. I have more ideas to come. Some people have expressed confusion with how i RP especially when i have 2 or 3 shadow widows going at once. I like to think of myself as a lil DM who runs NPC's which happen to be part of the Arachnos faction. These walking and talking NPC's are there to just add flavor to the roleplay environment. I chose the Arachnos faction for this theme because it just fits so nicely for what I am trying to accomplish and that is a small branch of a bigger faction and the story and roleplay of individuals within. Hope you enjoy and thanks for being a part of this great game!
  3. Shadow Widow Uniform. Arachnos needed a steady supply of fresh recruits to make up for heavy losses. Equipping such an influx of soldiers was costly, so to keep costs low a suit was designed that would be effective for the Shadow Widow role and inexpensive comparatively. The suit was of the most basic design that allowed for minimal body armor but high flexibility. The Helmet alone accounted for half of the uniforms cost. The Helmet, a modified crab helmet, was a light weight design that still offered some protection to the head but could not stop projectiles. Helmet mounted Sensor lighting served a number of purposes. 1. It detected certain objects in a wide arc to alert the Widow to adjust field of vision. 2. The lights would all extinguish if the Widow was no longer alive. This helped other scouts determine from longer ranges the status of the Widow. 3. The lights were used to help augment vision in dark areas using an eye filter built into the helmet, this also allows for night vision. 4. They looked cool. At the mouth of the Helmet was a breathing device meant to filter out any harmful substances and could also act as a water breathing device for a short period of time. The helmet had one small O2 canister for short duration oxygen substitution. The downside to this design was the Widow could not eat or drink without removing the helmet which posed problems on long patrols. Water tight body suit and helmet seal. The helmet if fitted properly sealed into place with the neck guard which allowed the Widow to stay under water for periods of time or to resist harmful or gross substances such as sewer patrols. Unfortunately the air filter did not eliminate most foul odors. To seal the helmet around the neck, a cheap lever device is slid back, it presses the helmet rubber against the neck area in what the girls refer to affectionately as "the choker". Helmet Storage compartments. On Each side of the helmet were several small compartments that could store a communication device such as a smartphone, personal items, survival items such as a granola bar. Shoulder pad storage. The shoulder pads were of limited armor value but did have compartments the widow could open to access spare knives, poison darts, caltrops, smoke bombs even a thong and lipstick for sexual spy duties. Breast implants. No not the girls breasts, the breasts on the suit are purposely extended out to house communication and location sensors as well as a lethal injection device that is only activated remotely if an officer determines the Shadow Widow must be terminated for any reason. Shadow Widows do not even know about the injection device, they are trained the suit is just supposed to make them look good. The large breasts area also has room for a small battery pack and a stealth assist generator. Arachnos logo, filled with fiber lining connected to the breast implants. The logo acts as a heater to allow the Shadow Widow to last longer in colder climates. The breast battery does not allow for much heat time however. The logo also helps identify the Widow to friendlies so they are not mistaken for deer or seals and shot by accident. Light armor and flexibility for the limbs. The light weight and cheap body suit allows for little protection to the female inside but does allow for flexibility of motion for those assassin strikes or to run away very quickly. Boot mounted boosters. Small rockets are housed inside the heel of the boot. Widows are specially trained on using them sparingly for reaching great heights or fast travel. They do malfunction and some widows have a hard time controlling them. They are also expensive to replace so there are times Widows are sent without them. Knives and Darts can be retracted just inside the wrist and glove of the suit, this is the primary weapon of the Shadow Widow. Though the weapons are deadly against lightly armored enemy, Shadow Widows are not meant to be sent up against heavily armored foe, except as cannon fodder distraction. It is estimated the Shadow Widow uniform costs a tenth of what other Arachnos uniforms cost. Then again Arachnos places more value on the suit than they do on the wearer. The following image is a promotion for the final victory over the enemies of Arachnos.
  4. A dozen of the Shadow Widows, join their stories in roleplay or join them as the next Shadow Widow. Will they survive Arachnos? Which one will be the next Night Widow or Fortunata? Be like the cool girls and Join Arachnos as a Shadow Widow!
  5. The Shadow Widows is a supergroup on the everlasting server. If you want to hop into a grey bodysuit and be cannon fodder, come join us! 😛
  6. Created by Arachnos to recruit young women with promises of everything paid for and great advancement opportunities to Night Widow or Fortunata. The Shadow Widows are trained to be scouts and expendable assassins. https://www.deviantart.com/vaka2vultrix/art/The-Shadow-Widows-Arachnos-Scouts-and-Assassins-814354347 Great to be playing and roleplaying again after several years away from the game. I had a SG back in 2008ish called the White Widows we did RP with until 2012. See you in game 🙂
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