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  1. Hmm, I would speculate that the combat log is reporting damage applied to the target that you cast the power on. Unfortunately I don't know just where/how you'd find data for the damage applied to additional targets. If it were me, I'd test by running into a group, and firing off Chain Induction only, and then looking for an extra damage value to pop up over one of their heads. Without the proc, Chain Induction deals Smashing and Energy damage; therefore you'd see two damage values (one for Smashing, one for Energy) light up over your victims' heads when hit So if the proc goes
  2. Hi Rannos, I did some googling and found an old reference from 2010 (rpg net forums) mentioning Chain Induction being bugged, making damage procs broken. But the same post mentions that a fix was put in place as well. (I can't find anything Homecoming-related mentioning the bug.) I have a proc in Chain Induction, but it isn't a damage proc. FWIW, however, it does fire off regularly.
  3. Wow, thank you for taking a look at that, Bopper. That's good news indeed! I had to look up what the Power Analyzer is - I had no idea that was a thing, but now I'll be visiting P2W to pick one up. When you use it, does it give you a continuous live stat readout of your targeted enemy?
  4. The one I'm most interested in is Diamagnetic. The -ToHit is critical to one of my builds, so knowing it works would be quite nice. I'd be more than happy to log some data and then send it on over to you. How does one enable logging? If it's in-game somewhere, it's not jumping out at me... Also, for testing purposes, should I be facing off with a single target, or would it be acceptable to afk-tank a fire farm? thx
  5. I've been following this topic for months now, and would love to see some kind of definitive word on whether it's actually fixed. I've been in complete doubt about the Interface powers, and don't want to waste incarnate materials on powers that just don't work right. Is there a list of which Interface powers are known working and/or still suspected as bugged?
  6. Thank you all for this feedback! I had no idea that bind existed, and I love the idea of streamlining LR and SC. Is there a similar bind to just fire them off right where you stand? That would be a nice option as well. I always forget to look at Damage Per Activation times - thank you for that reminder. Seeing the default number for Thunder Strike is disappointing. (I'd been using Thunder Strike as my choice single target attack....ouch!) I think what I'll do at this point is use the game's secondary build feature to fine tune for ST attacks. After ha
  7. Okay, quick update to share additional test results (again at +4x8): Rikti Pylon Damage: Since I saw the Pylon Damage topic a few posts below mine, I decided to give it ago. It was pitiful. With my damage, I was only able to scratch the surface. It wasn't until I pulled out my Seer lore pets that I was able to get the edge. Even then, while they were active, I was only about to take the Pylon down to just under 50%. Once the Seers recharged I was able to finish the thing off. So that gives you an idea of how long it took. Malta: I faced them down a secon
  8. Greetings, Heroes and Villains alike! I'm new to building characters - this is only my second - and am hoping to get some guidance on this one: My EM/Shield Scrapper. This is not based on any posted builds out there; I made it from scratch. Given my lack of build experience, I'm sure I've made some errors. I suspect it's not the most efficient build. I don't have a methodology for building yet, and I admit to being a bit overwhelmed by all of the options and info available. But I'm sticking with it, and I mean to improve... This is my first EM/Shield
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