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  1. Hmm, I would speculate that the combat log is reporting damage applied to the target that you cast the power on. Unfortunately I don't know just where/how you'd find data for the damage applied to additional targets. If it were me, I'd test by running into a group, and firing off Chain Induction only, and then looking for an extra damage value to pop up over one of their heads. Without the proc, Chain Induction deals Smashing and Energy damage; therefore you'd see two damage values (one for Smashing, one for Energy) light up over your victims' heads when hit So if the proc goes off, I'd expect to see a third value (Negative Energy) show up as well.
  2. Hi Rannos, I did some googling and found an old reference from 2010 (rpg net forums) mentioning Chain Induction being bugged, making damage procs broken. But the same post mentions that a fix was put in place as well. (I can't find anything Homecoming-related mentioning the bug.) I have a proc in Chain Induction, but it isn't a damage proc. FWIW, however, it does fire off regularly.
  3. Wow, thank you for taking a look at that, Bopper. That's good news indeed! I had to look up what the Power Analyzer is - I had no idea that was a thing, but now I'll be visiting P2W to pick one up. When you use it, does it give you a continuous live stat readout of your targeted enemy?
  4. The one I'm most interested in is Diamagnetic. The -ToHit is critical to one of my builds, so knowing it works would be quite nice. I'd be more than happy to log some data and then send it on over to you. How does one enable logging? If it's in-game somewhere, it's not jumping out at me... Also, for testing purposes, should I be facing off with a single target, or would it be acceptable to afk-tank a fire farm? thx
  5. I've been following this topic for months now, and would love to see some kind of definitive word on whether it's actually fixed. I've been in complete doubt about the Interface powers, and don't want to waste incarnate materials on powers that just don't work right. Is there a list of which Interface powers are known working and/or still suspected as bugged?
  6. Thank you all for this feedback! I had no idea that bind existed, and I love the idea of streamlining LR and SC. Is there a similar bind to just fire them off right where you stand? That would be a nice option as well. I always forget to look at Damage Per Activation times - thank you for that reminder. Seeing the default number for Thunder Strike is disappointing. (I'd been using Thunder Strike as my choice single target attack....ouch!) I think what I'll do at this point is use the game's secondary build feature to fine tune for ST attacks. After having played the current build for a bit now on beta, I do like how AoE capable it is, so rather than trying to compromise that build, a separate one for harder single targets probably makes the most sense. Camel, I actually tried to make a Elec/Shield Stalker build a couple months ago, and I couldn't get it Def capped...so I trashed it. If there's a way, however, I'd be more than willing to give it another go! Thanks again - have a fantastic holiday weekend
  7. Okay, quick update to share additional test results (again at +4x8): Rikti Pylon Damage: Since I saw the Pylon Damage topic a few posts below mine, I decided to give it ago. It was pitiful. With my damage, I was only able to scratch the surface. It wasn't until I pulled out my Seer lore pets that I was able to get the edge. Even then, while they were active, I was only about to take the Pylon down to just under 50%. Once the Seers recharged I was able to finish the thing off. So that gives you an idea of how long it took. Malta: I faced them down a second time. This time I spawned my Seers, and activated my Hybrid and Destiny. They didn't kill me this time, which leads me to believe my first go at them was just an unlucky RNG outcome. I still didn't do stellar against them, and had to eat some greens, but this was probably a better representation of how this build handles them. Arachnos: These were tough. About as tough as Malta, possibly a little tougher. I popped a lot of insps to keep alive, but worked my way through a few large groups. The added disadvantage of being blinded was annoying. That's all I tested this morning, but it reinforces my desire to have better survivability and more damage output. Please send any suggestions...thanks!
  8. Greetings, Heroes and Villains alike! I'm new to building characters - this is only my second - and am hoping to get some guidance on this one: My EM/Shield Scrapper. This is not based on any posted builds out there; I made it from scratch. Given my lack of build experience, I'm sure I've made some errors. I suspect it's not the most efficient build. I don't have a methodology for building yet, and I admit to being a bit overwhelmed by all of the options and info available. But I'm sticking with it, and I mean to improve... This is my first EM/Shield Scrapper. I REALLY like it so far, and found the playstyle pretty easy to adapt to. I've noticed many builds seem to use Fire Mastery for the epic, but I chose Mu Mastery for the -End secondary effects. My idea here is that it's potentially more helpful to a team in all-around content. (Yes I realize it's a little less damage output than Fire Mastery.) I seem to regularly drain the end of any lingering bosses, so it's having the desired effect. But back to the reason I'm here - this build needs improvement. So what follows are my thoughts, and some of my initial testing... Intended use of this character: All-around PVE content. Ability to farm. +4x8 as much as possible. Solo AVs? If there's a way, YES PLEASE Here are some positives I'd like to maintain: Softcap defenses (obviously) Perma Hasten Perma Active Defense Good Regen (currently 215%) Good Recovery (currently 204%) High Accuracy +ToHit from Kismet High damage bonus Feelings and observations on its performance: I feel like it kills things pretty quickly for a scrapper. That's a big part of what I'm enjoying about this character. There's no feeling quite like rushing solo into a huge cluster of enemies, and demolishing them. And yet, could it do even better here? I feel like I get hit way more often than I should. With softcapped defense, good Def debuff resistance, and pretty okay resists, I expect more out of my survivability. This feels much more squishy than I'd like. It seems that a large part of my current survivability is just how quickly I can kill things. If I'm having an off night where I'm not on top of my game, I foresee having issues staying alive. Areas in need of improvement: Survivability. I'd like to feel damn-near indestructable. AND I'd like to accomplish that without sacrificing the positives mentioned above, if possible. Even more damage output? Is that possible? Tests against various mobs, all at +4x8, solo bosses enabled: Knives of Artemis - I annihilated them. I did not expect this, because they're rather nasty. I had no trouble hitting them whatsoever, I dealt pretty severe damage to them. In some cases I ended up actually putting holds/stuns on bosses. I had to eat an occasional green, but nothing out of hand. I did not have to activate any incarnate powers to get an edge on them. Freaks - They were a bit slower to kill. Super Stunners did give me some endurance issues, but the few blues in my Insp tray kept me ahead of that. No overall issues taking them on. Again, I did not have to activate any incarnate powers to get an edge on them. Fire Farm - I think it was the Bloody Fire Farm, on the asteroid map. I had mixed results. With Hybrid Melee active (75% fire resist), I did fairly well. In some cases where I was swarmed I had to eat some greens rather quickly because I was just getting overwhelmed with damage. (In my current state, there's no way I'd be able to sit in the midst of them idle and survive.) Once I faceplanted. In most cases it was my damage output (killing mobs off quickly) that kept me alive. S/L Farm - I did fairly well here. Mobs included bosses and EBs, most of the incoming damage was melee. I had to eat greens a few times, but I never felt I was in much danger of dying. Malta - This did not go well at all...ugh. I rushed the first full mob (I think a second swarmed me too) with both Ageless Radial Epiphany and Melee Core Embodiment active. (Active Defense on as well, obviously.) I opened with Lightning Rod, right into the middle of them. Then identified a Sapper, and immediately Shield Charged him, and then fired off Thunder Strike. Before the animation finished I had gone from full health and endurance, to insta-dead. In fairness, this may have just been a crap RNG result. But I really did not expect a catastrophic cascade defense crash on that level. I had to stop there, so I don't have more of a performance sample size with Malta. I had higher expectations. I know my energy resists aren't the best even with Melee Core Embodiment active (43.2%). Obviously I'd like to be able to confidently take them on. Carnies - Not yet tested, but I'm expecting them to be rough given the Psi damage. Evolution of this build so far: This is version 2 of this build. Version 1 wasn't much different, but I had initially not taken Active Defense. My thinking was, "Well if I'm not getting hit anyway, why take the power?" This proved to be a mistake. My initial outing was against Knives of Artemis, which quickly revealed I'd made a poor choice there. I was getting hit fairly often, and was getting stunned/slept. In short, it didn't go well, so I quickly respec'd in Active Defense. In version 2, Active Defense replaced Jacob's Ladder. (I don't miss Jacob's Ladder at all.) With my recharge, Active Defense is perma, and I've quickly adapted to keeping an eye on it to keep it up almost 100% of the time. This change was a huge improvement! Going back up against Knives, I gave them a nice ass-whooping. I also replaced Steadfast Protection KB Protection with the Resist/End in True Grit, since Active Defense is doing that job for me now. The resistance gain from that change isn't really noteworthy, however. I'm ready for a v3, but I don't know what to change at this point... I'm open to hearing arguments in favor of taking One With The Shield, but I'm hoping to achieve my survivability goals without it. (I don't like end-crash downside to the power.) So with all of that said, here's what I'm currently running. I'm all ears on how this can be better, and money is no object! Thanks everyone for giving this a read! Hero Plan by Mids' Reborn : Hero Designer https://github.com/ImaginaryDevelopment/imaginary-hero-designer Click this DataLink to open the build! Lady 4.0: Level 50 Natural Scrapper Primary Power Set: Electrical Melee Secondary Power Set: Shield Defense Power Pool: Leaping Power Pool: Speed Power Pool: Fighting Power Pool: Leadership Ancillary Pool: Mu Mastery Hero Profile: Level 1: Havoc Punch (A) Mako's Bite - Accuracy/Damage (15) Mako's Bite - Damage/Endurance (46) Mako's Bite - Damage/Recharge (46) Mako's Bite - Accuracy/Endurance/Recharge (50) Mako's Bite - Accuracy/Damage/Endurance/Recharge (50) Mako's Bite - Chance of Damage(Lethal) Level 1: Deflection (A) Luck of the Gambler - Defense/Increased Global Recharge Speed (3) Luck of the Gambler - Defense (3) Luck of the Gambler - Defense/Endurance (5) Luck of the Gambler - Defense/Endurance/Recharge Level 2: Battle Agility (A) Luck of the Gambler - Defense/Increased Global Recharge Speed (5) Luck of the Gambler - Defense (7) Luck of the Gambler - Defense/Endurance (15) Luck of the Gambler - Defense/Endurance/Recharge Level 4: Combat Jumping (A) Luck of the Gambler - Defense/Increased Global Recharge Speed (17) Luck of the Gambler - Defense (17) Luck of the Gambler - Defense/Endurance Level 6: Hasten (A) Recharge Reduction IO (7) Recharge Reduction IO Level 8: True Grit (A) Aegis - Resistance (9) Steadfast Protection - Resistance/+Def 3% (9) Steadfast Protection - Resistance/Endurance Level 10: Thunder Strike (A) Armageddon - Damage (11) Armageddon - Damage/Recharge (11) Armageddon - Accuracy/Damage/Recharge (13) Armageddon - Accuracy/Recharge (13) Armageddon - Damage/Endurance Level 12: Build Up (A) Recharge Reduction IO Level 14: Super Jump (A) Jumping IO Level 16: Active Defense (A) Endurance Reduction IO Level 18: Against All Odds (A) Endurance Reduction IO Level 20: Boxing (A) Empty Level 22: Chain Induction (A) Superior Blistering Cold - Accuracy/Damage (23) Superior Blistering Cold - Damage/Endurance (23) Superior Blistering Cold - Accuracy/Damage/Endurance (25) Superior Blistering Cold - Accuracy/Damage/Recharge (25) Superior Blistering Cold - Damage/Endurance/Accuracy/RechargeTime (27) Superior Blistering Cold - Recharge/Chance for Hold Level 24: Phalanx Fighting (A) Gift of the Ancients - Defense (42) Gift of the Ancients - Defense/Endurance (43) Gift of the Ancients - Defense/Recharge (43) Gift of the Ancients - Defense/Endurance/Recharge Level 26: Tough (A) Gladiator's Armor - TP Protection +3% Def (All) (27) Unbreakable Guard - +Max HP (29) Unbreakable Guard - Resistance (29) Unbreakable Guard - Resistance/Endurance (31) Unbreakable Guard - Resistance/Endurance/RechargeTime Level 28: Weave (A) Reactive Defenses - Defense (34) Reactive Defenses - Defense/Endurance (37) Reactive Defenses - Endurance/RechargeTime (40) Reactive Defenses - Defense/RechargeTime (42) Reactive Defenses - Defense/Endurance/RechargeTime (42) Reactive Defenses - Scaling Resist Damage Level 30: Grant Cover (A) Shield Wall - +Res (Teleportation), +5% Res (All) (31) Luck of the Gambler - Defense/Increased Global Recharge Speed (31) Kismet - Accuracy +6% (40) Luck of the Gambler - Defense Level 32: Lightning Rod (A) Superior Critical Strikes - Accuracy/Damage (33) Superior Critical Strikes - Damage/RechargeTime (33) Superior Critical Strikes - Accuracy/Damage/RechargeTime (33) Superior Critical Strikes - Damage/Endurance/RechargeTime (34) Superior Critical Strikes - Accuracy/Damage/Endurance/RechargeTime (34) Superior Critical Strikes - RechargeTime/+50% Crit Proc Level 35: Shield Charge (A) Superior Scrapper's Strike - Accuracy/Damage (36) Superior Scrapper's Strike - Damage/Recharge (36) Superior Scrapper's Strike - Accuracy/Damage/Recharge (36) Superior Scrapper's Strike - Damage/Endurance/Recharge (37) Superior Scrapper's Strike - Accuracy/Damage/Endurance/Recharge (37) Superior Scrapper's Strike - Recharge/Critical Hit Bonus Level 38: Charged Brawl (A) Hecatomb - Damage (39) Hecatomb - Damage/Recharge (39) Hecatomb - Accuracy/Damage/Recharge (39) Hecatomb - Accuracy/Recharge (40) Hecatomb - Damage/Endurance Level 41: Mu Bolts (A) Damage Increase IO Level 44: Ball Lightning (A) Ragnarok - Damage (45) Ragnarok - Damage/Recharge (45) Ragnarok - Accuracy/Damage/Recharge (45) Ragnarok - Accuracy/Recharge (46) Ragnarok - Damage/Endurance Level 47: Electric Shackles (A) Superior Winter's Bite - Accuracy/Damage (48) Superior Winter's Bite - Damage/RechargeTime (48) Superior Winter's Bite - Accuracy/Damage/Endurance (48) Superior Winter's Bite - Accuracy/Damage/Recharge (50) Superior Winter's Bite - Damage/Endurance/Accuracy/RechargeTime Level 49: Assault (A) Endurance Reduction IO Level 1: Brawl (A) Empty Level 1: Critical Hit Level 1: Prestige Power Dash (A) Empty Level 1: Prestige Power Slide (A) Empty Level 1: Prestige Power Quick (A) Empty Level 1: Prestige Power Rush (A) Empty Level 1: Prestige Power Surge (A) Empty Level 1: Sprint (A) Empty Level 2: Rest (A) Empty Level 4: Ninja Run Level 2: Swift | Copy & Paste this data into Mids' Reborn : Hero Designer to view the build | |-------------------------------------------------------------------| |MxDz;1523;696;1392;HEX;| |78DA6594DB4E13511486F774A6B4949E80423995D22AB414195BA8C653E2858051C| |19034F1B68EED868E4CA0694B2297BE8182461FC1537C001FC1E343182F051451D0| |90BA98F543493A69F3EDF9E75F7BAF596BEF997B30E57D7BFDE155A1F8AF5946B59| |ACF152A46B92C2BAEDB466DB56258822EF7AC515C1BCAEA6917DD448F1CF9396949| |A94F5BB250AB9805C362A1F17C4A2EC8E5AAD47325535AC5A35BE19D5F59B1F4596| |994CDE5458F7D932B4B59F4D9C31973B154A3078123575156AA25B31C9E2E9B053D| |5733ACA5C3A557F37346B5262B6B3D94528AFEBF7D0257DD291608194DF81799E32| |5D06466EE834B4CCF61AC62C7AAA24BB13547080C32B54E661B791578157835785B| |E0F5C3DB4DF552D9EB50E10DC21B84374E1E277B14E718E7D3027A692D17E25D59F| |6BBC3C408B19BB94F9E567E6FADF58283DFE7227889E9BD0C5E61EE514C1BC78836| |AC15A63C7CD07C49D67C2404A00562A82969ED7601EAA21D9A42B19DF075D6E912F| |FC8D5856E743DD2B81A8FC17566CF06F884D9F79419A0D8302A1C76D320A189518D| |9972822EA64A2BF7B257EB9D50ED8AF4EDABF63C03BFC05DE6E01E53A3987E8E71F| |66FB216DB629EDE66267E30477F823BCC20E516416E915B98179D1D3C10F6FA0974| |F880BC51D4207A97DF6DC800EF810566AC084A663BC5C6111B7FCFEB9CFA007E043| |F21E7CFE017E62EC50E63470C8F70C7471260121C652652CCAF149A44079311EEEA| |1FAF106398676C827D6726C12C788E397E9EF98DE6D111A3BFE07739FB127C05BE6| |666DE303BA81F69AEA94863470D68C7A7997E873B2AAA1D9FD17AAAE969BA49C934| |29934D4AB649996D52E6352C4B8A622BAD413AD5ACD4BF7B8EBF064219E7DCB73C2| |7BE1031EE49E80EEF89D04DECDF1BCCCD93F13875DB0DCDA13CE3BA76AC831BCCBF| |DD0454A32FD418CF841BE3E7742433C8F35DBCA1FF070FF5EFC6| |-------------------------------------------------------------------|
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