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  1. He's saying that his run that he posted was a solo run; the current record was an 8-man run.
  2. Solo LRSF - 21:31 Got my rerun in to fix the goofs + get a time that wasn't done during the interface proc bug. 😛
  3. Solo LRSF - 24:25 I did some big goofs during this run, can certainly be closer to–if not a little less than–20 minutes.
  4. Solo Kahn Task Force - 16:19 those MM changes made them OP for speed runs
  5. Solo Ms. Liberty Task Force - 42:59 this run can be improved upon by a big chunk for sure
  6. Solo Imperious Task Force - 20:35
  7. Solo Tin Mage Task Force - 13:05 in conclusion I'm trash at playing anything other than my blaster
  8. Penelope Yin Task Force - 5:41
  9. Solo Tin Mage Task Force - 16:22 First* attempt, probably a couple minutes that can be shaved off, but happy for now. * first attempt if you don't count the other attempt that I did.
  10. Solo Tin Mage Task Force - 27:35 super messy with tons of room for improvement
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