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  1. Being able to use some actual gunslinger (not the Malta mob, think old west) pistol animations instead of the gun foo Matrix/Equilibrium style animations would be great.
  2. Also for dual pistols it would be nice to be able to select something other than bullet type sounds as some of the pistols are actually laser type pistols. Perhaps a new set would be better though. Dual energy pistols perhaps. A single pistol set would be nice too though.
  3. @mikemasterson So while the redownload downloaded everything again. There is no coh.app just a folder with all the binaries (which should not matter), but now nothing happens if I try and run the 32-bit or 64-bit client. It just shows "Launching homecoming" then goes back to "Ready to Play". ... bleh.
  4. @mikemasterson Quick update. Since I did not actually get a Wineskin popup like you did, I tried changing the path in Island Rum for Homecoming to the other EXEs and none of them worked. I deleted COH.app and Island Rum is now downloading the game client again. The 64-bit version is now available. So I'll let you know if this works once it's done downloading. EDIT: I never installed the 8/29 update which could be the difference here. I don't play on this laptop and my home computer runs Windows.
  5. @mikemasterson Thanks, I'll give it a shot. One thing to note and it could be related to the pathing I saw in your post, but HC Safe Mode started up just fine. I am on MacOS 10.14.3 Mojave so I should be able to run the 64-bit version on this thing. One thing at a time I guess. I'll report back here shortly.
  6. This was working on my Macbook Pro a month or so ago and I decided to login for a bit during lunch time at work...the Island Rum installer updated CoH and I now see an 64-bit option, but I cannot run it as it's greyed out and if I run the 32-bit version it will start but then throws an error. The build number on Island Rum is 091320191
  7. If it's completely optional I would have no issues with it.
  8. I could get behind this. Even without set bonuses it would make it worth sticking to TOs, DOs and SOs. Would even be useful for normal IOs. The combos would need to be slightly less powerful than set IOs though I think...or would they?. Would the cost of buying extra non-set enhancements be a comparable cost sink to IOs or should there be an inf fee when combining?
  9. I play all types of characters and I love knockback. When I'm playing meleers it doesn't bother me at all. I either run after them or wait for them to come back to me.
  10. Seriously, if I took a power called "Hurricane" and it didn't knock people around I would be very disappointed.
  11. No. Don't like this at all. And if I recall correctly isn't there already an out-of-combat boost to regen anyway? Or was that one of the things that always got shot down on live? It's been a minute :)
  12. Agree. It's one of the nice things this game never had. I'd even go as far as to say it's nice that it doesn't have audio chat for similar reasons. Nothing to screw with my immersion.
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