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  1. Hello Indom - Apologies for those of you that have Discord, you've likely seen this posted already. I'm attempting to reach the rest of our indom community. I made a new base! It's seasonal... definitely intended for the December Winter Event but it's just in time for Christmas in July! Sleigh Belles @ XMAS-7920. If you have time I definitely encourage you to stop by 🙂 Alternatively, you can watch this incredible tour video that @Dacy was kind enough to put together for this base: Merry Christmas (in July)!! - EB
  2. Happy to announce Sleigh Belles, XMAS-7920, on Indom! Had a blast putting this base together and i'm especially proud to have @Dacy's help in revealing it. Hope you get a chance to visit, this base is for everyone 🙂 https://youtu.be/6hdB4E8e5Ro - EB
  3. Well. Wedding anniversaries aren't going to be a good source of inspiration here. The traditional wedding anniversary gift for 17 years is furniture. 😐
  4. Well done @Midnyte! You’re quick with the pics! Even caught my terrible pun at the end there : ) That was excellent! Crash and I hope to join The Theme Team for further adventures down the line. Happy Holidays! - EB
  5. Yes, correct. It will be myself and @Crashmonkie joining you
  6. Is there room for two more? If so, Sugarplum and Jinglebell will happily be there! Sugarplum - Energy Melee/Ice Armor Scrapper Jinglebell - Ice/Time Troller
  7. In an already immensely difficult year this news has both been more unexpected and has hit harder than anything that’s come before it. There are truly no words. I met Tet and the Knights in the early days of Live and they very quickly and fundamentally changed the way that I enjoy the game – dedicated full team concepts and leveling them as a group. When the game was sunset our friendships managed to endure. One of my fondest memories of you was our collaboration on the overly-ambitious Adventioneers project. What started out as a fairly simple AE project soon grew into
  8. Ah. That be another trick I picked up from Dacy 😄 The study walls are made from banners.
  9. Hello all! I'm close enough to complete with my second ever base that I'm feeling comfortable enough to share with our highly talented community 😄 This base 100% draws its inspiration from ShardWarrior's masterful BvS style Batmini SG on Everlasting. If you haven't had the pleasure of visiting it do yourself a favor and correct that 😜His take made me want to take a crack at my own version of a comicbook style Batcave. Presenting EB's Batcave - Home of the Weekend Knights: With just a touch of the alter-ego's lifestyle u
  10. Looks gorgeous, Wei Yau! I'll definitely be stopping by take a closer look!
  11. Dacy - Have you tried /unbind leftdoubleclick? As far as I can tell this completely resolves the random transport through the base. it’s to the point where it’s the very first step every time I fire up the editor. Before F3 or anything else. Hope it helps! - EB
  12. Thanks again for the tour, Dacy! Very incredible base! Simply amazing 🤯Creative and unique custom furniture around every corner! 5 Stars - would visit again! - EB
  13. Aw, thanks! That definitely means a lot and i'm very glad you enjoyed discovering everything! I tried to think of the Way Station less like a base and more like an interactive new zone. I look forward to seeing how you incorporate this idea! What I can't believe is how long this took me!!?? I am absolutely floored by how (seemingly) quickly some of you are able to pull off such incredible masterpieces! That being said I definitely learned a lot on this first go around and my mind is already buzzing with new ideas. Altoholism was bad enough now I have to contend with a base addictio
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