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  1. So if I choose to utilize this (which I freaking will this sounds amazing) I would have to have double the amount of enhancements because you cant redistribute the ones in build 1 into build 2? Awesome information here!
  2. This is an absolute amazing write up and I just wanted you to know it helped me immensely! You put a tremendous amount of time and effort and it has not gone unnoticed! Thank you!!!!!
  3. Thank you both for responding I really appreciate it!!!
  4. Bumping this because I really need some help!
  5. Hello all, I have searched high and low for any build for Staff/WP scrappers and have had 0 luck. I downloaded Pines and am trying to figure out how to make my own build but I'll be the first to admit, I am awful at it currently. Can someone throw together a decent level 50 build for a Staff/WP scrapper in pines for me. I'm not looking for all purple, spend a billion+ influence to get. I just want a decent set with good resits/defense that doesn't leave me faceplanting all day. I'm fine with yellow/orange enhancements but whatever you can throw together without too much trouble would be great. Was thinking fire for ancillary for more AOE but if you know a different set makes capping def/resist easier than I'm all for it. Figure SJ or SS for travel power since I'm assuming haste and combat jumping are being picked up. Thank you in advance!
  6. Hello all, I am still pretty new to set IO's and am not yet savvy enough to figure out how to make my own builds. Is there a general way that corruptors should be using IO's? For example should they aim for ranged softcap over resistance softcap? I would like to get to the point where I can identify what my particular character would benefit from the most and then know which sets help accomplish that job. Does anyone know of some guide or post that exists to help me get the in depth understanding I seek? For the record I'm running a water/time combo and was unsuccessful finding any builds for this.
  7. Amazing post good sir! As someone just getting into enhancements, this is extremely helpful. Even better, any time I want to reroll another character I can just mail these to my global handle and claim them on the new guy once I hit the appropriate level! In your opinion, do you think it's best to buy the the All-Around-Good IO's as soon as you can or is there a threshold level you believe gives the most bang for your buck (example waiting 5 levels from first available to get a large boost in effectiveness while nearly maximizing time used during leveling). Thanks!
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