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  1. Which witch wished for a witch which wished for a sandwich.... Yeah.. it's late. 😛
  2. This is my stalker, or one of them. (hopeless altoholic here... ) Here he is seriously weighing his options, perhaps thinking how annoyingly tasty you look... I'm going to leave the fire up to interpretation. 😉 Anything else would probably ruin the fun.
  3. So, this is Steve. He's my funny little blaster boy caught in a quiet moment. 🙂
  4. You are more then welcome, FC. This was alot of fun to make. So zappy!
  5. Here's Betty! Lightbringer and flight fanatic 😉
  6. that's my ref to this one that I'm currently working on
  7. I do, it's usually a patchwork model. A little of this and little of that. 🙂 Kinda hard to find exactly the pose I want. 😮 But I try to keep refs in a window next to what I'm working on at the moment.
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