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  1. I've probably ran with over 25 melee builds so far and nothing has felt more satisfying than my fire/dark tank. This combo feels like a brute but has the survivability of a tank. With the changes to Touch of Fear, the build I was using was tearing up content at every level, even steamrolling Positron 1&2. I was able to tank Recluse too with Ageless and spamming Healing Flames. Fiery Embrace + Soul Drain + Burn (w/ FotG proc) + Touch of Fear + Shadow Maul will clear all lieuts/minions.. Then it's Midnight Grasp + Siphon Life to melt any remaining bosses. Honorable mentio
  2. Cat-Like, my SR/Claws android catgirl, fighting the Praetorian catigirl.
  3. My fire/dark tanker straight from Hell, Dante's Seventh.
  4. Kind of a side note to this topic.. should there be a discussion about adding more cold damage mobs to the game? Aside from the Winter Event, I can't think of any enemies in the game that make you really feel cold damage compared to other non-smashing/lethal damage types (especially psionic and toxic). This makes a set like Rad Armor feel more powerful than it should, as its biggest weakness is absent in most of the game. Not sure how you would go about this though.. I guess you'd either have to add cold damage to all enemy groups or create a new cold-based enemy group.
  5. I'd imagine there's something in the code that determines what vfx are used for procs. For example, the immobilize proc from Frozen Blast will always use the vfx from Ice Control. It must have been a random dev decision to choose the Tesla Cage for the Lockdown and Devastation chance for hold procs. It would be awesome if those could be customizable or automatically be based on your powerset.
  6. Didn't you used to be able to right-click an enemy and see a tab called 'salvage dropped'? Not sure if that's still a thing but at least something like that is in the system to make this easier to implement.. just add enhancements to that list.
  7. By god... And I thought the "Solo +4/x8 No Inspirations, No Temps ITF" was an exclusive club.. This is wild.
  8. Been working in front end development for 4 years. Lots of experience with git, HTML, CSS (been using SASS in our stack for the past year), JS (experience with react, but mostly use vanilla), and working with teams of backend engineers and graphic designers. Would love to help out with anything you guys might need. I built a really simple full-stack social app in college (computer science) so I'm comfortable with working with that type of application. I think I'd like most to work on the design of the form and feed components (design & functionality). I'm sure I could contribute to w
  9. This is probably an unpopular opinion but I think blaster nukes do too much damage and recharge too fast. There's been a couple of instances when I've had teammates complain about not getting to fight anything because my blasters can clear almost every group between nukes and judgements.. especially when there's a recharge buff going around on the team. And with blaster damage you only need 2 or 3 quick attacks to finish off the 2 bosses. I think everyone would choose the crash nuke with more damage because you can just buy a set of large blues between each mission. Personally, I think n
  10. Thanks for the suggestion! I actually made that change recently. 8 seems to do the job for now. I was trying to tank incarnate Banished Pantheon and their repel/kb powers had me pinned in the corner and unable to use healing flames. Tough lesson learned lol
  11. I wasn't sure what to expect with this combo aside from pretty decent damage but I am blown away. Since you get access to burn, shadow maul, and touch of fear by lvl 20, this build absolutely shreds while doing any content. I took it for a spin on the Comic Con farm as well and cleared in a little under 5 minutes. This is also a pretty sturdy build since you'll be near capped to S/L/E/N/Psi with stacks of the ATO proc. You can get capped to toxic with healing flames on auto as well. The softcap melee defense is a huge help too. Would still appreciate any suggestions on how you woul
  12. It feels very dry indeed. It also just doesn't make any sense. There are ZERO Council and Arachnos in Peregrine Island. Yet you find Nemesis, Rikti, DE, and Malta littered everywhere. You would think that the radio missions would align with the enemy groups of the zone. That being said, why not add radio missions for every primal zone? I think it's a bit of a waste to limit zones like Dark Astoria and Rikti War Zone to only story arcs. I suppose the biggest challenge to that would be to add a large number of named mission objectives to the system.
  13. I may be wrong, but it seems like level 50 PI radio missions are the most popular endgame content. If I send "+4/8 PI Radio Team LFM" in LFG chat, the team usually fills in less than a minute at any time during the day. However, I think there is an issue with the only available enemy groups being Arachnos, Carnies, Council, and CoT. Would it be possible to add more enemy groups to this list? I think most players use PI radio missions as a sort of arcade method of gaining XP and testing out builds. That being said, it would be awesome if these missions were more randomized with any endgame ene
  14. I've been intrigued by this combo for awhile and wanted to give it a try. I'm just going to assume I have a small purple or buffs at any given time to get softcapped to S/L/E/R (and almost N). This build will stay in melee range most of the time so I can get the most out of Disruption Aura. I think the KB->KD procs will do enough mitigation to keep me alive by the time I can finish a Nova->EB->DW->ET rotation. Any suggestions? Hero Plan by Mids' Reborn : Hero Designer https://github.com/Crytilis/mids-reborn-hero-designer Click this DataLink to open the bui
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