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  1. Could be like me run whatever you want either side ive never forced a toon to stay on 1 side kinda silly now with null
  2. Thank you all for showing! well over 2bill spent in prizes was a great experience for our first community event! Congrats to our 5 finalist and our top 3 winners! Magnetude took first place!, Gridlocke took second place, and Psyonia took third place!!! CONGRATS and a Happy Halloween!!!
  3. The Swashbucklers on excel are hosting a Halloween CC on the docks of their mighty fort bring your best spooky costume! join us in our base on Saturday Oct 24 6pm Pst/7pm mst/8pm cst/9pm est there will be over 1 bill in prizes! save the macro for later and come see us! /macro_image "Badge_event_corsair" "Teleport: FortMako" "enterbasefrompasscode FORTMAKO-13373" We will have plenty of room for everyone so don't be shy! 1Bill for 1st place 500mill for 2nd place 200mill for 3rd place Hope to see you there!
  4. Congrats everyone! Long hard work shown very cool bases
  5. Quick update folks we have all but died out or died down in activity! We are running pretty consistent themed nights and are over 30+ strong. We have discord for events and news. We have a one of a kind fully functional base that after a quick remodel rivals cosmic's use time with loads of eye candy around it the likes Homecoming has never seen before no one has anything that comes close to a pirate fort even on Everlasting! Find us in ga me or pm me on here if you'd like to join the crew of The Swashbucklers!
  6. I believe Croatoa finale set the stage for nightward mansion defense finale where everything and the kitchen sink came at you. Tech wasnt there yet when croat released. I wouldnt mind a revamp like nightward but then others hate how "hard" it is so cant make everyone happy
  7. Calls it lack of challenge but also runs it on easy mode +0. Then complains that the mish is bad while completely ignoring the story of the content you just wanna speed run. You save the 3 hostages so they can cast the spell at Henge to save Croatoa. At this point Red Caps throwing waves of everything they got to interrupt this spell so the creatures can break free and wreak havoc. Turns out this spell is a dousy and requires 3 people 15 mins to focus and cast. You and your team holding off the redcap army long enough to save all of croatoa (and possibly more) which is a pretty cool finale. Imagine playing content for the uk.... "content" and not to just see MISSION COMPLETE! as fast as possible because you hate the game and want to speed through it as fast as possible so you can go burnout on another game next. Only thing this mish needs is a suitable finale AV boss at the near end of the spell cast as a suitable big bang to the only arc thats not in a city. Edit: 100% sure majority of croatoa was to either to test or show off their new AI pathing which back then was ground breaking stuff. Got alot of one of a kind tower defenses in this arc.
  8. 2 weeks of no fiddling with it? Drat!!! None the less we be thanking you for this opportunity to help get ourselves out there. The added foot traffic has no doubt helped spread the word of us from Fort Hades, Port oaks, to the Peregrine Islands and the crew list is ever bountiful lately!
  9. ok the nerd in me screams "This is freakin cool! what a amazing job
  10. I love it for the AVs yea its the same 3 reapitivly but they throw a punch no lame named boss can and you face them really often so its not just endless henchman bashing
  11. Ahoy! The Swashbucklers are also recruiting pirate themed toons! We are not just 1 type of pirates we are a big collection of many different pirates some like the classic stories others digital or futuristic and the base shows that. Now most of the nicer bases are on everlasting so I'd like to Excel represent! This is a one of a kind pirate fort we called Fort Mako! Made from the bone structure of Fort Massachusetts on Ship island Mississippi (i wanted to use the likes of Ship Island because of its very very VERY rich maritime history) shaped into a enormous fort made for the best pirates! We have 8 pirate sloops and a tug boat! 256 custom built cannons in our arsenal! We support full base functionality that rivals that of the Cosmic bases with the 4 main npcs being BELOW deck of the sloop you enter on (based off a historically accurate sloop innards framed to scale from a roman sailboat), the tp/door to below is marked with NPCS sign. You can enter 1 of the 4 dinghy's right next to the entrance to set sail to anywhere around the coh/cov verse. The fort houses: the Workshop: for functional needs Anne's INN which houses 8 rooms: as we grow and members get curious they claim a room currently 6 vacant Our very own cannon producing blacksmith, The medical house,: remade into a 18th century med different from previously pictured new pics are up The Bamboo Kat's Tavern,: Pieced together from multiple historical RL places Now with rooftop access and additional meeting place The Armory with firing range and my first try at custom cannons before i made the authentic look The Treasury: 3 story warehouse/treasury/rooftop garden replicated from a real 1719 mansion brick frame with concrete walls and a thick vault door for security/last line of defense The Guardhouse with upper Rampart access and a video game Easter egg reference, look for the hay The jail/interrogation room replicated from a historical 18th century building The capt's house: also replicated from a historical 18th century building all buildings have my original spin on them as nothing replicates perfectly We are aligned to our crew with contracts on both hero and villain sides sailing where ever the plunder is. We house a Arachnos flier and "borrowed"(plundered) 2 longbow fliers A true sight to see for any pirate lovers! /visscale 6 or higher is suggested when wanting to take it all in! Majority of the base is taken from RL historical accuracy with about 10% fantasy fun thrown in. Edit: updated current changes to the buildings plus new buildings also added a hatch to the first floor of the treasury that leads to a dungeon like cave that leads out to a secret dock with a dinghy that will take you to the awaiting ship that brings you back to the docks at the front of the fort. Used for smuggling and during blockades or for a quick escape should the fort ever fall. Also changed the entire base's lighting to indoor for dynamic lighting effects nothing looks as it did before! P.S. updated pictures to show the fort in its current form Shipwrecked Anne @The Tank Wall The Swashbucklers Excelsior FORTMAKO-13373 Me, Myself, and I made with love for me crew!
  12. It use to be pretty mandatory in other games but with as casual as coh/cov is i can't seem to find the need for discord. Even pugging hardcore night ward stuff people listen and react pretty easily to simple commands like where to fight and go. I can't find a real reason to go all hardcore and discord up even after just buying a new mic to replace the old 1... have yet to plug it in for coh/cov when you can basically solo the majority of the game where is that next lvl organization really required?
  13. [NPC] Luddite Friar: I need more pamphlets. These are going fast. [NPC] Luddite Slasher: They look like they need a good pamphletting. [NPC] Luddite Smasher: Figure 1 shows the difference between a 'Good Protest' and a 'Bad Protest.' [NPC] Luddite Hacker: Get to the bit about how it's all Dr. Aeon's fault! [NPC] Bombardier: I never thought I'd get a job with a gang that hangs out at a candy factory. jump passed a group of flying mobs [NPC] Rocketman: I see you... Don't make me come down there
  14. Is the OP really dogging on PLing for missing content when you yourself stated your only playing blue side... what about the other 60% of the games content?
  15. echo galaxy showing some love and poor Raguel NPC] Blood Brother Slugger: What's playing at the theater? No, not to burn. To watch. I'm feeling like popcorn. You? [NPC] Raguel: For the love of PETE, would SOMEONE help me!? This is the fourth time this week my purse has been stolen! [NPC] Blood Brother Slammer: I love Galaxy City. Hey, wanna get some Vahzilok to chase us around later? Maybe we can get one of those bomb guys to blow himself up near a building! [NPC] Blood Brother Chopper: Stop pulling so hard and just give it! [NPC] Kecia: Mugger! Mugger! Oh fine. Fire! Fire! NPC] Blood Brother Chopper: This is it? [NPC] Crystal: I'm taking martial arts lessons and one day VERY SOON you're going to get a big surprise!
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