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  1. Traps is just a uglier cousin of dark without the op heal and half the debuffs/debuff area its functional if you plan to resummon alot otherwise its eh compared to the beast dark is. With a complete useless t9 and t10 its still themeatic and is fun to fill ur screen in pet names even tho most are ehh. Only thing that can even compare to dark is time but you lose that huge spammable heal that also has a -acc that sorbs 95%+ of any alpha dmg you take Edit: kin would be interesting if the +rech effected pets and natures alright but you're not gonna throw huge bursty heals from it and your debuffs weaker than darks ele is alright but once again you lack that massive heal to sponge the alpha burst I dont understand how i can throw a spammable 400hp grp heal that also debuffs but triage and spirit tree has ridicules cds compared to their lackluster regen and they dont even move
  2. why not another bump, you got my vote i'd love wormhole to work as suggested! Wish a dev wouuld give their thoughts on this
  3. Doesn't look like anyone got this yet, this was at the donut shop in faultline NPC] PPD Undercover Cop: Five more minutes, then we'll head out on patrol. [NPC] Scrounger Chopper: How many cops do you think are in there? One good spray of gunfire and we take out half the force in this city. passing through KR [NPC] Gravedigger Striker: I have a drinking problem. Problem is I can't get a drink around here.
  4. Vill side lacks all the extra zones which is why it sticks to map, if heroes did this ud likely never enter a hazard zone again which would pretty much shrink hero side rather largely
  5. Because of peoples lack of reading id actually like the devs to remove the in mish spawn so i can popcorn read people start screaming about getting instaslaughtered before you even load into the map ooooorrrrr you can read the thread and agree ai ambush target lockon for multiple mishs could use a change and procceed to list out those mishs for the devs ooorrrrrrrr you can continue to try to be smartelic troll argueing just to argue ima popcorn read regardless /e popcorn
  6. Because a random hole and you leeroying into a mish your team cant handle is soooo equivalent maybe we should scream nerf Mike Tyson so i have a chance at beating him in a fist fight knowing i deserve my butt whoopin
  7. My demon/dark solos anything i put in front of it x4 +8 with a perma spammable heal and bonfire kd spam combined with tar patch. Tankiest and hardest hitting toon (for all content) ive ever played no other AT compares tankier than tanks with no res or def holes, op controls for mob subdueing and dmg with debuffs scrappers wished they had. my bots/traps isnt as fast at killing things but having an entire corner of the screen covered in pet names is an awesome sight, triage needs a buff tho imo
  8. Was in atlas on the way to the tram yesterday passed a pair of hellions sitting on the ledge the Fallen Gunner says to me "Im going to steal your purse later!" As i passed them And i didnt even argo him!! so of course i turnt around and gave both of them a good slap with my daggers. Hmmph!
  9. it was repeated between a attendant (female) and 1 of the strongman but it wasnt half as funny as the 2 bucket heads talking about being beautiful
  10. St Martial Arc taking out some carnies for a corrupts politician's photos after partying with the carnies. [NPC] Bronze Strongman: So I just told him I was too pretty for him, and gave him a discount card for Facemaker's. [NPC] Iron Strongman: That's just a problem you have to deal with when you're one of the beautiful people.
  11. as I said I pug this arc all the time (1 of my fav due to challenge vs regular content) we sometimes die and end up fighting for our lives at spawn collecting those debt badges. the biggest trick is for everyone count down rez same time and focus assist off 1 member and cut em down as you respawn. As I mention my pure hatred for timestops and their ability to kill recharges i make sure we focus those down first and things get sooooo much easier. I mean, yea this wont work if you're in over your head with diff and team settup. Which if you are then you countdown rez and run straight for the cliff, once you're away from the majority of the mass you can slip out as a team for a reset. Last resort would be obviously log out and reset or just base and regrp. I know people arent use to "hard" content being in coh anymore and you can usually steamroll things mindlessly without thought and without target assisting general grouping and sticking together so of course this would stomp people who arent use to running in real tight teams/formations. Most of my pug teams starts the ambush sloppy then after the initial wipe id call for a full regrp for pbaoe buffs and with target calling and we'd slap em down together. As I have also said i go in expecting to die plenty of times running this pre50 but never not once have i not completed this arc/mish no matter how many times we hit the dirt. P.S. Like i said above I like to fully explain and warn people joining what they are about to get into before we go leeroying into the arc and by doing so i havent had a team collapse or mish abandonment yet. Sometimes its hell but we get through it eventually which makes seeing that MISSION COMPLETE sooooo satisfying.
  12. I'd suggeest a new thread with a list of known ambush mishs that have the lock on effect so they can be looked at, IF the devs even want to take the time to adjust such a thing anyway. What people can do player wise, as I usually do as a lead, everyone should warn people of nightward's challenges and adjust difficulty accordingly. I run pugs through it 100% expecting to die multiple times if done pre50 its a next challenge level arc. its abit smoother if you wait till 50 to do it with incarnates tho
  13. except its not the loop thats the issue the loop is breakable (yes ull collect debt yay badges!) Problem is overall ambush ai target lockon needs adjusting try reading threads before commenting even OP admits to ai focusing being whacky
  14. Could just simply fix Ai like the OP originally means and disable ambush lock on targeting after char death on MULTIPLE mishs including as early as posi 1 with the town hall door Edit: plus sounds like OP wasnt 50 so their +0 was actually +1 and a +1 diff was actually +2 mobs to lead which is +2 or +3 to everyone else because diff raises itself to +5 pre50 so +2-3 with lack of argo holder and sets pretty much sums up how ur mish will end up.
  15. Love the people still pushing rez removal running it at anything over -1 as even +1 in nightward is nasty to a underbuilt toon. As i said even if you rez outside mish and reenter ur swarmed before you even fully load in at least you can get something off rez spamming BESIDE THE DOOR you so very much want to reenter through. As i said this arc is 1 of the hardest in the E N T I R E game theres a reason i broadcast "not for the faint of heart" when running it. I've also said you can skip this arc till higher lvls where you are built to take the pain that is nightward. Lets run 1 of the most brutal arcs in the game with under geared under leveled squishies with no tank or heals on a difficulty you know you cant handle and cry and scream when it destroys you wanting it to be nerfed in some way when its a completely O P I T I O N A L arc to run with the ability to auto complete abandon or never even have to pick up the mission. I've taken PUGS through nightward plenty times and have not once or ever failed to complete the mish tho ive also not been stupid enough to run on a difficulty ik we cant handle as nightward gets very nasty on higher difficultys. This scenario of yours is the equivalent to asking someone to shoot you before you put on a bulletproof vest. As i said once more ill repeat it, if they move respawn out of mish ull just get swarmed and butchered at the door. You found a arc you cant instsntly steamroll.... instead of pouting, throw a party because so VERY FEW of them even exist anymore. P.s. kudos to the brave soul who said they soloed it at +4 x8 you need a medal
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