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  1. Ninjas: Ninja Magic/Enchantments Thugs: Escaped human test subjects, possessing enhanced physical coordination and endurance which allows for unorthodox and unexpected tactics. Commandos: Elite soldiers possessing equipment made with cutting-edge technology. After all, any good mastermind would make sure their henchmen have a few hunks of kryptonite if standing up to Superman. Beasts: Creatures of the fey lands, or perhaps normal animals being possessed by ancient spirits. You could even go the experimentation route again and say that they were liberated or bred by the Mastermind.
  2. I often team with Masterminds who just out their pets on auto and focus on their support. That’s fine and dandy if their support is strong, but always like it whenever I see the demons, Bruiser, bots, or other melee minions rushing in headlong. I’m often playing a controller, so that level of attention grabbing is usually enough for me to get off an AoE Control without suddenly getting aggro from every un-messed boss.
  3. Said in the most obnoxious way possible, but true. There are many, many RP groups with different community rules concerning content. A great deal of them ban sexual assault as accepted content, and some ban particularly egregious forms of violence or murder. Now we found your issue. You're just too cool, smart, and edgy for PC culture. Clearly people only want to be inclusive for the political gain. Not at all because it's abhorrent to demean a person because of their ethnic origin, gender, or sexual orientation. Every time we hold a Pride rally, our power grows. How dare we stifle the creativity of the genius avante garde artist and their nazi kitty person? What does this mean? Who hurt you? Literally no one asked. Not one single person. You went from absolutely triggered to smiley emoji so fast that I'm a little worried for you. Seriously, if you're playing a character for shock value, don't expect people to want to interact. If you're playing a character to spew racist nonsense, at least expect the people who belong to the races your character is condemning to feel uncomfortable. This isn't rocket science. It's basic empathy.
  4. My DP/Kin Corrupter gets a lot of use out of Repel. I just zip into Repel range, use Fulcrum Shift, and nuke while 2/3rds of the mob turns to Swiss cheese.
  5. There are a few different ATs that show up in multiple screens. Brutes show up both as melee Damage and as tanks, for example, but their primaries and secondaries don’t change. I think controllers show up both as Control and as Support, and I know that Corrupters show up as both Ranged Damage and Support.
  6. Heya! I’m thinking of trying out a Necromancy/Nature Mastermind. Has anyone tried this? Does anyone have a recommendation for the Patron/Epic pool? Honestly, I don’t know where to start building a Mastermind versus a controller or Corrupter. I’ve also never touched /Nature. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. Are you talking about the most raw damage in a vacuum, or are you talking about the highest sustained damage? I don’t have a DPS meter to judge both sets by some kind of imaginary “beating up and attack dummy” scenario, but I can tell you that, in practice, Ninjas tend to suffer due in gameplay compared to the steady damage output from Thugs. Ninjas suffer from low resistances/defenses, an over-reliance on melee, and a tendency towards suicidal mania. Thugs have stronger defenses, better ranged attacks, baked-in double leadership, and a solid tank pet to draw aggro. I’d honestly pick thugs every time.
  8. If you want total lockdown as in, all enemies are either held or both stunned and immobilized, you may want Earth/Psy or Fire/, and I would personally go with Fire/Psy. If you broaden that determination to include Confusion and Fear as well as pure Holds and Stunlock/Immob, I would go for Dark/Psy for pure variety or Plants/Psy for the highest damage and strongest Control power in the game for Dominators (Seeds of Confusion).
  9. Looks like a neat build, Tex! How does it play?
  10. Earth Control is a powerful ranged control set with low damage. Pairing it with Fiery Assault makes for an extremely solid character who can blast away safely from range and rely on a useful tank pet to help keep aggro away from you. Pairing it with Dark Assault will yield a less damaging Dom who can still Blast away from range with the addition of a heal and -ToHit debuffs. Mind Control is another set that can use its mez powers at range, and given the significant recharge on many of its powers it makes sense to want to beat down enemies quickly. I would pair it with either /Fire or /Energy for pure damage, particularly because they both can focus on Single Target attacks in a pinch and kill enemies one by one while Mass Hypnosis keeps the rest unconscious. Ice Control is a set that really needs looking at, for a whole host of reasons. Regardless, it’s a control set that seems to want to focus on the use of Arctic Air for soft controlling enemies, and for that you’ll likely want a melee-centric or Single-Target-centric set like /Earth (which you can color to look sort of like dirty ice, I think), /Energy, /Martial, or /Ice. I would personally choose either Ice/Earth or Ice/Energy.
  11. Hey there! There isn't really one, single way to build a Mind/Dark Dominator. Like everything in CoH, you can pretty-much find what works for you and run with it. One thing you'll probably want to focus on, though, is getting to Permadom, when Domination recharges before its effect runs out (which will give you a full endurance bar and refreshing your amped controls, as well as maintaining strong mez protection). To do that, you'll likely want 70-ish% global recharge plus Hasten. I tend to prefer 80/85% to be safe. Mind Control: Mesmerize: This power deals Psychic damage to a single target and puts it to sleep for a prolonged period of time. As far as single-target soft control goes, it isn't bad, but its damage isn't really something I would invest in heavily for a Dominator. A single Accuracy IO should be all this power needs to lock a darget down until your team mate uses an AoE and wakes it up again. Levitate: The Mind Control set cousin to Lift from Gravity Control. You yeet an enemy into the air, and they take smashing damage. I find this to be another solid control power, since you can chain it and continuously bounce a boss around before it gets an attack off. For Dominators, I put this in the "Nice to have, but hard to fit into a build" category, since Domination gives your mezzes enough juice to render it a little less useful than it would be for Controllers. Confuse: Your best control power. You make enemies into your minions temporarily, and they hit other enemies for you until they come to their senses. I highly recommend getting this power ASAP and slotting it with the Contagious Confusion proc at 50. Mass Hypnosis: Largely a solo power, or a useful power for running away. It's an AoE sleep, so it will mez most of a group until they're struck. Beware of AoEs. I tend to consider this a situational or optional power choice. Telekinesis: Grabs an enemy and other enemies nearby, then repels them. Nice for grouping up enemies and obliterating your endurance bar. Not my favorite power, but it has some uses and doesn't need a lot of slotting to do its job. Another optional choice. Total Domination: Your AoE Hold. It's ranged, unlike some AoE holds, and with Domination it allows to to instantly lock down anything that isn't an EB or AV so long as it hits. A nice power, but its long duration doesn't make it a 100% required choice. Terrify: Your 100% required choice AoE Mez. A large (90 degree) cone which fears enemies and deals minor psychic damage over time. You can easily make this a permanent mez even without Domination. WITH Domination, you can have it up every ten seconds or so and fear bosses the first time you use it. Mass Confusion: Joy and Chaos at the click of a button. You can make this power recharge before its duration wears off quite easily, and under Domination this essentially ends a fight before it starts. Dark Assault Dark Blast: A weak ST blast power. You have to take it. I'd slot it if you can, but if you can't then by 50 you can basically remove it from your bar. Smite: Single Target melee attack. Nice animation, fun thwack sound when you hit with it. Gloom: ST attack with more range than Dark Blast. This is a sneaky power, because it deals its damage over time. So long as you remember that and use it accordingly, it's a solid choice. Nightfall: A teensy 20 degree cone ranged AoE blast. I don't like it very much, but it's your only ranged AoE option. Gather Shadows: Like Build Up Powers? Heck yeah you do! Well this one also amps the secondary effects of your powers! Now those Dark Assault attacks will deal more -ToHit, and it boosts the duration of your mezzes! A nice little one-slot wonder. Engulfing Darkness: It's a PBAoE attack with a long-ish animation that deals extra -ToHit compared to other Dark Assault powers. If you want to fight in melee, this is a decent power. Life Drain: A decent AT Blast made fantastic by the addition of a small heal. Making this part of your rotation does good things for your survival. Definitely wanna get this one. I also tend not to bother enhancing the heal, because it's only 8%. It adds up to a lot over time, but enhancements wouldn't boost it by very much. Moon Beam: Your strongest ST Blast, and a snipe. A definite choice. Midnight Grasp: Your strongest ST Melee attack, which also immobilizes. Like Gloom, this power does a lot of its damage over the course of time. Because of that, I tend to use both Gloom and Midnight Grasp on one target in order to stack the DoT. For pools, you'll likely want things that give you Defense. Not only does Dark Assault lower enemy chance to hit, which makes defense more attractive for survival, but you can slot up to five Luck of the Gambler: Defense/Increased Global Recharge Speed enhancements into your build for a combined 37.5% global recharge reduction. That's really nice for working towards Permadom. Hopefully this way-too-long post helps!
  12. Modest makes extremely good points. I would personally play the character as a Corrupter. The slow in Ice Blast doesn’t really feel like it gives enough benefit for me to give up the bonus damage from Scourge at higher levels, but either way the character is going to be solid.
  13. Hey cool! You should be able get find the link to Mids Reborn from here in the forums so you can get started on it! Good luck!
  14. I think you could pretty easily go Radiation/Dark as a defender and be solid. If you want to go nuts with it, a Fire/Rad Controller also has a ST hold that makes people cough. You could run Choking Cloud with Hot Feat. You could ALSO go for a Dark/Rad controller, color the dark powers to be sickly-looking, and treat the Mezzes as symptoms of a disease.
  15. I have a Dark/Energy/Soul Blaster that goes for pure range. I picked all but the T1 blast, skipped all of the melee powers, and zap things from extremely far away with range-boosted Dark Blasts.
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