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  1. I would focus on AoE on teams, and I’d hold off on locking things down until after the Blaster or Corrupter novas and blows dead minion chunks all over the room. Using confusion to mez particularly obnoxious enemies is a great strategy on teams. People love not having to eat end drain from Malta Sappers. I’d even slot up your ST confuse in order to be able to quickly confuse a boss mob in emergencies. I’d slot up caltrops with procs, particularly KD procs. That power is fantastic. I like FFG for solo play, but on teams I find it’s use limited by its slow speed compared to steamrolling teams. thats just a few ideas.
  2. I’ve been fooling around with the idea of a Fire/Martial Dom, myself. I don’t have my own build present, since I’m on my tablet, but here are a couple of notes from the experience I have with both sets: -You absolutely want to slot Shuriken Throw. The fantastic thing about that power is it’s swift animation time and short recharge. It and Char are the buttons you press when you don’t know what else to do. I think I 5-Slotted it I need my build with Decimations. -Trick Shot is a nice power to slot your Decimation Chance for Build Up proc. It triggers that often. I saw you out it there and it made me happy. -Smoke is a bad power. I’m sorry. I wish it were great, too. Feel free to keep it for theme, because slots are tight on Do I Armor builds anyway, but it’s bad. -Hot Feet is a nice source of damage if you invest the right IOs in It, but it needs a lot of slotting. I would either find a way to slot it up or not take it at all. -I would honestly put only two slots into Bonfire, the slot the KB to KD proc and a Force feedback recharge proc. That turns it into a really nice control with some recharge reduction. -I like slotting KD procs into Caltrops. It turns the power into a pseudo-Bonfire. It’s worth the investment.
  3. I started up a Grav/Dark last night. It’s only level ten and already looks like it’s going to be a beast. It’s a nice change of pace from my usual Grav/Time main. It looks more debuff-heavy than Time, and you have to spend a little more time up close and personal, but with Fade and Power Boost your defenses will be softcapped, so it won’t matter overmuch aside from the repositioning.
  4. Draugrok is correct. Also, you might like investing in Primal Forces Mastery rather than other sets anyway. Being able to double the effect of Fade and other non-damage powers at will is outstanding, and you can slot out Energy Torrent to turn it into a decent attack which also chain-KDs enemies and has a chance to boost your recharge further. I’d honestly prefer that over a Seer, particularly on a Dark/Dark controller that already has so many pets baked in.
  5. Dark/Time also has some strong synergy. It’s biggest advantage over Dark/Dark is that it gives you less reason to dive headlong into melee to try and stick your recovery power’s target cap, as well as a larger amount of bonus ToHit and Regeneration, and a fantastic level 38 power which gives you a 50% recharge boost. I recall there being a Dark/Time build posted in the Proc Monster thread which takes advantage of both sets in an interesting way.
  6. Is there a reason you prefer /Ninja to /SR? I know Nin has some nice extra tools, but doesn’t SR get anjce little 20% recharge buff?
  7. The primary difference between Energy Aura and Electric Armor is that Energy Aura is a typed defense set, while Electrical Armor is a resistance set. Both sets have solid (but not perfect) protection, PBAoE endurance drain powers, and endurance cost reduction powers that help them manage endurance-heavy primaries. If you plan on making an IO build, you’ll have a pretty easy time slotting 5 LotG Global Recharge IOs in, and you’ll have an easier time reaching the defense softcap for most damage types. The way typed defense works, however, mean that you’ll have a really hard time trying to softcap Psychic defense. Electric Armor has some good resistances and regeneration, and it gives a sweet 20% recharge reduction auto power, but it lacks defense powers to slot LotG procs into and necessitates power pool investment. It’s also much harder to defense softcap, meaning you’ll, have to devote more slots towards protection than offense if building for pure PvE survival. It’s also worth noting that Elec Armor lacks airborn KB protection, so if you want to fly then Energy Aura May be your better bet. I would personally play Elec/Elec based on my own preference and familiarity with the set, but you can’t really go wrong with either.
  8. Whoops! I said “Synaptic Shock” rather than “Short Circuit”. I’m trying to decide if I want to pursue something with more melee focus and go for the Electric Epic Pool for Lightning Field or the Mu Patron Pool for ranged focus and Static Discharge.
  9. Forum beefs are sad, man. When you forum beef, that’s the moment you realize you need to go do something else for your own mental health and happiness. im sorry you’re having trouble crunching something ideal with Fire/Bio, Sovera. I was watching this thread with interest. I’m still trying to decide what to pair with Bio.
  10. I like this combo. I haven’t yet gotten to 35 with it for Shield Charge, but it hits like a truck from Hide and is nicely survivable in melee. It probably *feels* stronger than it performs, but its performance isn’t nice. My only issue is that Broadseord’s animations are at times too slow, and I feel like I don’t combo chain as fast as, say, Claws or Street Justice, but Parry makes up for a lot of it.
  11. Nice! Do you have an easier time at range or in melee? It seems like a lot of Electric Blast is ranged, while Synaptic Shock is uniquely melee.
  12. I like this setup! I have a Dark/Martial that plays in melee as well as range, and a Dark/Dark who plays entirely at range, so seeing a melee-based character is really cool!
  13. I’m trying to continue an electrical theme for my character leveling. So far I’ve got an Elec/Kin controller, an Elec/Shield Scrapper, and I made an attempt at an Elec/Martial Dom before I had to admit to myself that I just wasn’t looking forward to more Gremlins. I’ve decided to break new ground with either an Elec/Elec Sentinel or Elec/Elec Blaster using either Elec or Mu for the epic. Has anyone tried either combo? I’m away from for a few days, and I honestly don’t know if they’re viable. I know Electric Blast had a reputation for being underpowered on Live, but I have no clue if that’s still the case on Homecoming.
  14. I don’t think I’d play Illusion as a Dominator main. It’s a powerful offensive class in its own right. Even adding Domination into the mix, I feel like you would lose a lot more than you would gain by swapping a support secondary with an assault secondary. I also worry about porting a set knowing it might underperform. Even if it’s a nice change for some, people are going to complain. Loudly.
  15. I’m a little sad that this thread has no mention of either “Brain Food” or “Making your enemies into vegetables”.
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