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  1. I'm running an Elec/Psy/Mace Dom who is literally just really fun and a delight to play despite its lack of overwhelming damage potential. 😛 I also have an Earth/Energy Dom who is a lot of fun. Next on the list is a Plant/Fire, I think.
  2. I like Agility, personally. It helps you more easily softcap, gives a Recharge boost, and gives your Endmod some nice oomf. Vigor core is definitely great too, though!
  3. Well if you want something straightforward, you might like Fire/Dark or Plant/Storm. For Fire/Dark, Fire makes containment setup easy, and it has high damage compared to other sets. It also can double-stack AoE Stuns with Howling Twilight and Flashfire to straight up mez bosses. Add to that some rock-solid utility (heals, buffs, the strongest rez in the game that is also a stun, AND excellent debuffs), stealth, and four support pets (three fire Imps and Dark Servant), plus regular use of Bonfire with a KB/KD proc, and you have a one-person lockdown team that is extremely easy to pl
  4. Could be an Illusion/Darkness or Illusion/Time Controller also. They have a powerful baked-in invisibility toggle and light-based "pets" along with some controls and attacks. Either secondary makes for a pretty darn solid, all-rounder type stealthy character who manipulates people into being killed unseen and without a shred of evidence left. A Claws/Energy Scrapper might be fun too. The Vanguard claws look like hardened light.
  5. Ninjutsu is a pretty friendly set to slot. It goes off of positional (Melee, Ranged, AoE) defenses, so you can focus on the buffs which get them to softcap and then leave room for other sets. Once you hit softcap, I would focus on Recharge and Recovery until you hit close to Perma-Hasten. That'll help get your heals back online faster as well as help you recover endurance more swiftly with Seishinteki Kyoyo once it comes off of cooldown. After that, I'd bump resistance and damage. Musculature works really well as the Alpha for Sentinels because it helps bump their nat
  6. In my own experience playing a Dark/Energy Blaster, I had the most fun playing almost entirely at range. Boost Range from Energy Manipulation makes pure-ranged rather viable, particularly if you slot enough recharge to make it permanent. With a boosted 59.6% range, most enemies couldn't touch me before I had them knocked down by Umbral Torrent or Immobilized. I personally picked Speed, Jumping, Fitness, and Leadership pools and relied on Energize's endurance cost reduction to let me run all those helpful toggles while having no issue pumping out Negative Energy Snipes. Your own mileage may ver
  7. Here's mine, which may be the unusable lv 50 one you were talking about: There's a lot of wiggle room in this combo to make it yours, but what I focused on was building a character that was versatile, with control elements and durability to help offset its lower damage output compared to a Blaster. The key things I did which I personally like are: -The build has two heals, a recovery power, and softcapped positional defenses. -Mystic Flight -I slotted Umbral Torrent to do KD rather than KB, and also give a chance to crank recharge. -Blackstar up every 25 Second
  8. I have a Dark/Savage who is a lot of fun. His powers are based off of pop culture vampires like Castlevania's Dracula., Dark Manipulation, summoning spirits, misdirection, superhumanly strong, and teleportation. If only I could have managed to squeeze in a triple fireball spell when he opens his cape...
  9. I would honestly say Illusion/Dark is probably the most powerful solo controller. Illusion/Storm has more raw damage output, but it lacks any self-healing, and since I'm trash at the game I never play a "solo" character who is missing a self-heal. An Illusion/Dark has plenty of damage as well as exceptional defenses and healing. It's a great character for soloing AVs and GMs.
  10. Shield is a really good secondary that gives your primary a lot of benefits. A lot of people don't like it compared to Bio armor because it doesn't go much for regeneration, and it doesn't boost damage as much...But that doesn't mean Mace/Shield is *bad* by any means. You have a much easier time softcapping defenses on /Shield, and it gives some slight boost to your offense. It also looks way cool! I don't know that some Plus Ultra Power Gamer would run either power set, but they're a solid combo for sure.
  11. I would personally say that I have more fun as a Water/Atomic Blaster. There's nothing wrong with either of the other options, but frankly after years of playing an Ill/Rad Controller I sort of don't like Radiation Manipulation very much anymore.
  12. You can do that a lot of different ways! I have a Water/Atomic Blaster with the Atomic powers colored to look like mist or steam. You can also play a Water Blast/SR Sentinel to give yourself high defensive values along with your watery powers, or run a water/Kinetics Corrupter and play as if the Kinetics stuff is your character sucking the water out of enemies for bigger attacks.
  13. I really enjoy my Water/Atomic Blaster. It’s a big ole AoE machine, and I’m able to run content on it in the 30s at around +0/x5 without IOs.
  14. Time is an extremely active set with a combination of control, buffing, debuffing, and healing. It’s extremely well-rounded, but the damage it does directly is minimal on its own (you can slot Distortion Field with Procs and that’s about it). Storm Summoning is also an extremely active set, but it focuses heavily on debuffing and controls. In later levels you’re able to summon Lightning Storm and Tornado pseudo-pets for added damage. Storm pairs very well with Dark Blast and Water Blast, in my personal opinion. Storm is also extremely endurance-heavy as a set, so people tend to bu
  15. Huh. I’d thought the goal was to grab enough recharge to make Overgrowth perma.
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