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  1. You can do that a lot of different ways! I have a Water/Atomic Blaster with the Atomic powers colored to look like mist or steam. You can also play a Water Blast/SR Sentinel to give yourself high defensive values along with your watery powers, or run a water/Kinetics Corrupter and play as if the Kinetics stuff is your character sucking the water out of enemies for bigger attacks.
  2. I really enjoy my Water/Atomic Blaster. It’s a big ole AoE machine, and I’m able to run content on it in the 30s at around +0/x5 without IOs.
  3. Time is an extremely active set with a combination of control, buffing, debuffing, and healing. It’s extremely well-rounded, but the damage it does directly is minimal on its own (you can slot Distortion Field with Procs and that’s about it). Storm Summoning is also an extremely active set, but it focuses heavily on debuffing and controls. In later levels you’re able to summon Lightning Storm and Tornado pseudo-pets for added damage. Storm pairs very well with Dark Blast and Water Blast, in my personal opinion. Storm is also extremely endurance-heavy as a set, so people tend to build with that in mind. If I were you, I would personally run as a Storm/Ice for theme. It’s a really nice ranged combo! You’ll end up leaning hard into your primary for overall ranged DPS and control (Ice Blast will give you a couple of decent Holds, Ice Storm, and Blizzard). You won’t have a self-heal, so you’ll need to keep using your Storm powers to prevent enemies from attacking at all.
  4. Huh. I’d thought the goal was to grab enough recharge to make Overgrowth perma.
  5. Howdy! I’m running a Necro/Nature MM right now, and I’m starting to think the combo has a lot of potential (possibly on par with a Demons/Therm, but probably less than Bots/Time) thanks to Necro pets’ natural sturdiness being reinforced by /Nature heals and buffs. I’m not very familiar with either set. Does anyone else run this combo, and are there any sample builds out there?
  6. I’m going to be laughed off of the forums, but probably my favorite combo for Stalkers is still Dark Melee/Ninjutsu. It’s a scrappy grab-bag of utility and mostly-ST damage with a surprising amount of built-in healing. I have a lot of sentimentality attached to my DM/Nin Stalker. It was my first redside 50 back on live.
  7. It's interesting, but I don't know that you're going to enjoy having Fulcrum Shift at level 49.
  8. I enjoy Fire/Dark, but I honestly feel like Ill/Dark may outclass it. Illusion is a strong solo contender because it's simply built extremely well for soloing content. It has baked-in stealth and damage, as well as a Confusion mez. It's also got invincible pets which can be up permanently so long as you have sufficiently high recharge. It's kind of hard to beat.
  9. As a personal choice, I would go with Dark/Dark. I'm not feeling Rad Affinity these days, and Electrical Affinity is really awesome in concept, but not really my playstyle in practice. The Dark Controller secondary is absolutely fantastic, though, and one of my favorites. As an alternative just for the heck of it, you might also like the /Time secondary. It plays nicely with Dark Control. As far as Epic/Patron pools, I'm personally a fan of Fire (for added attacks) and Primal (for Power Boost). YMMV. Hope any of this helps, and that you enjoy the character!
  10. If you’re wanting a non-brute build that can combine survivability, utility, and PBAoE Damage, I would recommend a Fire/Time/Soul Corrupter. Fire Blast works exceptionally well at all ranges, including melee, and it has a lot of AoE to give. Time Manipulation is a set with exceptional buffs and debuffs that will keep you safe up close. Soul Mastery gives a protective toggle, Power Boost to magnify the effect of your Time powers, and Soul Drain to drastically crank up the damage you deal. If you want a sturdy beast for PAoE that is easy to play, Rad/Fire/Energy Brutes are excellent candidates. They combine heavy PBAoE Damage with survivability, but they can be expensive to properly slot, if you want a super-PBAoE focused character who works well before IO slotting, you’ll probably like a Spines/Bio Brute. Spines leans heavily into PBAoE, even having an added PBAoE Damage toggle. It also deals seldom-resisted toxic damage, so enemies get added damage over time. Bio Armor is heavily focused on being in the thick of things using a combination of resistances, regeneration, burst healing, and defense to keep enemies at bay. It included my several powers which draw from enemies in melee range, which reinforces the PBAoE playstyle. If you want a super high-risk, high-reward style of play, Fire/Fire/Fire Blasters May be your thing. With virtually zero protections, they’re the game’s textbook glass cannons. The running joke for years Ismaili that their self-Rez is part of the their damage rotation. I’ve tried most of these. As a compulsive clicker, I tend to prefer the Fire/Time/Soul Corrupter and Spines/Bio Brute.
  11. I put your suggestions into practice. I like 'em! Thank you!
  12. Have you ever considered taking this whole mad king thing and applying it to a Peacebringer? They benefit strongly from super-high amounts of recharge, and I'm curious to see what kind of havoc can be made with one.
  13. Thanks so much for all the feedback! I tried to work in as many of your recommendations as possible while maintaining the whole nature-y theme (which does affect optimization), and here's what I came up with.
  14. So I'm very clearly not a proc god sort. When building, I tend to aim straight for defense softcaps, recharge, recovery, and *then* procs once I think I have enough of the rest to be happy. My Plants/Storm Troller looks solid on paper, but I can't help feeling that I built him all wrong. Does anyone want to look it over and shred me for missing chances to increase damage and lower endurance cost without losing defense and recharge? For what it's worth, the concept is a hippy-ish, urban druid type who walks around barefoot and smells like an avid composter.
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