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  1. Short answer: Healing is ***** yo Long answer: 500% of incoming damage. At softcap, with no resistance, you are effectively taking 5% of the damage that's being thrown at you. It's proportional and doesn't care how much damage is coming it, or your healing, it works out and it remains consistent as damage changes. With the -20% debuff you go from getting hit 5% of the time to 25% of the time. 5x as often. Or if 1000 dps is coming at you, 50dps taken becomes 250. Healing is not proportional, it cares about how much damage is coming in, so you really can't use that in estimates, because your effective 0% is only effective 0% as long as damage that makes it through mitigation is less than the regen. And you have to know the incoming damage to come up with a percentage taken. CO for example has an issue with it's Damage reduction stat as it wasn't proportionate either, so you had to determine incoming damage to figure out % damage mitigated. Healing can be self contained a bit by using your mitigation stats as a multiplier to get an effective HPS, which tells you your Immortality line, and can give you an idea of time to die vs different incoming damage values. But that again just shows you can focus on the mitigation stats primarily. So in general when dealing with damage taken, mitigation affects incoming damage and healing output proportionally, so it's often easier and not too terribly imprecise to focus on it.
  2. Well if it were put back to -20% defense, as you originally recommended, it would cause soft-cap defense to take 500% more damage, and resist sets would just get to effectively ignore it.
  3. Not quite, remember base tohit is 50% if I take the defense debuff I'm at 60% chance to be hit I've increased damage taken 20% If I was softcapped and I take the defense debuff I'm at 15% chance to be hit, I've increased damage taken 300% If I'm at no resist and I take a -20% resist debuff I increase the damage I take 20% If I'm at 90% resist and I take a -20% debuff I increase the damage I take 300% Again, it may not be the most intuitive to understand, but it's a well thought out change that does what it intends.
  4. This would make it so that resist sets could effectively ignore the mitigation crash again and defense sets got the diamond-hard shaft. No Bueno. While I'm not the biggest fan of the implementation, it's because I'm a massive fan of consistency. It's why I don't play brutes. But the implementation of the mitigation crash is fair to both types of mitigation, and manages to be kinder to players that have fewer mitigation stats while scaling up in effect as more mitigation stats are added. It's an absolutely reasonable change.
  5. It just so happens that I don't think it's the config that's the primary issue. 😉 Obviously things like changing the Bruiser to not have a ranged preference or giving a ranged preference to a pet that has no melee attacks is a good start, but it's interesting that the set with Mary Poppins tier behavior for it's ranged pet also has lots of melee pets.
  6. I have a few things that I plan on dicking with this weekend. None of what I posted was really unexpected though. And when I say phantasm has no range preference, for perspective, all the ones I named right before it have a ranged preference, and so does Grav/ singularity. So one of the things to find out is if you give it a ranged preference, does it start behaving.
  7. Lich, Assaultbot, Battle Drones, Ghosts, Oni, Soldiers, Commando, Thugs, Bruiser, and Demonlings all have the same Configuration. Phantasm has default configuration so it has no range preference.
  8. The only difference I remember off the top of my head is settings for the Protector bot to establish valid targets for buffs. I can check that too when I get home. One thing to keep in mind, is that the homecoming team is really trying to work to get everything official, so that's why I'm being purposefully vague and "hypothetical". Actual snippits or links to code are as far as I've been told, a no-no. My hope is to get a setup that is functional for both ranged and melee, and translatable to future sets that I can just hand over, because it's really a mess and the team is doing a lot. And this is not something they can really split focus on.
  9. In the instance that I tried, like I said, it didn't work. For "Pure Ranged" sets at least, I got thugs going nicer, but there is still a bit of progress and decision making that needs to be done to get the other set's to behave. One thing I'll do when I get home is see if Phantasm is using the correct config, because I saw a few pets that are not. If it's using the melee config that may be a simple enough fix for it at least, I can't remember anything I saw that would have caused a solo ranged pet with no melee to run in, especially when the other pets it could be teamed with are melee.
  10. Ranged sets are no where near as bad as melee was. Melee sets were practically unplayable, and Castle's fix made them playable. And Bots is still top tier, so /jranger
  11. Being vague while still trying to be helpful. There is not AI baked into pets or powers, there is a bunch of behaviors, spread about in the spaghetti of the entity code, and a Pet "Brain" which controls pet specific behaviors and takes inputs from configuration files that inform preferences and parameters of the pet. Pets themselves point to the configuration which is supposed to determine it's behaviors. Removing brawl would not work on it's own nor would adding a "Ranged Brawl", definitely not in sets with only ranged pets. All you get is a pet that thinks it's supposed to melee, runs in, and use a ranged attack every 4s. There may be potential to side-step this issue, but it will take effort, time, and testing. Fun facts: the Bruiser, Oni, and Lich all have the same behavioral configuration. The Arsonist and Medic have the same behavioral configuration. In fact I'm convinced thugs were copy/pasted from Mercs initially and then modified from there. Questions that the Mastermind community may want to ask themselves, and that could be useful to the developers that could be working on this one day, is: Could they live without "Pure" Ranged set? I.E Replacing a pet in Mercs and robotics with a melee pet (I main Necro so Ha!) Could they live with "Hybrid" Pets such as the Oni being refocused into ranged or melee? Could you handle the potential toning down of some sets that may perform a tremendous deal better after any possible behavioral changes
  12. Question: If there was a variable AT aggro cap, and a damage proc for tankers that was variable depending on the number of targets attacking them, would that fit your goals of off-tank team utility? Example: Tankers given 24 aggro cap. When 24 enemies are attacking them they do .8 scale damage. With no targets attacking them they do, say, the .95 scale damage you've tested to be within 90% of brute damage. This would very likely test the versatility of the lua integration, but would it fit with what you are trying to implement?
  13. Kinda/sorta yeah It gives the same power to whatever henchmen you use it on, however bosses have a 1.25 modifier for their debuff strengths, Lts. have a 1 modifier, and Minions have a .75 modifier, and since it grants a power, it uses their stats.
  14. I believe it's 45s duration with a 5min recharge.
  15. You're right. So 94% not 98% of Brute damage. That's not an unreasonable push if the goal is to not push the melee support identity and close a gap that would have had Tankers at 69% Brute damage at saturation with a likely 10% health difference. But monkey wrench, 94% of the damage vs 10-16 targets vs 100% damage vs 5-10. <-*kvetching intensifies*
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