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  1. Thanks for the effort guys! Really good job, but it's just too far away from what I'm looking for. I want something sleek and "natural", and most options feels to tech-based or too "armored". I guess the character creator is just too limited in this particular instance. I'll keep fiddling and see if I come up with something more to my liking. Thank you all for the suggestions.
  2. I recently read some of the "X of Swords" Marvel comics and absolutely fell in love with the new Captain Avalon costume. I decided I needed to make something similar in Homecoming, but I just can't get it to work. I keep getting stuck on the fact that the costume designer is limited to 2 colors per costume piece. Two or three color costumes are easy, but four or more colors start to become a problem to keep neat and good looking. I want to keep the red, black, white and gold if possible. I'd appreciate any help. I also would like ot keep it as close as possible to the standard "Tights" costume
  3. I'd kill for an "invisible" Assault Rifle model (or small forearm mounted firearm), with an accompanying change to the animations so that the shots appear to be fired from the arms/hands/gauntlets of the character. So we can finally make a War Machine / Deadshot -esque hero/villain. I'm not sure if it is easy or possbile to change the animations within a set, but given the animation options in the power customization area, I guess it should be possible. Something like character stances/animations for Electric Blast or Energy Blast should work well as a base.
  4. Shields: An iption to have a metal or plain colored 'backside' for most regular shields, The wood looks odd for a more modern/futuristic shield such as a captain america shield, Sword: A Rapier for the Broadsword powerset (and not just for the dual sword / twin blade powerset). And while we're at it, make the rapier customizable in colors like most swords.
  5. It appears that the temporary power "Super Serum" (or something similarly named) isn't spawning in the mission "Deadlock's personal story", which makes it pretty much impossible to defeat Back Alley Brawler. I checked an old video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8iRBBF6rZXw) of the mission from live, and it appears the power spawns when the text "use the super serum" flashes on screen. But the power doesn't seem to spawn now.
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