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  1. Off the top of my head, I'm not sure, but one way to tell would be to monitor the relevant stats via the Powers tab. My most decorated hero has AM, maybe I'll conduct the research when I get back in game.
  2. I've seen this idea discussed here before, but not in a dedicated thread. My list includes higher level content, perhaps even Praetorian Epic AT's, potential low level cross-over between blue and redsides (PvP?), some kind of ambush mitigation, perhaps in the form of a T4V transaction, or perhaps even an accolade power, and perhaps even a Task Force of some kind. All this would present of course not only a programming challenge, but a possibly lengthy lore revision. Anyway, I wanted to start the conversation on this topic because I would like to see more incentive to play
  3. >every good stalker is Too Cool For School. They have cool edgy names My stalker is Edge of Moon, a classic styled mystical ninja. Back on Live he was a force to be reckoned with in Siren's Call, when you could pop an accuracy insp, Aim + Teleport Foe into a pile of caltrops where your team lay in wait. Strictly TP only travel, before the travel power combat nerf.
  4. My favorite is usually the most recently created, but the last couple of months I returned to a low level Arachnos soldier I had made a year ago and made him Incarnate via story arcs and TFs. Made some Arachnos friends along the way. Arbiter Keys, "The White Spider", mace Bane. He's the only character I do a little RP with. Even at 50 I haven't exactly nailed his persona down yet, but he's become my main of late.
  5. Pendragon is a lost cause, I don't even try to save him, the sooner he dies the sooner he stops aggroing everything in sight.
  6. I appreciate all the responses. In my defense, I was operating under the assumption that a SF offered at 45-50 would afford at least a slim chance of victory. I am an oldschool player, fwiw, since we used to show up to Hami raids with no game plan. I did take a villain to 50, AoE Rad/Rad corruptor around 2009, but I don't recall if LRSF was open then, I mostly soloed then.
  7. Last night I ran a PuG LRSF, and most of the team, including myself hadn't done it before. Despite that, our gung-ho attitude carried us to the face off with the Freedom Phalanx with minimal casualties. My toon was lv.46 and up until then mobs and bosses were 50 and below. The Phalanx however were all lv53 and we could barely make a dent on a team of +6 Heroes. Due to it being a strike force, we were unable to reset, and we were forced to quit. The team was very understanding, given that it was a first time for a lot of us, but there was disappointment in the air. Is this
  8. The easiest way to start getting merits is collecting exploration badges, 5 merits per zone. Use https://archive.paragonwiki.com , Vidiotmaps or street sweep for Tour Guide missions. Paying attention to the Weekly Strike Targets (WST) can also help, if you have the time.
  9. I should have picked up on that when I read 'Daleth'. It's true, there is a set of beacons solely for intra-base travel as well, good catch.
  10. Beacons and portals must be of the same origin type, namely tech with tech, and arcane with arcane. Switch to an arcane beacon and see if that works.
  11. Mostly on Imdomitable, but I do have a few toons here I like: Tactical Burn Lv28 Fire/Fire tank - Steampunk Iron man Code Lock Lv24 Bots/FF MM - Futuristic mercenary Wynstan Wymore Lv24 Fire/Ice blaster - Tattooed, grey bearded, bespectacled Gen-X hipster finally learns magic
  12. I'll try shifting the portal around a bit, thanks all for the responses!
  13. I'm having an intermittent problem with the entrance portal to a particular base. Players will spawn inside the portal ring, unable to leave it's border unless they click it to leave, or have edit access. Sometimes if they leave and reenter the base they are trapped again, sometimes not. If the can enter edit mode they can walk out of the portal and turn edit mode off to escape. This is only happening in one base, even though the entry way is similar to others, just a portal in the middle of a small room.
  14. There might be an upper limit to how many beacons one telepad can use. I typically use 3 in my bases to cover all the beacons. Have you tried making a new telepad in a different area, or are you trying to add more beacons to your existing ones?
  15. **<Visions of Tomorrow>** We are a casual and new player friendly, growing Super Group actively recruiting heroes of all ATs and levels. Founded by two old school veterans about 4 months ago. SG features: fully kitted base with teleporters, NPCs, crafting tables, storage and plenty of eye candy. Coalition with a large SG, Overwatch, with whom we share members. The Overwatch base is pretty rad as well and membership grants you access to both. They also run the Discord channel. <VoT> has a full range of players, from beginners, newly
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