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  1. I love all the feed back and response here with the community. Just trying to find new and improved ways to bring this game to new heights.
  2. Some of the badges do give perm boosts which is awesome. What I'm thinking is something along the lines of POE (Path of Exile) or WoW (World of Warcraft), POE makes you grind out challenges which gives you Micro Transaction Gear, allowing you to change the look of your toon with special effect and even skill effects. Or with WoW most of my friends who play it enjoy grinding for the new mounts and look forward to it, so maybe adding in something that gives your travel powers a new look. Personally I would really enjoy new seasons to CoH where this season quest lines and change things up, the world is now lost to the Rikiti they took over Atlas Park for the season and we need to beat them back, and completing these quest and helping out gets you new looks to show your participation. Or maybe the Lost built a underground city for a season (seasons normally lasting 3 months) and you have to stop them from using a bomb to destroy King's Row. Just something different and optional to participate it. It doesn't just have to be "Kill 1000 Rikiti Monkey and now you get a Rikiti Monkey face skin" it can be more detailed and elaborate. It's food for thought, and a new fresh idea to a game that seems to be stagnant. Or hell, make the ultimate season store line reward..... Save Atlas Park and you now unlock a new power set and level option from 50 to 60. Who know, but lets open the idea up for advancement to this game, and honestly the best way to keep fresh content is to break it up in seasons.
  3. Hey guys I was thinking for some new content ideas and this is what I have come up with. A lot of other games there is grinding for different things like mounts in some games to costume items in other. But a lot of people love to grind and do things that they can have to show how hard they worked for something. I know we have badges which are fun to find and grind for, but there is nothing to show for it unless someone searches your character profile. What if we did seasonal grinds where if you competed X amount of tasks your toon receives a new costume piece. If you complete all the challenges you can get a new set. These costume pieces wouldn't be transferable to other toons so you would have to keep them on that specific toon but than people could have something more to show than a badge search. You could even get extremely creative with it and make new NPC's to hunt that have specific salvage drops and than if you turn in a certain amount of salvage to the tailor store they can craft you the new piece of gear, weather it be a helmet, cap, aura or just some new basic shoes to flaunt at the next costume contest to show your dedication! Let me know what yall think :D
  4. Awesome! Thank you so much!
  5. Just built a Water/MA Blaster and he is AMAZING. Great DPS so far at low levels and some good AOE and some good CC with knock downs knock backs and slows. I was wondering if I wanted to go raw power what enchment set should I look into? I think I'm a Natural if that makes a difference.
  6. So more information on it. The screen goes completely black then it pulls my pull the desk top back up makes it supper zoomed in and says "client is not responding." Please help!!! 😞
  7. Hey guys, not sure if this is a topic already but I have a friend of mine who is trying to log in, he got through the homecoming download and when he hits play it just Auto Crashes on him. Not sure if his is a none issue or not but he has even tried to re-download it twice... Any idea what to do?
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